Princess Diana: “The Princess Who Predicted Her Own Death”

Princess Diana: “The Princess Who Predicted Her Own Death”

(From the author’s private collection)

This year marks the 16th anniversary of the mysterious accident that occurred in the “Place de Alma” tunnel in Paris. And indeed the popular Princess of Wales, who if she had lived, would have been 52 years old on July 1st. Also, something else to think about is that the Royal baby of William and Katherine is due sometime in July (maybe the 13th), and Princess Diana, if she had lived, would have become the most famous grandmother in the world, of that I’m sure. In 1997 in London the public mourning to her death was intense. But we should also be under no misapprehension of what was possibly committed on that warm August evening in an eyrie Parisian tunnel.

Today so much of the Diana myth is still embedded in mystery. Even now she still remains an icon in a fallen world to so many seeking something or someone to believe in. Also, can you believe it within months of her painful death some mischievous journalists were christening her “Diana the Divine,” yet the superstitious princess had previously dabbled in dangerous séances, runes, astrology and other new age quests? Later at the Royal Inquest, heard in London in 2007, the Jury, after examining all of the evidence, and after a very long deliberation, returned with a shock verdict of “unlawful killing” by persons or person unknown, with much of the blame being shared according to the media by the paparazzi and Henri Paul, the driver of that ill-fated German car.

On a personal note I never met or saw Diana but I did know two ladies from South London, where I lived, that had heard she was visiting a youth club in a deprived part of town and had arrived early to see her, perhaps even have a quick word with her Royal Highness. Then to their amazement, after Diana had stepped out of her limousine she strolled across to this small welcoming group of ladies, and soon it seems she quickly won their hearts as she paused to ask them about themselves. They loved this unexpected attention she gave them that day and afterwards it seems she made two more loyal fans. I rather suspect she inherited this apparent ease with ordinary people from her late grandfather Lord Fermoy, who it seems “had an un-snobbish charm and graciousness towards others.” Yet as a so-called friend said of her as well that: “She could be sweet and generous but she also had a vicious streak in her nature,” and of her own assorted beliefs she would state rather with some pride saying: “Charity is my work.” I believe also up to the time of her death she had supported over a dozen such organizations. An American magazine perhaps mischievously wrote of her: “That Princess Diana believes she has the healing power of angels in her fingertips. And she is using her God-given gift.”

Yet few have this so-called gift of touch, many claim they have these powers to minimalize pain, yet the evidence is scant and untrustworthy.

The devil makes work for idle hands they say.

Today it is part of the purpose of this ministry to not only examine the lives of many of the 20thcentury celebrities and criminals but to warn people that so-called ‘good works’ that so many of the subjects have done will not save them from eternal damnation. It is all useless unless you have truly been saved by personal faith in the precious spilt blood of Jesus Christ. Sadly all of Diana’s good works could and would not save her or others who emulate her example. Of course, these deeds are important but only after repentance and examination of one’s conscience towards God. Otherwise, it’s a road going nowhere until you have done so.

However, soon after her death, I spoke to an elderly ex-army officer who was very emotional about what had happened in Paris that evening. He explained that as a driver in the army years before he would not have driven his car until his passenger had snapped on the seat belt. Her own driver, Trevor Rees-Jones and an ex-paratrooper himself, apparently did so. Then the old boy whispered to me that perhaps her seat belt buckle had been tampered with or damaged by someone, a clear act of sabotage by someone or persons unknown he suggested to me. He may well have been correct in his assumption concerning her demise. Murder always at this level has to come from a higher authority, then being finally approved by just a few.

In 2011 I visited her faithful former butler, Paul Burrell, with one of my daughters. I later asked him over a cup of coffee about the conspiracy theories of her death that have accumulated since. He then answered by saying slowly there was so much about it that could not be explained and I felt that he had an open mind of what did occur that night in Paris. In fact, he himself was in England when the events happened that weekend, something I suspect that he regretted very much later. He also told me that he and Diana could never understand how personal details of their private lives and conversations seemed to be known by so many in the media and elsewhere, this was before the scandal of phone hacking by certain journalists had been rightfully exposed. He also confided to us that Diana’s usual breakfast consisted of “black coffee and a grapefruit juice.” This caused both of us to pull a face at this morning meal of his boss. But more importantly I would have asked him to confirm that he had apparently “burned her bloodstained dress, afraid many people would want to get their hands on it as a gruesome souvenir,” of this fact I was ignorant at the time.

