New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day

Christmas days,

Christmas yesterdays,

Do they not always help us to happily recall,

Muffled footsteps heard on Christmas Eve, coming down a darkened hall?

That to a waiting child sounds rather like a nun’s swishing cloak.

Now New Years Day presents itself with promised anticipation.

So isn’t it a time to pause, pray and offer a faithful reflection?

For who can say,

That on this sparkling new years day,

A simple prayer from the heart

Maybe acceptable to God above. Who from your heart will never depart?

So if you always journey alone,

Without Filofax, pager or bleeping phone,

‘Seek ye first the Lord whilst He may be found.’

For do not all new year’s secular resolutions finally die on unfertile ground?

So listen for that proclaiming trumpet.

Salvation has joyfully arrived,

For those who weep. And have silently endured.

The dying year has finally succumbed. Then departed.

Now God’s eternal word will never ever be extinguished.



January 2005

(All Rights Reserved)