Oh, Lord

Oh, Lord

Oh Lord, send me Your saving hand,

That one day soon, at Your wish, I may stand

On the polished marble steps of Your given mansion,

Prepared for me so long ago by the precious blood of Your salvation.

Oh, Lord from crystal windows will I gaze upon a bay of contentment

Where tranquil waves sink into ripples, of sparkling bold, pigment,

And with Thee in Biblical night seasons will I eternally walk,

And with You, my Saviour, will I gently talk.

Oh, Lord someday soon by Your loving grace,

Will I stand in praise and look upon Your loving face,

That once so long ago turned to me a lying reprobate,

Who slowly was drowning in my own sin without hope or debate.

Oh, Lord:

Today, I am thankfully saved,

By He who suffered and died,

On a far away hill,

That I, a sinner, might be saved from the all-consuming fires of Hell.


December 2005

(All Rights Reserved)