Ronald Reagan: “The Man And His Image”

Ronald Reagan: “The Man And His Image”

When Ronald Reagan was officially sworn in as the 40th president of the United States of America in 1981, naturally facing the masonic cenotaph, he was then the oldest recipient to enter the Oval Office (at age 69), and the first divorced man to enter that portico.

In fact, he would have been 104 years old on 6th February of this year, when I initially prepared this article. Recently, University of Maryland students were shown a picture of Reagan and asked who he might be, yet over half did not know. The others thought he might be John Wayne or even George Bush. Yes, even the high and mighty are soon forgotten, aren’t they? But show them a depiction of Jesus Christ (Biblically forbidden, of course) and most, I suspect, would not confuse him with Buddha, Mohammed, Darth Vader, or Joe Biden.

Some jaded journalist − I can’t recall his name − once casually remarked that: “No one understood what made him [Reagan] tick,” and after researching the man and his methods, well, neither do I.

He once believed that earth would be invaded in his lifetime by enemy “aliens,” and in 1985, he apparently suggested in all seriousness to Mikhail Gorbachev that they both co-operate militarily in trying to defeat these “interplanetary aliens,” if this happened. Gorbachev naturally scoffed at the idea, which is typical of the Marxist attitude toward any ideas outside their own atheistic and Darwinist-flawed logic. However, the Holy Bible does warn us of unclean spirits and demons that frequent in and around our fallen world.

Reagan may not have been a born-again Bible-believing Christian in the true sense we know it, but his thinking on this subject was parallel to Bible prophecy concerning Satan’s mighty army, even though “little aliens in spaceships” are clearly not Biblical. So, perhaps the old boy wasn’t too far out in his summation of what might happen in the last days. Just read the Book of Revelation to learn (with deadly accuracy) what is in store for this fallen world of ours, maybe soon to come bringing death and destruction.

If you’re not saved, do not delay or doubt! Time is short, but eternity is forever!

From Dixon, Illinois (his family’s hometown) to Hollywood, to the secretive Oval Office in Washington, Reagan embarked on that long and ambitious journey, it seems, with considerable ease and acquired energy as well.

Only after the 1980 elections did the political tapestry somehow start to unravel, with the assassination attempt on his life just 69 days after his second inauguration ceremony. Many questions about that shooting episode still remain unanswered, but he seemed somehow to have survived it with bravery and bonhomie. Yet somehow, many felt he was never the same man again. Maybe the DNA stored within the 8 pints of blood that this president needed so desperately to survive that terrible shooting somehow changed his personality perhaps, so noticeable to his family. And just maybe the warnings in Leviticus should not be ignored.

I had always admired his stoicism after the shooting, who wouldn’t? Interestingly, on 15 June 2015, the Daily Mail reported that the author Brad Metzler had discovered (while researching another shooting in the FBI vaults) that Reagan, after his recovery, would carry a 38-calibre pistol in a briefcase wherever he went, even on Air Force One, can you believe?

He must have been very frightened of a repeat attempt on his life, maybe this time to be successful and fatal. Don’t overlook the “Iran-Contra” scandal that nearly came close to a possible Senate impeachment of him. (It didn’t happen, of course, and probably never would have.) Reagan’s rapport with the media carried on regardless, and his one-liners became legendary.

Now back to his childhood! After a nomadic life, young Ronald’s family settled in Dixon, Illinois. It seems Ronald’s dad suffered from the sin of alcoholism, yet had strong intermittent Catholic leanings in the religious life of the family.

The main driving force came from his mother, a practising adherent of “the Disciples of Christ” (a new one on me). Later, young Ron attended Eureka College but it was his sports abilities, especially in swimming, that first put him on the map of small-town prominence because, it seems, “Dutch” (a family nickname for him) later saved over 70 people from drowning in his duties as a lifeguard, something he would often talk about before the curtain of senility descended on his life.

