Joseph Stalin: “The Making of An Atheist Monster”

Joseph Stalin: “The Making of An Atheist Monster”

(Stalin at Yalta in all his glory)

Some 64 years ago, whilst walking home from school with my mother, my young eye caught a newspaper headline that crudely proclaimed for the world to read that: “STALIN DEAD – GOOD,” and I can still recall the effect that it had on me because it allowed my young imagination to speculate about what on earth this dead man had done to be so despised. Incidentally, a recent poll in Russia revealed that 87% of interviewees would like to see a monument erected in their hometown depicting Stalin and to honour his memory. It seems the old murderous Georgian tyrant still has a loyal fan base rooting for him from the bleachers. And a further 57% believed Stalin “was a wise man,” with 62% agreeing he was a “brutal tyrant” and 23% disagreeing. Um, I wonder who they were!

The next time I was presented with this so-named “hack” journalism was in 1987 when Hitler’s disgraced deputy leader Rudolph Hess had mysteriously died (or was he murdered?) aged 93. Now the newspaper banner announced again in uppercase of course and it shouted that: “HESS DEAD, JOINS HITLER IN HELL.” It always amazes me that editors and journalists are very quick to consign others to Hell but never offer themselves as probably going there as future occupants. Ah, self-deception.

As I commence this two-part article for our monthly newsletter this year will be the 64th anniversary of Joseph Stalin’s death in Moscow and what better place to initiate this Russian journey into the past than trying to understand the man and his megalomaniac deeds. With the blood of so many still unaccounted for (of course, it is unknown how many were murdered by Stalin during his lifetime) although there seem to be some suspicion today concerning the mysterious death or murder of his second wife Nadezhda in 1932 either by her own fair hand or by Stalin’s heavy deformed hand. He would also suffer from some webbing of the toes as well as sporting a deeply pockmarked face.

Incidentally, the unfortunate doctor who performed the late Mrs Stalin’s autopsy with a gun trained on him was perhaps himself later mysteriously murdered, a dangerous place to be if you were a practicing doctor. Later events would, of course, reach boiling point in the 1950s when Stalin’s unfounded suspicions were fuelled against Jewish “medics” in Moscow and beyond, it seems. Dangerous times indeed for this particular profession.

Joseph Dzhugashvili (Stalin) was born in 1878 in Georgia (the same year as another legendary bandit, the Mexican Pancho Villa). The young Joseph Dzhugashvili would later insist, naturally with his fists, to be known later as “Koba”, for political reasons of course. And standing at 5’4” with a deformed left hand, a webbed left foot, and a pockmarked face, he would quickly “morph” into a serious street fighter. Later he would be known to the world forever as Stalin or Steele.

Now somewhere in the meadows of my mind and plucked from that dubious academy of urban legends is the suggestion offered by someone in the past that his mother was a kitchen maid in the Rothschild house, of all places, and possibly young Joseph’s father was a Rothschild. Again, I’ve also read this about Adolph Hitler’s mother Klara, that was she also employed in a Rothschild château and perhaps it has been broached that a Rothschild was young Adolph’s father. Not the same Rothschild, of course, but anyway, interesting speculation regarding these men’s paternal roots.

In 1894, at age fifteen years, the young Stalin gained a scholarship to study theology at the then-prestigious Tbilisi seminary (or cemetery, as we prefer to call them). I do wonder what person with a clerical background arranged for this young man to gain entry. You do need a recommendation, maybe it was his father!!

According to author Simon Sebag Montefiore: “It was run along Jesuitical lines.” I bet it was because it is claimed that at the time, the Jesuits had a crooked finger in every dubious religious and clerical Russian church or academy. It also seems the staff clergy had been hired from Moscow and just maybe Jesuit-trained at that, and many deliberately not conversant in the Georgian language of that region. Some plain racism here, it seems! Nationalism was then festering in that delightful region of the Caucasus.

(Rare Russian money, post-1917)

Is it possible that these cowardly but committed soldiers of Loyola were perhaps trained Jesuit talent “scouts”? Always searching for future revolutionary puppet leaders to do their dirty work in the country of their occupation, and in this case in quickly advancing the destruction of the doomed Romanov dynasty and completing it with the brutal cold-blooded murder of the Tsar and his innocent family. It is rumoured that this maybe took place in a damp cellar in Yekaterinburg, where some of the victims were speared after the shooting by bayonets whilst still alive.