So was Diana the so-called popular “people’s princess,” that name incidentally being bestowed upon her by an atheist spin doctor or just a lost soul like so many always searching for their place in the sun. “She was desperate to understand herself and thereby release what she called her real self,” says her friend, Simone Simmons. But more importantly was murder initiated in the Alma Tunnel in Paris in the early hours of August 31st 1997.

Was it prepared and proposed by working professionals in the previous Conservative Government or was it just perhaps another terrible unavoidable road accident waiting to happen, because if nothing else her violent death has entered the popular conspiracy theories where there are apparently over 30,000 websites devoted to her premature death. But then the history of Paris has always concealed many secrets of sorcery and sin in its long history.

The events of what did happen that night in the tunnel of death have been well reported. After leaving the splendid Ritz Hotel, owned incidentally by Dodi’s father, the couple were then escorted to the back entrance of the building to another waiting Mercedes S280, number 688LTV75. The other car leaving from the building in view of photographers, which of course it was meant to do to confuse the waiting photographers.

The first serviced Mercedes car had been fitted with tinted windows to naturally conceal the occupants from watchers and snappers. The second of which the couple were now seated in had not been fitted with these extras.

The second waiting vehicle was now bound for the Paris apartment of Dodi but for some reason, the driver (Henri Paul) continued on until he descended into the fated Alma Tunnel. Ahead of him crawling along and almost stationary was a suspicious Fiat Uno. For some reason, the Mercedes collided with this. Whatever the logistics the 4-tonne Mercedes, the pride of the German fleet smashed into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel, the car then violently turning around facing towards the tunnel where it grinds to a shrieking halt. The horn continues to scream until it is later disabled by someone.

Incidentally, after being kept as evidence the car would be shipped to England and amazingly finally destroyed, so reported “The Daily Mirror.” Yet if anything else this was a crime scene that was disturbed and destroyed, and it should never have happened.

It has also been recorded by journalists familiar with this road that this stretch of tarmac was a notorious accident spot, where incidentally over a thousand years ago there was a pagan temple erected to the worship of the goddess Diana. (This false deity is found in the 44th book of the Bible, the Acts of the Apostles.) This was a sacred location to the many who flocked daily to worship her false image.

In the tunnel, now ablaze with noise and darkness, the mysterious Fiat Uno had revved up and sped away into the waiting night, never to be seen again. This has for some reason led to a Vatican complicity in that fatal crash and its later consequences with perhaps a pivotal role of the Jesuits being involved in the planning. This iota of information had been imparted to me by a Catholic journalist I knew some years ago and worked with, and I had no reason to doubt what he told me then or now.

However, there was fifteen eyewitness to the accident after the arrival of the doctor, who after examining the injured victims, could see that the driver and Dodi Al Fayed were dead, the other passenger a woman was seriously hurt but still alive. Amazingly, he did not recognize her it seems.

Later the dying princess would be driven very slowly by ambulance to the waiting hospital. Why this hospital was decided upon is a mystery because there are in fact other hospitals that could have been reached far earlier. Then finally it arrived, and two hours in the operating theatre, she died.

Her body was then immediately placed in the Plaza Myas mortuary. There would be no autopsy but an embalming process ordered apparently by the British Ambassador on orders from Her Majesty’s Government to be performed upon her body. This, of course, would destroy any evidence of her suspected pregnancy. Some have suggested how convenient.

Soon afterwards serious and difficult questions were being raised about the circumstances of the death of Lady Diana Spencer, those questions came fast and furious, the answers, however, were far from convincing.