With his smiling personality and physical attributes, and after a promising stint as a sports reporter, Reagan responded when Hollywood beckoned. He was on his way, although America was now committed to the war effort, as was Hollywood.

Reagan failed his medical exam due to poor eyesight, so instead, he appeared in many propaganda films in uniform, naturally. In time, he was to appear in over 50 films, only once apparently portraying a bad guy. My own favourite of his style of acting has to be “Storm Warning,” the racist KKK taking much of the story of this portrayal of the dark side of America then (and it seems today much of its beliefs and hopes are making a swift comeback in America now).

The 1940s found Reagan now a happily married man and an up-and-coming movie actor, as well as a father of two children, and deeply politically committed to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). But politics and marriage – for him at least – do not always mix, as Reagan was to find out when his wife Jane filed for divorce, citing his political ambitions as the cause of the marriage’s failings. He later remarked: “If I hadn’t tried to save the world, I might have saved my marriage.”

Later, with the communist witch hunts gripping both America and Hollywood during the post-war period, Reagan (like some) was perhaps willingly recruited by the FBI) given the code name of T10 to feed them any information about his fellow actors and directors. Now he thundered to enthusiastic audiences: “Communism is a form of insanity.” I believe that he was spotted after this as a likely political candidate destined for high office. For now, though, Reagan was a happily paid-up snitch for Hoover’s FBI – covertly of course – and I do wonder how many careers he helped scuttle in his secret reports to the local FBI station chief in Los Angeles, all for a price of course.

The 1950s seem to have been Reagan’s personal training ground in preparation for the higher office he now hoped to gain. During the late 1940s, however, his career was on a slide, and the “Gipper” (another nickname for him) was laid low both physically and mentally after the painful divorce, plus a broken leg added to his woes. As his biographer records: “Along came Nancy.” He once ruefully remarked in a later interview that: “Nancy Davies saved my soul.” Now then, I always thought that God was in charge of the soul department!

Reagan later became the popular Republican, the governor of California in 1967, serving two terms, during which he abolished the prohibitions on witchcraft and other occult practices.

Reagan’s swearing-in was scheduled for 12:01 am, 2nd January 1967, a most unusual time, I suggest. As Kelly explains, “No governor in the history of California had ever chosen to take the oath of office in the middle of the night, but the Reagans were acting on the advice from an astrologer who said that this was the propitious time. The Reagans, believing that the elements control destiny, insisted on that time.”

So, there you have it! Very strange, and all part of the Reagans’ occult makeup which, it seems, would continue up to the Reagan White House years.

There has been much speculation recently that in 1981 he was entering early stages of Alzheimer’s, and according to his son Ron, was unable to identify familiar Californian canyons, amongst other personal issues. He would also frequently use the word “thing” as a brain trigger to recall words or names he could not remember, whilst snapping his fingers impatiently.

It was time then to turn from local politics to national. In fact, Reagan would be defeated three times in the primaries before he succeeded in 1980, and in so doing evicted Jimmy Carter from the White House. The failures were 1964, 1968, and 1972 on his score list.

Reagan had always been passionate about politics, and even in defeat it seems he could repeat moving sound bites that sounded rather to me like a victor than a defeated politician, for example: “We fought, we dreamed, and the dream is still with us.” And who can ever forget his rallying cry about the Berlin Wall: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” And of course, it did indeed come tumbling down later. Yet, the US national financial deficit went up. Through the power of the pen, politics and speechwriters may attempt to cure this fallen world of almost anything, anything except debt and sin, of course. Mankind is born in sin and unless we are born again, we sadly die in its embrace.

It’s been claimed that a secret Illuminati cabal of prominent businessmen, bankers, and others were part of this shadowy group that helped bankroll Reagan during this period. Politics can be expensive if you win or lose. (In fact, Hillary Clinton has a reputed $2.58 billion to spend on gaining votes for her 2016 presidential campaign, can you believe?) Pictures of Reagan and Richard Nixon visiting the wicked and infamous “Bohemian Grove” in San Francisco in the 1960s still hover over him and his reputation, even today (not sure if Mrs Clinton has ever been there).