(Rare Russian money, post-1917)

Revolutions, as you know, do not just happen. They are prepared rather like a piled bonfire with weeks of preparation, sometimes using kindling and paper soaked in kerosene and ready to flare up when the exposed wick is lit and the flames quickly ascend upwards. It is claimed that after six years at the seminary and with a fine singing voice, the young Stalin apparently discovered the dangerous truths of godless Marxism. I wonder who pointed him in that dangerous direction by offering him books and pamphlets. A Jesuit infiltrator maybe? Perhaps somebody thought of him as an idealistic political student of the coming revolution that would set Russia alight, with him one of the many trained flame throwers.

I do perhaps suggest that it is just possible that the young Joseph was officially ordained a deacon before he departed from Tbilisi physically, of course, but never emotionally. I do wonder: were not previous Jesuit generals Martin and later Wernez always seeking to further the aims and ambitions to enhance their apostate Constantine catholic church? All for the purpose of finally consigning the Russian Orthodox church once and for all to that overflowing dustbin of history, which they nearly did, of course. By the way, a recent and surprising posthumous discovery in Stalin’s personal effects was a well-thumbed Holy Bible. Well, well, and King James I hope, and frequently used (by the looks of its worn condition, both internally and externally) and with many underlined Bible verses, lifted from both the Old and New Testaments’ chapters and verses. So, it just goes to show, doesn’t it, that you can take the boy out of the seminary but you cannot take the seminary out of a boy.

In the 1980s, the then Jesuit general Pedro Arrupe was in Cuba on a pastoral or maybe a political visit to that island and whilst there, he later spoke before departing from “Castro’s prison” to a journalist about how proud he was of the many South American revolutionists then operating in most of the Latin countries. The interviewer replied with a mock surprise: “Well, I guess you are not too proud of all of them…don’t forget Fidel Castro was one of your disciples.” Arrupe paused then replied with a sly smirk on his face by saying: “What makes you think we are not proud of him?” An answer with a question, of course, an old Jesuit and political trick. It should be remembered that Cuba was referred to as a floating concentration camp and roundly condemned by Amnesty International and others of like-minded concern for shocking human rights abuses.

As regards the death or perhaps murder of Joseph Stalin in the first week of March 1953, I have always suspected Lavrentiy Beria, a trained architect and perhaps a dabbler in poison preparation and amateur chemist fully aware of their potential if administered into food. After all, years earlier he had been given the order by Stalin to allow the Soviets to prepare their own atomic bomb, which they succeeded in doing, making them only the second nation to carry this nuclear capability for defensive or offensive purposes.

In fact, the use of polonium poisoning favoured by Russian hit squads seems to place them supreme in this use of the black arts. Maybe produced and perfected in the shadowy Russian laboratory of “Kamera or Laboratory Number 12.”

I have to speculate here about the sudden death in 2008 of patriarch Alexy II in Russia to be replaced later by a pro-Vatican cleric named Kirill. He was spotted in Cuba last year with pope Francis, of all people, before journeying on to that vast mysterious region of Antarctica to “perform an ancient ritual with the ark of Gabriel reading from a secret text given to him previously by the pope,” it is reported. The unknown text may have derived from the apocryphal “Book of Enoch” and concerning “the watchers”, no less. Later, this object of veneration was placed in a lead-lined sealed container and spirited away by the Russian Spetsnaz-trained troops to be deposited at an unknown destination. Is it not conceivable, I suggest, that perhaps inside that prepared tube and with other “sacred” artefacts was perhaps a lock of Stalin’s hair, or Rasputin’s finger, or other personal items of the last Tsar and his tragic family? The latter are venerated as “saints” today by the state Russian church, did you know? And I seem to remember seeing President Putin standing awkwardly at the religious ceremony in the cathedral and maybe holding a lighted candle. I can’t see Stalin doing any of this, can you?

And what about the mysterious death of 49-year-old Metropolitan Nikodim, perhaps by poisoning, in September 1978 in the newly elected pope’s private apartment, interestingly with a Jesuit interpreter standing next to him before he dramatically collapsed after sipping his caffè latté? In fact, the unfortunate Nikodim had been a personal guest of the Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe no less and residing for a month at the swish Villa Cavaletti near Frascati. It also seems that before leaving for Rome, he had been asked by a Jesuit priest on staff who noticed his discomfort “whether he needed help” before he departed for his final audience with the pope (incidentally, liberal Dutch cardinal Willebrands was also present, please see article on him).

So, was there a prepared poison slipped into the offered china cup and saucer to Nikodim? And more importantly, was the potion meant instead for the newly installed pope Luciani who seemed to be constantly swimming in uncertain waters during his brief occupation in the Vatican?

