Nelson Mandela: “The Man Behind The Myth”

Nelson Mandela: “The Man Behind The Myth”

When Nelson Mandela died in 2013 aged 95-years-old, as far as we are aware, he remained unrepentant or remorseful of his long years as head of the terrorist ANC organisation.

World leaders naturally fell over themselves with praises and homilies about the “great man” and his lasting legacy, yet we stand by our allegations of the hideous murders and bombings perpetrated by the late communist leader Joe Slovo and his lieutenants on Mandela’s orders and inflicted against innocent black and white South Africans and others using amongst other methods, exploding deadly nail bombs concealed in suitcases in public places.

Many remain to this day still traumatised by those wicked and cowardly deeds and like us at this ministry, will not be mourning the demise of Mandela who ordered murder and assassination on his command.

Mandela like so many dead tyrants now waits for the judgment of himself and of his own deeds. Jesus Christ Himself will order that future punishment at the Great White Throne Judgment.

We urge all those who read this “obituary” to repent and trust Jesus today before it’s too late.

The late Madiba, which was his tribal name, has now gone forever. However, the memories of his barbarous acts will remain and should never be denied or dismissed.

Remember Jesus’ command: “That which is born of the flesh is flesh…Ye must be born again” (John 3:3-7).

The great and the good attended the funeral of Africa’s most infamous atheist. (Who can forget Barak Obama and David Cameron doing ‘selfies’ with the former Dutch Prime Minister while Michelle angrily looked on). Yet the burial and its location will be simple because if nothing else Mandela always wished to lie beside his late parents; he was always the dutiful son.

Recently prayers were being requested for his deliverance from death from anybody who wished to partake. But why bother to make the effort, because the last thing any atheist or Christ mocker wants is to share in the benefits of Heaven’s beauty. (Heaven is a place for those who are sick of their sin, not those that love it). I know, because I’ve talked to many over the years and the thought of eternity with an all-holy God to them is “repulsive.” One old communist pensioner joked that he would rather stoke up the fires of Hell with Stalin then “do Heaven” as he crudely put it to me. Well if that’s what he wants, God can arrange it, but at a terrible cost.

Years ago I resented the blasphemous tone of the late president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah. He was a recipient of the Lenin peace prize from the old Soviet Union when he went on to shout joyfully to many of his followers and others saying: “Seek ye first the political kingdom,” with many of his followers answering unashamedly: “We didn’t join the struggle in order to stay poor.” How foolish. But the sacred words of Jesus coming from the foul mouth of Nkrumah are despicable to listen to or read after all these years.

Indeed, he was just another cheap blasphemer of the gospel.

Yet so much of the pain over the recent decades that was inflicted upon all of the races in South Africa were issued from the ANC manifesto. It had always long been the priority of the ANC as well to soldier to victory with the South African Communist Party to deliver South Africa into a future communist satellite.

The ANC was the notorious political arm of the ministry of fear, with many South African workers fearing them more than the apartheid government and its police and soldiers. Because of this ANC menu of murder, Amnesty International would not and never did, support Mandela or his cause for his country’s liberation from apartheid, at least not publicly, even under fierce pressure to do so in his quest also for the future of his country.

Interestingly, the Swedish Amnesty International historian, Bo Lindholm, wrote of this then dilemma by saying quite emphatically that: “Nelson Mandela was excluded from adoption as a prisoner of conscience of the A.I. because the ANC would not give up its non-violence policy.”

That seems clear enough to me!

According to Alan O’Reilly’s, book Britain Under Siege, he states the following: “Mandela’s ANC party, murdered some 120,000 black people, between 1963-1994. During 1994, there were 40 murders and 73 attempted murders every day of the year, 136 rapes, 670 house break-ins, 35 hijackings and 176 robberies. From 1994-2000, there have been some 570 murders of black and white farmers. Yet only 39 farmers were murdered during the Mau Mau uprising in neighbouring Kenya (p. 32-33).

On top of these shocking facts: “In the four and half years of the transition from apartheid to democracy, over 70,000 people were brutally murdered. Tens of thousands of people were shot, burnt alive or hacked to death by Marxist mobs. Over 3,500 schools were burned down by the ANC, the PAC and their comrades” (Alan O’Reilly, Britain Under Siege, p. 32-33).