For eight years, Reagan had been the front man for “General Electric Theater,” a popular television programme, so the endless campaign trail to claim the governor’s job in California in the 1960s would have given him the experience and exposure he needed to run and win. He naturally had gained some of that knowledge as a spokesman for the Screen Actors Guild, yet he would always remind his audience that: “I’m an actor, not a politician. I’m in show business.” Well, most politicians and churchmen are failed actors who either seek the limelight to the pulpit and sometimes both, if available.

In his 1983 speech to the National Association of Evangelicals, Reagan warned his select audience of the “Evil Empire,” describing, of course, the decaying Soviet Union. Interestingly, he often mentioned God in his many addresses, yet rarely mentioned the name of Jesus Christ, except in political statements to eager evangelical audiences. I do wonder why did the excited pastors at that event comment on this afterwards on the luxury golf courses they so often frequented? All rather strange and typical how “church and state” would get so cosy! And who can ever forget that throw-away alleged quip after the assault on his life in 1981 to Nancy: “Honey, I forgot to duck,” as he entered the operation room; great stuff for the history books to record about the man and his legend. (Apparently, he never said that, just another great political sound bite).

When Nancy Reagan stormed into the operating room and found her husband half dead lying naked on the operating table, she demanded an aid cover him up with a towel – quite right I say, for only a wife should see her husband naked, and a husband sees his wife naked. But she would later say in retrospect it was to respect the dignity of his office. However, I say, this was Nancy’s finest hour.

Did you know there is another evil supernatural empire that thrives upon this earth and has done for a long time, with Satan as its grand puppet master jerking all the world’s governments and religious strings with ease, and with no greater serving acolytes than those in Hollywood? Just listen to the filth that comes out of its mouth through the movies and demented rock ‘n’ roll lyrics that seek to worship at the throne of Lucifer and his vile demons, ever parading through this fallen world. But you’ll never hear any politician, professing Christian or not, speak about this!

The White House was built in 1791 by shackled black slaves as part of the brutal labour force, and many would later die horribly on that dreadful construction site when extensions were added. Yes, it would still be called the White House, can you believe?

The building was later used as a temporary hospital for treating wounded soldiers, with many dying within its walls, and in fact, at least eight presidents and many assorted presidential family members and others have also died in the White House. Some put the figure as high as 50, although I doubt this would include personal staff, such as butlers, maids, chauffeurs, and gardeners employed and living below stairs.

One conspiracy still circulating suggests that the Clintons’ former White House counsel, Vincent Foster, died or was perhaps murdered by an “ice bullet” by person or persons unknown in 1993 in or around the White House conclave; the jury is still out on that one.

One of the White House deaths still talked about was Mrs Ellen Wilson, Woodrow’s first wife. She died there in 1914, and later the President himself nearly died in the same building after a serious of strokes, subsequently being confined for recuperation to a small anteroom where he passed long hours watching silent flickering movies of his trip to Paris for the post-war peace talks. Years later, sounds of a flickering projector could be heard by visitors and staff who passed it by, unaware of who had occupied its small enclosure. Another ghost (unclean spirit) reputed to walk the long gloomy house corridors was Abraham Lincoln. Even Prime Minister Churchill claimed to have witnessed the apparition himself after spending the night at the White House as a guest of FDR during the war. But maybe he had consumed too many glasses of the alcoholic spirits, rather than witnessing one.

I say tear the place down and demolish all its wicked history of racism and spirit worship. In fact, this month saw the old confederate flag finally lowered in South Carolina after many years flying in the state capital, and I suspect more will be taken down. What next? Maybe the Jefferson Memorial in Washington? He was a wealthy slave owner and rapist who claimed “all men are equal,” but not on his plantations it seems, apparently only releasing nine poor slaves who probably couldn’t work anymore.