After a mere 33 days, this pope would die, probably murdered by person or persons unknown, and certainly, there is a shadow of the gloved hand of the Curia in this deed. Also of intrigue was how the designated Vatican pool car was stolen the night before the guest from Russia arrived. Now that car would have transported the Russian prelate to his private audience with the pope. But more seriously, what he did not anticipate was that this would be his final journey on earth and to cease in Rome of all places and so far from home. (The same car switch also occurred in reference to the “death” of the late Princess Diana!)

Always remember: “For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away” (James 4:14).

Did this Russian have perhaps a premonition of his coming death? He had been acting strangely, with his demeanour showing strain and anxiety, as many remembered at the Jesuit house where Nikodim had been staying.

The old Tsarist nation had long been referred to as “holy mother Russia” but now under captain Stalin’s ship of sadists’ deckhands, it would also be occupied by plunderers, perverts, and pimps who would take a personal delight in inflicting their murderous methods against the doomed and defenceless Russian people. Terrible times indeed, with inflicted famine and draught stalking that land. Unbelievably, it is estimated five million souls would starve to death or perish from other related diseases as well as the sudden appearance of cannibalism thrown into the equation added to this terrible recipe of forced atheist Marxism. This would be the terrible price of Lenin’s dream of collective communism that became a living nightmare and would be enforced against Russian proletariat in those post-war revolutionary years.

It seems the young Joseph had literary ambitions during his seminary years of becoming a poet and writer of all things, rather than a man of the cassock. I wonder what made him change his sense of direction? (Darwin would also make a dangerous switch, leaving many spiritual casualties along the way!) He would later become a complier of Marxist methods specialising in murder, misery, and mayhem, as well as a political “poet” with poison flowing out of his prosaic pen to be later inflicted upon the unresponsive masses of suffering Russians.

The same youthful ambitions were once shared by another notorious old comrade Mao, and did not the young Italian Benito Mussolini dabble in the trade of words as a jostling journalist before being rescued by fascist politics? But of course, for the young Austrian Adolph Hitler (also from a socialist background) it would be in the leisurely pursuit of painting in barely trying to support himself financially in those pre First World War hungry years offering him little time for the pursuit of penning poems. And did not the late pope John Paul II and Fidel Castro pen some stanzas as well before controlling the spiritual and political lives of millions? All these men are now awaiting judgment but remember: “For whosever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).

It’s as simple as that, something men like Stalin and others were too arrogant to do or attempt.

Interestingly, rather like the young sensitive Adolph Hitler, Stalin also suffered at the hands of his brutal alcoholic father, and it is claimed because of this treatment meted out to him, all emotion and kindness during those formative years would later develop into a sense of permanent paranoia that would mould his character for the rest of his unpleasant life.

So much of the formative years for children become sadly the burden they carry into their middle and final years. Of course, no child deserves to be beaten or humiliated by those in parental or other public paid positions of authority. The recent sickening child abuse cases perpetrated by catholic priests, nuns and monks also should be taken into consideration, as well of what went on behind mosque and temple doors, and in the Mormon and Jehovah’s Witnesses cults, to name a few.

More importantly for this article, who knows what really went on behind the heavy timbered doors of that so-called religious academy in Tbilisi a century ago? Sadly, recent years have seen Satanic child abuse exploitation reaching epidemic proportions, as mentioned frequently in the media when rich privileged men and women play their sick games with these unprotected children’s young lives!

In 1893, the young seminarian named Joseph Dzhugashvili (there would be an important name change later for him, of course) arrived at the Tbilisi seminary (or cemetery) clutching a small cardboard suitcase with all his worldly possessions, hopefully, to study for the priesthood in the Georgian Orthodox church. Young Joseph never became a reverend, only a full-time revolutionary. It has been said of this religious establishment that it produced more atheists than priests. Stalin would further add sarcastically concerning its narrow curriculum that: “In protest against the outrageous regime and Jesuitical methods, I was ready to become and actually did become a revolutionary.” He would later be expelled in 1899, but the real reason for this fortitude remains unknown, still clouded in post-Soviet secrecy.

The refuse of Russian politics would devour that changing country over the next fifty terrible years. By now, young Joseph had abandoned his previous faith (if any) for fear and prayer (if he ever did pray) for future purges. Of course, his personality, ever paranoid, would now be seen for what he really was, a psychopath.

