Are some of the wickedest sins always re-enacted at night,

Or perhaps played out against an obscure hinterland of willing deceit?

And does not any familiar sin to fully prosper

Have to have a willing admiring proposer?

Sin in all its beguiling demeanour,

Is, I suggest, suitable only for an appointed hour.

All esteemed lustful sins are crafted and re-hashed;

Of this I am sure and truly contend.

For did not welcoming sin, when it entered

The world, fully blossom at the expense, of our original parenthood?

For all are knowingly guilty of enduring sin,

For to protest otherwise would be in itself a sin!

And do we not entice and invite all passing sin,

Into our malignant heart, to profit and reign?

But in spite of all the pleasure and shame that sin offers, few it seems,

Wish to decline or resist its seductive gains.

For have not all sinned and come short of the glory of God,

Proclaimed Paul after he was redeemed on that Damascus road?

Yet each of us one day will obey that final toiling bell,

Which directly determines, if we enter the archway to heaven or hell!

It will, however, dear friend be the unadorned sin,

Which will determine which door we eventually enter into for lasting gain or permanent pain!


 June 2004

(All Rights Reserved)