Because Diana spoke so often to her friends and anyone who would listen to her about her concern to her own life, including her attorney Lord Mishcon. By now she must have been very frightened and alone during those final months of her life, prompting her to put down her fears in a letter, that was read out years later at her inquest, claiming that her husband would be involved in her car accident, with ‘faulty brakes’ being the cause of it. And with her phones being tapped and perhaps selected members of her own household being paid a retainer for information of her whereabouts, she really was as vulnerable as a tethered lamb waiting for the slaughter. And curiously it seems Prince Charles never said anything about the shocking death “of Diana, the woman he had two children by.”

(An original press cutting)

But for example who would benefit from her arranged death, perhaps some suggestions to consider, and there may be more, I don’t know about:

Well, what about the lucrative arms trade that nets a cool $1 billion a day because no way would they let a self-indulgent woman in their view like Diana allow their profits or contracts to dry up or dip. And who can forget the staged pictures of her in Luanda in 1997, promoting the “Halo Trust” to organize and remove buried landmines, wearing a visor and protective jacket? These pictures of her made a global impact in the world press, as I’m sure she knew they always would.

Israeli security would also be concerned about her pro-Muslim fascination. Other agencies such as the NSA “were forced to admit that the US Government had a dossier of over 1,056 pages on the Princess,” which does make you wonder what all the other world “spy shops” had on her in their systems before and after the crash in Paris. As regards the secretive spy system one famous whistle-blower, who had been speaking extensively on a controversial DVD, narrowly missed death himself, when a plane he had booked a flight on “mysteriously exploded, with the loss of all on board,” somewhere over Canada.

The British Royal Family had and would be deeply concerned about her pro-republican comments to a French newspaper, as well as her remarks about the unsuitability of her ex-husband to be the next British Monarch. Of course, Mohammed Al Fayed has long claimed that Prince Philip did indeed approve the order to execute his son Dodi and Diana for whatever reasons, serious allegations if true.

I have to also mention the Illuminati bloodline structure and its own concern about Diana’s suggested pregnancy. Could these rumours have caused alarm bells to ring in the castles of this secret elite structure who are always planning and always plotting? Could other secret societies that still dominate Europe have been involved with the mysterious road death of another famous celebrity princess some years ago be connected with her death. In assorted interviews, she claims she wouldn’t go quietly but did she know who might want to harm her. But then she did say rather publicly: “I am a problem” and don’t problems always need a quick solution. But was she delusional by now with the worry and stress of the life she was living to the hilt being the cause?

Both the Vatican and the American government and others could not fail to notice that the status quo of which they both support was under threat, it’s a possibility to consider as well.

Finally, if Diana had married into the Al Fayed family and set up residence in Malibu would her influence over the future thinking of the young Princess be too much for the establishment to stomach and watch develop.

As regards the suggested initial secret planning for the execution/murder: Operation Di, which is my own title, there is situated in Northern France a dense forest (which I have driven through) that has conveniently an old abandoned airfield, once used by the Luftwaffe against England, in the dark days of 1940, and it may still be maintained even today. It does also offer assorted accommodation facilities in its dense foliage, again very discreet as well for those who wish for such a manner of meetings. In other words an ideal hidden venue or “star chamber” for meetings far away from the eyes of the public or an inquisitive press, and with easy access from Paris and London and elsewhere in Europe; and isn’t August traditionally a quite month with many Government offices closed for the holidays, it is something else to consider as well. But more importantly wasn’t Diana to be the featured invited guest speaker at the forth coming anti-landmines conference, her presence there and her impassioned call for a ban in their uses could have swayed delegates and some Governments to rethink their own policy in this matter. But it didn’t happen of course her death prevented this. The conference went ahead of course some weeks later and its passionate pleas for landmines worldwide to be removed and detonated was naturally passed, these requests have yet to be ratified.

Interestingly, I noticed the first conspiracy theories arrived quite quickly from the Arab world. For example, the newspaper “Al Usbe” had the accusing headline:

“Did the British secret service kill Diana.” They further added that the secret service decided, “to get rid of her and her friend far from England so as not to attract suspicion.” Well, I certainly agree about the far away from England suggestion if indeed it’s true. And from the veteran journalist, Anis Mansour came the idea that: “British Intelligence assassinated her to save the throne, just as Marilyn Monroe was assassinated.” So it gets deeper into the pool of mystery with poor Marilyn being brought into the conspiracy window now, although where she come into this I’m not sure. Maybe she could have bought down the Kennedy administration, who knows.