Far from condemning such barbaric acts as these, Pope John Paul II not only gave him a “blessing” but later made him a Knight of Malta.

Nelson Mandela and others, notably his communist “comrade” Joe Slovo, being the most influential, were responsible for forcing the country into this bush fire war whether it wanted it or not. In fact, Mandela in the early 1960s said that: “His wider task was to raise funds for the armed struggle and pave the way for MK recruits to receive training in friendly countries.”

Didn’t Mao also claim somewhere that all power comes from the barrel of a gun!

(Mandela and communist Joe Slovo with the evil hammer and sickle icon behind)

In Professor Stephen Ellis’ book External Mission, the ANC 1960-1990, he writes that the ANC military wing had bomb-making lessons from the IRA of all people and also just as disturbing was the fact that they had regular intelligence training from East Germany’s “Stasi,” the then dreaded and brutal secret police!

The following quote, taken from the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s book Courage, Eight Portraits, sheds some interesting and yet not too surprising light on Mandela’s vain philosophy: “I was not born with a hunger to be free. I was born free…I was not troubled by the laws of man or God” (p.143).

In the desperate years following the imprisonment of Mandela, these became dangerous times in the country’s main cities as well with multiple deaths by terrorism carried out primarily by the ANC, with coded instructions from Robben Island prison where Mandela and the imprisoned “high command” were being detained. Then so many innocent men, women and little children would be hideously murdered and maimed as the result of these cowardly actions, with nail bombs frequently planted in busy railway and bus stations, this to achieve a greater effect of bringing terror and fear to the population.

Not everyone in those terrible years was pro the posturing or violence of the ANC. For example, the party of Chief Butalazi, the Zulu leader of the I.F.P party, which today is that country’s fourth-largest political party, were standing on an anti-communist manifesto, only later finding themselves also abused and attacked, then frequently burnt to death with burning rubber tyres placed securely around their necks. Some sadists “christened” such as “the good year” effect, named after that popular band of rubber tyres.

Another popular name for this cruel sport that was enjoyed by so many was “necklacing,” which it seems the late Winnie Mandela openly supported when in 1986 she declared: “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.”

She also had a problem it seemed with her former husband, who with F.W. DeKlerk (both he and Mandela were for years fully paid up members of the One World Order) accepting the Nobel Peace Award, as well as a generous cheque of $1.4 million, beamed with delight.

When Mandela finally walked free from prison in 1990 he proclaimed loudly to the watching world by proclaiming: “I salute the SACP [South African Communist Party] for its sterling contribution for democracy.” He would later be photographed with Joe Slovo in front of the communist hammer and sickle flag (see picture above).

Joe Slovo would later serve in Mandela’s government before dying of cancer.

The ANC has always been intertwined with the SACP and one cannot act without the consent of the other, and mention should also be made of the infamous “spear of the nation,” this being another military wing of the ANC.

The SACP with Moscow money had hoped as well to facilitate the use of the ports of Durban and Cape Town to be hopefully used and fitted for the then mighty Soviet naval fleet to berth and re-supply; thankfully none of this happened.

When Joseph Slovo died in 1995 the then entire ANC “high command” including Nelson Mandela and his successor Thabo Mbeki, who it seems, had received military training in the old communist Soviet Union, attended the funeral orations and tributes as well as Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein/IRA. “Birds of a feather flock together” as they say, and how true.

(Gerry Adams at the funeral of Joe Slovo)

What later further angered and dismayed so many people seeking satisfying justice for murdered family and friends after Mandela’s orchestrated release was that the so-called Truth and Reconciliation commission 1997/98 chaired by Desmond Tutu whitewashed and swept many of the accusations of murders, rapes and kidnapping under the respectable carpet of so-called “forgiveness.”

Yet one day there will be a higher court where Justice will be administered by the King of kings and Prince of peace.

These men should be careful on whom they distribute forgiveness to in the name of Christianity of which they know nothing!

