Sex In Sin City

Sex In Sin City

Why is it I have to ask in all sincerity,

Are all those favoured television soaps,

Always pitched at cretins, losers and dopes,

And if so then all I have for them is pity!

ER, Scrubs and General Hospital,

Will, not I’m afraid survive the coming predicted Tribulation fall.

And don’t you just know one day we will all need a good Hospital?

But is I have to ask: Is CSI just a clever blatant lie?

Or is CSI Miami best seen just before you roll over and die?

And is Law and Order just a sinister ploy to usher in the New World Order.

And any offer of a quick telly fix of nip & tuck must this time

Be offered to many. But I hope in their full physical prime!

True beauty with the blessing of God’s delight,

Is always a joy to behold? Offered any day or welcome night!

But doesn’t Ally McBeal followed by Will and Grace,

Deny through their lifestyle all the offered attributes,

Of God’s saving and sacrificial grace,

Promoted by their own egotism and many false deceits?

And dear friend what’s your intellectual take,

on Geraldo, Sally and darling Ricki Lake?

Well as for me pal, I’ll just walk on by,

And you know dear friend never lie.

For don’t you know within the towers of the silence of a lost soul,

Every misspent minute is the beginning of an hour never sweet. But always foul.

And finally doesn’t Baywatch, Friends, or even Miami Vice,

Seem very nice when served up with a plate of cold rice?

So into the shredding machine, I suggest must go Judge Judy,

Raymond, The Sopranos, and that dear old liberal, Jerry Springer,

And all other popular TV soaps, still to finally appear.

Guess what?

Isn’t Sex in the City just another sick city living in permanent sin?

So if it’s in your control,

Please reach for that well fingered remote control,

and hit that red exit button,

And I doubt (well not from me) you will see any protest.

I do fully understand that many people enjoy their

Daily fix from assorted American soaps.

Luckily I am not one of them.

I will own up to having enjoyed The Walton’s

But never The Simpsons.

So until the next time:


“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1st Corinthians 2:9)


October 2004

(All Rights Reserved)