Yet secrecy has to be effective to succeed otherwise bizarre claims come out of the trunk of fantasy. ‘Luck’ in its conception should never be an equation from a professional point of view of the planners, every angle must be covered.

Strangely enough, there was that night “an unusual number of senior MI6 personnel to be found in the city of light,” so all very strange and unanswerable it seems. As regards the principle suspect and the alleged owner of the mysterious Fiat Uno car, he himself would die in a mysterious manner some years later, and interestingly he was once photographed on a high speed motorbike himself, with a former French Prime Minister, sitting on the pillion behind him. And what of the mystery of the carbon monoxide and whether or not it was in Henri Paul’s lungs and from an air bag! These and many other questions would remain clouded in doubt, which were not satisfactorily explained at the Royal Courts of Justice Inquest in to her death, which resided from October 2007-April 2008. (Secreted away from the courts were the journalists, following the procedures via close circuit television. They were bored and tired, one even falling asleep by what they heard and with many conveniently blaming the paparazzi and the drunken driver for her death.)

The crash

The overture to this tragedy commenced at the swank Ritz hotel in Paris where the doomed couple were enjoying a late evening meal together. Downstairs in one of the hotel bars, the two staff bodyguards share a drink together, when in walks the deputy security chief, Henri Paul, who it seems at Dodi’s request, has been called in to drive the Mercedes S-280, which had been some months earlier, reported stolen, it seems. Henri Paul seems sober to those who know him. Further CCTV recording his movements show nothing unusual in his behaviour.

Later CCTV will show Henri Paul at the rear of the building giving a wave or perhaps an arranged signal to someone unknown, perhaps to one of the mysterious three motorcyclists, their presence later at the scene of the crime has never been explained.

Was for example a beamed light detonated elsewhere by perhaps others not connected with the mysterious stationary Fiat Uno, that either way brought a slow and lingering death to a turbulent Princess. Was the drug fenotyl or something else in this category used to initiate a crash, its use has been mentioned elsewhere in this connection.

So far I have found grave inaccurate details of what might have occurred that night in Paris and later in London at the official Inquest during my own research.

Other concerning issues such as why was the tunnel hosed down within an hour “with industrial solvent” and on whose authority by the waiting fire crews, thereby removing blood samples and important tyre marks that could have been crucial to the outcome of the investigation. This seems to have been a crime scene that was diligently sabotaged. Then some four hours later it was re-opened for traffic. “Tourists were walking all over it” and reasoned one accident expert the police had perhaps something to hide. Later pieces of the wreck were being offered for sale to eager collectors, so much of the evidence seems to have disappeared or been lost.

To this day no one has ever explained why they were taking this route which was going away from the Paris home of Dodi, where apparently they were headed that night, and what of the report of parked heavy motorcycles blocking the way for Henri Paul to turn into thereby forcing him to travel down and into the waiting tunnel. One such unknown witness who made this important claim was a Brenda Well, she has never been traced since.

But more importantly for the injured Diana, why did the requested ambulance take nearly an hour and forty minutes to reach the Salpetriere hospital (where incidentally Sigmund Freud once studied.) Why was there no radio contact with the slow moving vehicle and the waiting hospital with a prepared operating theatre on stand by. And why did the police chief, Philippe Massoni, who had assisted in the rescue of Diana from the car wreckage and had seen the injured princess in the tunnel, remark when she was later brought to the hospital that, “I no longer recognised the woman I had seen at the Alma.” What did he mean by this statement. Then after intensive surgery for nearly two hours (a long time, I’m told) Diana after a second heart attack died in the hospital at maybe 2.10am or 3am, accounts do differ in this important matter.

Then later why was the news announced to the eager press that the driver, the late Henri Paul: “Was drunk as a pig,” when it seems his blood results had not been confirmed for alcohol or others substances in his blood stream. And what of the information that the injured Trevor Rees-Jones was somehow attacked later in his hospital bed whilst recovering from his injuries nearly dying, had someone been sent to silence him.