I believe Nelson Mandela should have been placed and chained in the hold of a DC10 cargo plane and then delivered to the International Court in the Hague where justice in this world is expected and demanded. Once there he should have stood in that dock alone and answered the many written charges for the multiple murders committed against so many of his own people. And I do wonder what his plea would have been to that summoned court and to the waiting world. Many other African dictators in the past have been “thrown to the wolves” but then it seems the beasts of the New World Order/Illuminati had another agenda for the ageing Mandela. For him, it would not be a prison sentence (again) but lavish praise from an adoring world of supporters and sycophants, and perhaps under his future stewardship, a United African nation, rather like the European Union.

Yet the arrogance of these flawed men with their false promises and lies brings to mind something from Proverbs 16:5 that reads and seriously warns: “Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.”

There is some hope for the beautiful country of South Africa with many born-again Christians seeking the salvation of the Lord each and every day in these end times. Many indeed have been saved, yet many more need to do so. No country can survive without God, none should ever attempt to do so. God will always be in control.

Corruption and incompetence in South Africa’s government continue to flourish, AIDS is at an all-time high, soaring crime statistics soar, and the further lack of confidence in the business community continues to eat away at the soul of South Africa. All part I suggest of the Nelson Mandela legacy to his nation, that has continued under his successors as well!

I believe Nelson Mandela lost his soul somewhere long ago in the politics of socialism/Marxism, for without God in the equation all these false political religions feed into Satanism and further false beliefs that profit men nothing. God will not be mocked or ridiculed or blasphemed, and woe unto those who do it with sneers and sniggers.

When the myth of Mandela has expired it will be perhaps the lasting stoicism of its people of all races and colours, which will define South Africa’s future in the world.

The faith of any nation is revealed in its people and not in any of its leaders. Once an eminent South African author of the past referred to his land as: “Cry the beloved country.” He may well have been correct when he witnessed the pain of apartheid inflicted so cruelly on so many in 1948. Yet so much has gone wrong since apartheid was eventually demolished and replaced by the charm and politics of Nelson Mandela.

Mandela’s lasting legacy of failed godless Marxism and mayhem leaves his country scarred and frail, and if any further proof is needed for the historian of what that means, just look across to Zimbabwe’s former president Mugabe’s useless Marxist experiment in his own suffering country, that has today resulted in famine, fear and pain for so many of its inhabitants.

(Mandela shares a Masonic handshake with communist leader Oliver Tambo)

I have to suggest that if Nelson Mandela hadn’t been jailed in 1962, then South Africa under his rule would have then been backed up by assorted gun supplying communist allies under Moscow’s guidance. I’m also sure they had high hopes for Mandela and his wicked ways of his country. They certainly pumped enough Moscow gold in the ANC coffers, then and elsewhere. If that terrible event had indeed happened then South Africa today would be journeying down the same long road to failure as that of poor Zimbabwe and its daily plight. This is today’s scandal and the silent shame of modern African governments, and we should not forget its colluding leaders who have made themselves fat and rich on the backs and blood of so many of their suffering countrymen.

Mandela also came in for much criticism over his refusal to reign in his fellow Catholic/communist brother-in-arms, Robert Mugabe, whose ruthless dictatorial methods saw many black and white Zimbabweans hunted, exiled and eventually starved to death. Had he wanted to he could very easily have intervened and put pressure on Mugabe’s sadist government to stop this reign of terror, but following communist China’s long-standing policy of refusing to do the same towards their fellow communist neighbour, North Korea, resulted in both Zimbabwe and North Korea falling further and further into disarray and destruction. Clearly, this is a trait amongst atheist leaders.

Nelson Mandela must also share in the blame and guilt that ravages Africa and its defenceless people who seek the taste of bread (and naturally the spiritual bread of life, John 6:35). And a further right to coexist as free men rather than surviving under constant threats and intimidation by their oppressors. That is the curse of modern-day humanity and its feeble attempt to survive in a fallen world.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).


The death this week of the “mother superior” of the ANC Winnie Mandela closes a painful chapter in South Africa’s fraught history. Her hatred of the white farmers and her support of the so-called “football team” that murdered by matches so many of her opponents should not be forgotten.

She ruled by fear, yet became the star of the left who adored her. This bitter woman left so much pain in her country. Gone but not forgotten. Both she and her husband will always be a controversial thread in the corrupt fabric of South Africa.

Cape Town today is practically running out of water. God’s judgment indeed on them and their legacy!

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