Soul Winning

Soul Winning

Nottingham Outreach (March 2019)

(Patrick and brother Enrique in Nottingham city centre) “No, thank you” / “Yes, please” “because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved” (2 Thessalonians 2:10b) “ received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, …READ MORE

Central London Outreach (October 2018)

We once again met together for a couple of short fall outreaches: three full days in London the second week of October and one full day in Oxford the fourth week of October. “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps” …READ MORE

Scotland Outreach (April 2018)

Towards the end of April/early May, we once again travelled from different parts of the globe, meeting in Edinburgh for a short outreach to preach the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as best we can. We weren’t sure what we would find. Scotland …READ MORE

Bristol And Cardiff Outreach (October 2017)

This October saw our little team travel from various corners of the earth to meet in Bristol, a city which has seen and heard varying degrees of the gospel over the centuries. Each morning before we left for a day’s outreach, James gave us a …READ MORE

Cambridge Outreach (June 2017)

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16:9) Sister Helen has once again provided an excellent and methodical write-up of our summer outreach, which saw over 10,000 tracts distributed and our banners seen by thousands! Every outreach is like …READ MORE

Oxford Outreach (February 2017)

Sister Helen’s following and methodical journal will no doubt be of interest to those reading this month’s newsletter. For one week in February, our small team travelled to Oxford, in the South of England for another outreach, this time in a town that proved to …READ MORE

Speakers Corner, London (October 2016)

Sister Helen has kindly written the following account of this month’s outreach. After a wonderful and encouraging outreach in June, in mid-October, we returned to London for a second shorter stay. The weather was a bit cooler and a bit windier, but we were enormously …READ MORE

London, Wigan And Croydon Outreach (June 2016)

Sister Helen kindly shares her thoughts and memories of this month’s ministry outreach, which was the longest, most successful, and ambitious to date. We estimate over 15,000 tracts were given out, with numerous Bibles and DVDs too! We had a wonderful two weeks in the …READ MORE

Switzerland Outreach (February 2016)

(February 2016) Our small group of five Bible-believing Christians from three countries safely arrived in Geneva, Switzerland this month. We brought around 4000 tracts in three different languages and successfully distributed just under 3000. Sister Helen kindly kept a mental diary of our time and …READ MORE

Oxford Street, London Outreach (January 2016)

Patrick and James travelled from Manchester to London, which from door to door took nearly 10-hours, some 500+ miles. An estimated 5000 people saw our banner, heard James street-preach at multiple spots, and took tracts and DVDs from Patrick. A blessed day indeed! This was …READ MORE

Barcelona, Spain Outreach (October 2015)

Patrick, James, and sister Tantri left Manchester airport for one of our most successful outreaches in many years. However, Patrick fell ill, and was forced to return to the UK. But by the grace of God, his regrettable absence did not stop the pace and …READ MORE

Brighton, Hastings, Eastborne Outreach (June 2015)

Our annual Ministry outreach began in Manchester on June 1st − when our friends from Singapore flew in − and was completed on June 24th. Our friends from Spain flew in the second week of June. During our almost month-long outreach, we visited 12 towns, distributed over …READ MORE

Manchester Outreach (January 2015)

A freezing cold January with snow and ice witnessed a busy start to the New Year for us, along with a sister flying in from the US to join us for some open-air street work. During one of our busy outreach days, a local street …READ MORE

Wales Outreach And Baptism (June 2014)

This month saw a special gathering of some faithful brethren flying into the UK from Singapore and Spain to work on the streets of Rhyl, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, and Bangor for three consecutive days,with incidentally, all of them paying their own fares and expenses to …READ MORE

A Suffering Christian And A Confused Mormon

(Archive) Sister R is a woman we’ve known for several years. I suspect she is slightly Pentecostal in her beliefs and I also know she left a charismatic church some years ago because of the nightclub atmosphere. One example would be strobe lights, promoting heavy occult …READ MORE

The Imperativeness of Street Evangelism

Making videos, writing articles, even planning trips away are all necessary and certainly well received among the saved, but sharing the pure and undiluted gospel of Christ, with an unsaved party, face-to-face, is absolutely priceless. I would, therefore, like to invite those that take the …READ MORE

The Key To Scripture

I recently and methodically displayed how a man is saved, simply by calling and/or believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, this Biblical fact is totally unknown and foreign to organised religion, but our mandate is quite simple: get the gospel out, present the …READ MORE

No Thank You, I’m Already A Christian

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Rev. 3:16.) This is one of the most irritating and commonly used expressions any Bible-believing Christian will regularly hear, if they are one of the few …READ MORE

Saving Lost Souls From Hell

A Light Note! If there’s one thing we always say, it’s that we never know who or what is coming around the corner. A kind gesture came our way this past week, when an unsaved gentleman that we have witnessed to for over 18 months now, bought …READ MORE

Sharing Jesus With Jehovah’s Witnesses

During one of our recent daily outreaches, two female Jehovah’s Witnesses came over and took one of James’ tracts, with the understanding I would take one of theirs. The next 25 minutes or so witnessed one of the best witnessing accounts we have had in recent times …READ MORE

James’ Street Report

“You don’t go straight to Heaven when you die,” this man said to me. It turned out that this chap had briefly studied with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and now attended a liberal Anglican church. Sadly for him, he held to soul sleep and therefore I …READ MORE

Patrick’s Street Report

I have known this old busker for some years (I don’t know his name) and have always witnessed to him, whenever I see him. He knows where I am coming from and not surprisingly for men of his generation, he has some knowledge of the …READ MORE

Using Christmas And Easter To Win Souls To Jesus

During a flying visit to Manchester, which saw me distribute about 30 postcard tracts to highlight Good Friday to mainly an indifferent city, I spotted about 20 Mormons out and about proselytizing. Although Easter and Christmas are pagan holidays, it’s a great way to speak …READ MORE

Love Not The World

(Thousands and thousands of Coldplay fans queuing in torrential rain, as we distributed tracts to them) This verse pretty much says it all. Love NOT the world! The love of the saint should always be totally and unquestionably to the LORD. When a person loves …READ MOR