Prone To The Preachers

Prone To The Preachers

I’m not sadly hooked on those TV soaps.

I’m not sadly addicted to musical pops.

But sadly it seems I’m very prone to those popular radio preachers!

Early morning begins with tea,

Well at least for me.

With the resolute voice of dear Adrian Rodgers,

Followed on TWR with uncle Dick Saunders!

Trying to comprehend the meaning of Benny Hinn,

Is for always for me gladly No-win, no-Gain!

But doesn’t just the raw theology of Sam Gipp,

Hit you like a used leather bullwhip?

And sadly the rasping tone of ‘brother’ Stair,

Allows me to take or leave him if I care!

From the Bible Answer Man,

I’ve never known lasting pain.

And may I say on Dr McGee’s famous Bible bus I’ve journeyed,

And through his 5-year programme I’ve listened, laughed and learned.

However from John Macarthur (and Karl), I’ve learnt that at “Grace to You,”

their packing room is always busy and none can ever recall seeing an empty pew!

Catch if you will the dulcet voice of Dr Waite,

With me, you will agree, it’s well worth that special wait!

Afternoon tea and crumpets for me,

Is always such a joy when shared with Witness Lee.

And isn’t it shocking,

How Stanley and Hocking,

Always preach and teach,

So much of God’s precious word that so few will ever know or reach!

But finally, dear friend on hearing Dr Peter Ruckman’s voice,

I have simply no choice,

But to sit and listen to this popular preacher,

From where else but Pensacola!

So I must happily turn

To hear God’s word at every radio turn.

As it goes around the world,

To bring the living Word,

From He who first was THE WORD!!


July 2004

(All Rights Reserved)