Also was Diana pregnant or not as had been rumoured extensively at the time of her death because according to one French doctor, who was at the hospital he claimed that she was. Certainly, if she had been with child there would have been deep concern perhaps even panic from Buckingham Palace. But as someone correctly remarked the Windsor’s are great survivors, and always have been.

And again the role of the mysterious white Uno car and the sightings of three motorbikes of high speed velocity seen before the blinding flash that must have affected the drivers reflex’s, quickly forcing the car to swerve to the left and fracture upon impact the thirteenth pillar in this atmospheric tunnel of death. According to one former spy employee a similar case scenario had been arranged but not used some years earlier to remove a European politician, using the blinding light effect. It seems its very effective and cheap to use as well.

Today the name of Lady Diana is as famous as little Anne Frank who incidentally will be my next portrait in this series of women of the 20th century. Both are icons of our era but both for very different reasons of course.

In summing up, I have found over two dozen items that do not add up after examination. It is not my intention to examine them all or seek answers.

Any enquiring person with any interest or concern in this narrative will find many books and DVDs that highlight all of these events, that led up to the death of the much maligned Dodi Fayed and his princess, and of course his friend Henri Paul. But more importantly what was the prime role of the intelligence agencies and how far up did the plot reach before they struck. Who had the final say that authorized this murder to be carried out on three innocent people that night in Paris. The previous owner of Harrods has long claimed and gone public in his serious accusations that the husband of the Queen did give the order to MI6 to put into effect the death/murder of the mother to the heir of the British Throne and his beloved son Dodi.


I have to tentatively suggest that those who threaten Governments will be removed by them without compunction or conscience and quickly. Today in the complex world of espionage there are always those specialist bureaus who offer their assorted services in these numerous killing fields and naturally at a price. But somehow this one did not go to plan either because of poor planning or something else.

Aren’t the history books full of those people of the past who dared shake a fist at Government for whatever reason and later regretted it.

So as the years pass by it becomes so much harder to unearth the full truth of the Diana affair that ended in France, yet someone, somewhere knows something about this crime and has remained silent. Yet the book of Proverbs 28:13 says: “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsake them shall have mercy.” Wise words that many should heed and follow.

That Lady Diana possibly knew of her forthcoming death as recorded in the quoted letter to her butler is fact, yet none of us know the time or the place of our own demise or destination, not even the angels we are informed. I suspect Diana had been simply warned by someone very highly placed in the world arena of politics of what would or could happen to her if she continued her personal attacks in the media and elsewhere upon the British Monarchy and the establishment. For whatever reason, she had perhaps through petty spite or jealousy decided to ignore this crucial advice given to her by a friend or perhaps a secret admirer. As Tony Blair remarked later of her: “She was also strong willed. And was always going to go her own way…Dodi Fayed was a problem… If you ask me…I felt uneasy,” so recalled the former Prime Minister in his memoirs. Today they do seem rather guarded words that he uses to describe her and the impression she left on him when the princess talked to him (perhaps in confidence) at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country house retreat, some months before her death.

(An overgrown plaque, near where I live, that I almost missed)

Or as one journalist wrote rather accurately that after intensive journalistic investigation: “Either way the Place de Alma will now be Frances infamous Dealey Plaza” this being the historic location in Dallas where President Kennedy was shot twice by a person or persons unknown in 1963. The man may be correct in this assumption but did history repeat itself again and does, “Paris (still remain) a city of secrets.” Or is this just one enduring enigma that those in princess plot wishing for it to remain quietly unsolved now and perhaps forever. But one thing is certain, the suspicion of what did happen that night to “the people’s princess” at 00.23am on August 31st 1997 will not go away, nor should it be allowed to.

Update 18.8.13

From a recent military SAS court martial some new evidence is being presented, that they, the SAS, were involved with the strange events that led up to her death or murder in Paris in 1997. We will, however, monitor these events with further updates if and when they are needed. And of course in few weeks time it will be the 16th anniversary of that event, so maybe there is something sinister in this after all.

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“As it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment.”



16 May 2013

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