In its time, this building has also held some sickening séances, as morbid seekers attempted to contact departed spirits. Only recently, Bill Clinton publicly confirmed that his wife Hillary (who has finally thrown her expected democratic hat into the presidential ring) had attempted to communicate with the late Eleanor Roosevelt during their occupancy in the White House in the 1990s, can you believe? Not sure how frequently this was performed and who else stupidly dabbled in it then or since.

However, returning to the Reagans, it seems that Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s was the town to be in and to sample and share in all that popular occultism/séances offered. And in fact, so many famous names did just that, according to those in the know.

I am aware that today Ronald Reagan and his “Christian credentials” are at an all-time high, although the same cannot be said for Nancy. Interestingly, the Secret Service’s codenames were “Rainbow” for Nancy, and “Rawhide” for Ronald during their years in the White House, all rather appropriate in that world of cloak and dagger, it seems.

Only last week I received an unfavourable email suggesting that I be very careful where I step in my research of Ronald Reagan and suggesting, amongst other attributes about him, that he “loved the King James Bible” and “was a good man.” Well, I ask, so what? A devotion for the infallible word of God will not save the sinner. Rather every person must heed its precious words of repentance and then seek the salvation dispensed through the precious new birth, which comes solely by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many claim to be born again, but and never were. Maybe Reagan was, but in examining his actions, it seems doubtful that maybe it was all just an act on his side, and a convincing one as well.

For example, I am suspicious of the following concerning the man and his actions. Every July politicians, movers and shakers, clerics, actors, and others take out three weeks to visit the Bohemian Grove, San Francisco, for “bonding,” and “world fixing.” During their time there, participants partake in a torchlight procession to pay homage and worship to a 40-foot statue of the owl god, known in the Bible as Moloch. It has been repeatedly reported that many runaway and orphan children have been sacrificed at Bohemian Grove to Moloch, the devilish owl god, over the past 100 years or so.

As I have already stated, Reagan actually visited this wicked place in the 1960s, along with Richard Nixon and Walter Cronkite, to name just a few. Many depraved sexual acts have been reported to take place in the enclosed grounds at the Grove, certainly not a location a Bible-believing Christian would wish to visit or be associated with. Unless of course to preach outside and distribute gospel tracts to ignorant and naïve participants.

Another grave area of concern to me was Reagan’s initiation of partial diplomatic relations with the Vatican. One might have thought that nominally Catholic President John Kennedy would have done this, but a so-called “born-again” President Reagan, and at the end of his second term too? This certainly wasn’t necessary on his part. Interestingly, the Jesuit-friendly and apostate Billy Graham, amongst others, advised him to do so, but this would be expected of Graham and others, as major spokesmen of the then-growing ecumenical movement.

Both Graham and Reagan seem to have flirted with Freemasonry, if only on an honouree level. Still very deadly and dangerous, however.

The words “In God we trust” adorn all government courtrooms but ring rather hollow today in view of the moral decline of that country and Britain, all pitiful to see, yet much of it began with Reagan in the White House and Thatcher in Downing Street. It’s true that Reagan designated 1983 “The Year of the Bible,” but did anyone get saved through this government message, I have to ask?

(The term “In God, we trust” was first placed on US currency in the 1950s to counter the Russian/atheist/Darwinist threat coming from the other side of the world. One wonders, however, which God is being referred to here, for all theists from all of the world’s religions would certainly have no problem with the term “God” being displayed on their money. But imagine putting “In the Lord Jesus Christ we trust” on their currency? Wouldn’t that destroy the ecumenical movement!).

The so-called “Iran-Contra Affair” almost scuttled Reagan’s ship of state, and a famous American commentator rather acidly remarked at the time that, “This [Reagan’s] administration is the most corrupt since Harding, one hundred and ten officials have left under a cloud or been indicted, and yet nothing upsets Reagan, he’s always smiling.”