Like a stalking panther, the young Stalin would prepare, plot, and pause to pounce on any who stood in his way and blocked his path to the top. For him, there could never be a dignified forgive-and-forget manner, but only a slow smouldering revenge and retribution against his enemies. For now, it seems his so-called Bolshevik buddies would become the absent family he never had, never knew, and perhaps never cared about. He was now a member of a marching movement that would change Russia’s destiny forever. The birth pangs of the coming revolution would arrive, with Lenin the cruel midwife and Trotsky the ever-compliant administrator. But young Joseph could only watch and wait, then plot and plan their future removal. If nothing else, Stalin was always patient.

It’s worth learning and trying to understand something about his physical deformities: “Stalin was born with the second and third toes of his left foot joined. He suffered a pockmarked face from an attack of smallpox and later damaged his left arm, possibly in a carriage accident, although he would later claim it was a wound from a police bullet whilst attempting to escape them. My own feeling is that the first account is perhaps correct.

Of course, the life of an ongoing young revolutionary can be dangerous yet exhilarating at times, as I’m sure he found out. And for the young Stalin, aka Koba in those early years, it seems he would eventually be arrested and exiled over six times and lose his first wife though tuberculosis in 1907.

Yet there has always been a shadow of doubt in his CV (résumé) that he might just have been a paid double agent employed by the Tsar’s secret police, the dreaded “Okhrana” from 1902-1912. As yet, nothing has been proved about his “paid” complicity or any connection with the secret police, nor has any written evidence survived to confirm or deny these unconfirmed speculations of his past. Any incriminating material would probably have been destroyed by select NKVD agents during the terrible 1930s, most certainly on Stalin’s orders. Nothing must damage the legacy of this ex-altar boy’s growing reputation in those heady post-revolutionary days. However, I do suspect that Lavrentiy Beria of the NKVD (secret police) may have been somehow aware that Stalin had accelerated Lenin’s prolonged death in 1924 by administering (or having one of his blackmailed doctors of death administer) small amounts of rat poison or a specially prepared equivalent to the now-ailing leader. This may be true, but it does seem a basic poison for Stalin or his hired hands to use. He also isolated Lenin, keeping him from seeing his friends, comrades or wife in the months before his death.

(A defiant Stalin in his police mug shot)

For obvious reasons, Stalin would be forced into enforced exile into the Arctic Circle (yet he seems to have enjoyed himself there, it is claimed). Later, he turned to criminal activities and other local talents he had acquired since his seminary dismissal, such as bank-robbing, safe-cracking, forgery, etc, etc. Both then and now, any fervent revolutionary movement had to be versatile in bringing in hard cash to fund their pet party’s aims and ambitions like other terrorist movements, such as the IRA, ANC, SWAPO, or the Peruvian Shining Path, that might also take this walk of crime and corruption as they clawing their own way to the top of the heap.

By 1917 the expected revolution was now inevitable (Stalin does not seem to have been in the front line), but there were, of course, other political irons simmering in that fire of change. The Bolsheviks were just one group of “outlaws” fighting and quarrelling to try and seize the reins of evaporating power, as the Tsarist autocracy drifted rudderless, rather like an abandoned sailing ship.

After ending ten years of European exile, Lenin was now impatiently en route to Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg) to impose his recipe of Marxism on an unsuspecting, starving and war-weary Russian people. On that sealed steam train, apparently, courtesy of the German government were sealed boxes of weapons with crates of packed bullion to fuel the revolutionary and mercenary fifth columnists. For the picked passengers on board the train, this was no “day excursion,” but rather the real thing! By the way, Lenin took an unhealthy interest in Charles Darwin’s books, it seems, amongst other interests, as did also Hitler and Mao (oh and don’t forget Pol Pot), all of whom dipped into the bucket of Darwin’s swill. It seems the young Stalin had, as a 13-year-old boy, ploughed his way through Darwin’s Origin of the Species in 1891 when not studying his catechism books. I’m not sure which is worse to sit and read. We are also reliably informed that Lenin openly displayed on his desk in his Kremlin office a statuette of an ape examining a man’s skull with the word “Darwin” on its base. Now, which one is the monkey I ask? But seriously, this is all part of Satan’s artful agenda to debunk the book of Genesis and of course, men like Stalin and others were willing and deluded disciples of Darwin and his theories.

