How bitter and profound,

Does this harsh word to me, always sound.

And maybe, just maybe, over many grieving years,

It has offered to many women nothing but lasting pain and tears.

To a woman still grieving for an act committed long ago, it is seen as a repayment,

Commanded by God, perhaps, as a punishing act of detriment,

But are not all men and women equally responsible for their personal achievement,

However blase, however foolish, however defiant?


If retribution is the final winter of the soul,

Then willing repentance is the welcome spring of the soul.

Only then will all past deeds performed through carnality,

Allow the spirit to ascend towards God’s promised Eternity.

The foundation of this special stanza came about when I heard a mother wonder aloud about the death by accident of her beloved 4-year old son. This mother did hint that this personal tragedy was perhaps an act of retribution from God upon her because of something that had occurred many years ago. My heart went out to that lady when I heard this. Even now that act was still so fresh in her mind, yet committed so long ago. 

My prayers and tenderness for her. And for all of those women, who because of past decisions and indiscretions still mourn. Remember ladies, you have to seek forgiveness through Jesus Christ. You need to be saved. So if you wish to know more, then please get in touch with us via this website. We would love to hear from you.



2 May 2006

(All Rights Reserved)