I call him the most “happy fella,” so recorded by Mr. Alistair Cooke who had his fingers on the American political pulse more than anyone else in over 50 years.

Of course, Reagan was not a religious man, and didn’t want to be photographed singing hymns in a church, it seems. Well, that’s all right, you can’t be born again by attending and worshipping in a dead church, yet in his day he certainly needed the so-called evangelical vote to help shoehorn him into the waiting White House. Most certainly, no aspiring candidate seeking high office in Washington needs to pursue the gun lobby or the Bible votes anymore, it seems.

Much of Reagan’s tarnished image as seen today, I suggest, derives from Nancy’s long personal involvement with astrology and the attendant occult dangers for those who willingly participate in this dangerous game of chance and confusion.

Did her husband know or understand or care about how his wife was courting the dangerous opinions of her pet astrologers and listening to their false advice and feeding it into his schedule? Did he even care? When the apostate Billy Graham read in the papers about her consulting an astrologer, he wrote rather piously:

“I was amazed. I had never seen her as a gullible or an experimental person in her spiritual understanding.” She later admitted to him there was 10% truth in what he had read. He advised her, “to seek guidance from the Lord instead,” but I am not sure it did much good, for Nancy always seemed to go her own way, whatever the consequences, instead preferring to listen to advice from three of her pet astrologers: Jean Dixon, Joan Quigley, and Carroll Righter, each representing Washington, San Francisco, and California, an unholy trinity of danger and doubt and unhealthy paganism.

Sadly, many former first ladies have eagerly consulted the book of stars and symbols and ignored the Holy Bible; all continuing to do so at their own peril.

One Nancy Reagan joke proclaims she is a Christian but we all know she means Christian Dior (the fashion designer) of course.

The Bible has many verses denouncing clairvoyance, astrology, and necromancy. For example, Deuteronomy 17:2, Daniel 2:27, and Isaiah 47:12. All should be read by all those who dabble in the occult and seek a false truth in its tentacles of blasphemy and sin, and none should be ignored.

Reagan once said: “We have in our power to begin the world all over again.” This to me is stupid, arrogant, and blasphemous. God created the world in six days! Or was Reagan referring to the new world order now descended upon this fallen world and now awaiting the coming Antichrist?

In the end, I have to say that R.R. was an actor, a very professional one at that, who spoke to different audiences (as all politicians do) and certainly played the much-maligned “religious” card, and very well too.

Was it all method acting? Well, maybe yes, but as he declined into the dark fields of Alzheimer’s, we are told he started to quote Bible passages to friends and well-wishers, so perhaps faint childhood memories of when his mother had read him and his brother many wonderful Holy Bible passages had returned. In any case, all the power, pomp and privilege of his eight years as the most powerful man on earth had now forever departed, rather like that vivid description from James 4:14: “For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

How true, yet so terrible to read and try to comprehend, if indeed we ever can.

But of course, man proposes, God disposes.

I would also add the following verse, to underline man’s pathetic and worthless state, without the new birth of course: “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man” (Ps. 118:8).

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27).

Update: March 2016

With the death of Nancy Regan this week the unhealthy romance between Hellywood (I mean Hollywood) and Washington has ended. She was certainly hated by the so-called left of the political arena. Much of it was cruel and unjustified in what they said about her personally, but we at this ministry have always condemned the use of spiritualism and astrology. Nancy spent much of her life worshipping at this Satanic altar. She will be judged for this of course as will all who follow this demonic practice. Yet she always seemed convinced that the Bushes (Snr.) were somehow involved in her husband’s attempted assassination in 1981. She may well be right in this and of course, sadly he was never the same again after he recovered. (I suggest it was the cold blood that was transfused into him at the hospital in Washington after the shooting). But now she and Ronnie will lie together like the Pharaohs’ of old in their own private mausoleum at the Reagan library in California. But then it’s all vanity, isn’t it. “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3).


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