Just a Soldier of the LORD

Just a Soldier of the LORD

I’m just a soldier in the army of the Lord,

Prepared, primed, and sharpened by His shining sword.

I’m just a soldier in the army of the Lord,

Anointed and adjusted to announce at any time His saving word.

No, I’m not a drill sergeant or a two-stripe corporal,

Nor will I strive to be a colonel or a five-star general.

No, I’m just a simple foot soldier,

Yet commissioned with a passion to preach always God’s saving power!

Yes indeed! All proud serving men are we!

But if you probe our armour never will you find or see,

A sharpened sword, a greased gun or a polished rifle,

No, only then will you discover God’s greatest deterrent –

The Holy Bible!

At this point, I must admit with pride that my late father was a professional soldier serving in the British Army. My son James carries his first name as his second name and I use it as my first name.

Though sadly he was not a Soldier of the Lord. I would like to dedicate this short stanza to his reputation.

In a long distinguished army career, he served at Dunkirk, and in Burma. He also saw action in Germany (he was one of the first liberating British troops that entered the death camp of Bergen-Belsen on April 15th 1945. He would later interrogate captured SS Officers in Hamburg. However, in later life he would rarely talk about what he had seen or heard of that period in his army career).

Soon after the war, he was posted to East Africa and later he fought in the unviable Korean War. He later served in Japan. He may even have served in other theatres of war that he never told me about! And I somehow think he would have got along very well with his three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; I certainly hope so.

G. Patrick Battell

August 2005

(All Rights Reserved)