Rome On Evolution

Rome On Evolution

With the level of apostasy deepening by the day, it will come as absolutely no surprise at all, that the Catholic church believes that God used evolution to create the earth. This unbiblical belief is dubbed theistic evolution.

The following three quotes sum up what Rome has long taught concerning the nonsense of evolution:

“Must Catholics believe that the world was created in six days? Not at all” (Question Box, p. 90).

“The Catholic Church is quite passive toward theistic evolution and does not object to the same being taught as a theory in the schools, if, along with it, be taught the age-long and almost universally accepted teachings of Genesis” (Catholics Facts, p. 18).

“Life has been evolving on this earth for a thousand million years, humanity has been struggling on its upward climb for more than a hundred thousand years” (Religion in a Changing World, John A. O’Brien, p. 14).

Most of Christendom also hold to these views and the reason for this is quite simple: they don’t want to be “out of date with modern science.” I have long considered this to be so, and last year when Dr. John Mackay visited Liverpool, we spoke with him about this, and he confirmed this was so.

One old Christian wisely said about such people how they “wanted to be up there with the big boys.” Although he was speaking of the ecumenical movement, I believe he’d forgive me for my artistic liberty.

The following quotes are taken from official documents that will give the reader much-needed information:

“Evolution is a fact and we do not believe in creation science” (New Catholic Encyclopaedia,1967, Vol. V, p. 689.)

“St. Augustine interprets the six days in a purely figurative and mystical sense…Although undoubtedly the schoolmen, as a rule, understand the “days” as natural days of twenty-four hours, still many Catholic writers in modern times have interpreted the days as geological periods, and without incurring any censure” (A Catholic Dictionary, St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, 1960, p. 229).

And we should also say that the last four popes have each said that the theory of evolution is ‘more than a hypothesis.’

Roger Nesbitt, the Catholic priest and writer, said the following:

“Pope Pius XII in his encyclical letter Humani Generis (1950) admitted that these early chapters [book of Genesis] were written in a naive, symbolic way of talking, well suited to the understanding of a primitive people” (Evolution and Original Sin, p. 4, 1977).

The position that we take is that the earth is young; that God created it from nothing in six literal 24-hour days and that evolution is the biggest hoax and deception the world has probably ever known!

The belief of a young earth has been Orthodox for centuries until Darwinism came on the scene. Since then, only some fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals have remained faithful to this important biblical truth.




July 2005

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