Life’s Gifts

Life’s Gifts

Are all of life’s gifts and delights that we joyfully seek,

perhaps today, maybe tomorrow, say next week,

merely perfidious preludes waiting

to tranquillize us into a pretended reasoning?

For don’t you know that within yourself, life’s a lie?

The most friendly one. It’s all about you, it’s all about ME!

Through accommodating agendas and doubtful deeds,

don’t we always pursue a lifestyle that somehow always pleases?

For will not someday an inviting offer,

proposed by God perhaps appear?

To you and yes maybe even to me?

To instruct us to turn from all painless shame?

To sway from all sin. And revere HIS Holy Name!

Remember if you can, out of all HIS eternity,

God turns once to reach to you in all your pity!

And offer to you and maybe even to me,

The gift of Eternal life!

To rescue you and maybe me, once and forever more from all moral woe!

This dear friend is yours..and maybe mine. HIS promised gift,

treat it with love and thrift,

For were not all wasted war’s lost by men’s hollow orders?

While decaying bodies were left to fester like fragmented flowers?

So please forever search and gain God’s inherent way,

Before all living flesh becomes, a memorial to lasting decay.

All life is God’s special gift,

Without God, life is no special gift!



July 2004

(All rights reserved)