It also seems that Stalin would be politically underestimated by so many in his covert ambitions to be the anointed archbishop of the Bolsheviks. Even up to Lenin’s mysterious death in 1924, whether by syphilis or strychnine; Stalin would succeed in his quest. Now, the jury of public opinion on Lenin’s own mysterious death is still out of the courtroom and we are still awaiting their verdict. Today, as every tourist to Russia knows, Lenin’s mouldering corpse lies in the prepared mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square, apparently heavily laced with a secret formaldehyde-alcohol solution and “embalmed like an orthodox saint,” writes Simon Sebag Montefiore of the shape of this waxworks figure. But do not visit on a Monday as the building will be closed and maybe the corpse needs a weekly makeover.

Incidentally, there was talk of removing the Lenin corpse some years ago but nothing came of it. Now I haven’t visited it myself and don’t wish to do so; it was bad enough some years ago seeing a catholic “saint’s” finger and part of her elbow openly displayed in a glass case and carried with reverence into a packed catholic cathedral. They do love their dead bodies, don’t they? And to openly venerate them as well, it all seems part of the fun. Interestingly, the same gruesome methods have been unfortunately prepared to preserve the rotting cadavers of Ho Chi Minh and Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong-il. Of interest is that Stalin’s body was originally placed next to Lenin’s with great ceremony when he died in 1953, but his body was later unceremoniously removed in 1961 on orders of Nikita Khrushchev, being replaced in a more modest grave outside the mausoleum, with a granite bust of the man on open display for all to see and leave flowers, which is what happens now, it seems.

One would also do well to take note of the insidious description in the book of Revelation of the future antichrist having his own life-size statue, which terrifyingly comes to life! (Revelation 13:15)

We should remember that these sites do bring thousands of tourists to Moscow, where they spend money of course. So, it is a tourist attraction rather like the White House, Buckingham Palace, or St. Peter’s Square in Rome, all of them manmade buildings that will one day be destroyed by fire at the hand of God. Amen.

With the slow death of Lenin in 1924 either by syphilis or strychnine, Stalin’s claw-like grip on the party faithful would continue to remove all rivals. He would later pursue the exiled Leon Trotsky (his main rival, I believe, to succeed Lenin) to Mexico and have him murdered in 1942 in one of the boroughs of Mexico City by means of an ice pick, clumsily delivered by an NKVD (maybe a Jesuit or a specially trained agent personally dispatched by Lavrentiy Beria) deep into the old revolutionary’s skull. Trotsky is now buried in Mexico and still sadly attracts an international political and foolish following, it seems.

Lavrentiy Beria (the “Soviet Himmler” as Stalin once introduced him to Churchill), with whom unfortunately I share a birthday, will be in the next instalment of this two-part series, as I examine his suspicious role in Stalin’s death (or murder?) and beyond in the power struggle to succeed Stalin the tyrant and the unsaved man, as far as we know.

The popular author David Baldacci writes: “Stalin killed nearly ten million Ukrainians in the early 1930s through mass starvation. That included nearly a third of the nation’s children. Entire towns starved to death; nearly a quarter of the rural population of the country perished in less than two years. Stalin rivalled Hitler in the atrocity department.” Of course, this included the planned murders of any anti-Stalin opposition and nothing less barbaric or bloody.

Between them, Lenin and Stalin were responsible for the death of millions of Russian peasants and others through famine or disease caused by his failed collectivism programme. All part of the communist nightmare instigated by Messer’s Lenin and Stalin in those post-revolutionary days!

The total tally of Stalin’s megalomania murdering machine in Russia varies from a staggering 20 to 60+ million people slaughtered and destroyed, an astounding figure and so difficult to comprehend even now and far beyond any meaningful explanation. Many of these atheistic-inspired killings derive from the “Great Terrors” of the 1930s and from the farcical judicial civilian “Great Purges” that followed.

One must also take into serious consideration those who perished in the Gulag system (perhaps millions) then dotted across the Soviet Union, especially in Siberia, rather like the hundreds of blackened craters on the Moon. Many of the defenceless victims of all these forced communist experiments would expire by piano wire, the bullet, the blade, suffocation, starvation, strangulation, or being buried alive. Similarly, starvation was also forcibly inflicted upon two million defenceless Armenians by the Turkish Government in 1915-1916. But these men will one day rightly be judged for all their wicked deeds from a higher spiritual authority at the coming Great White Throne Judgment, then afterwards (we are informed): “Whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:15).

So dear reader, make sure YOUR name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Yet Stalin could almost sneer once, when through his swirling pipe smoke when he declared that: “One death is a tragedy. One million is a statistic.” My, how these men and others like him will one day forever burn like hay.

By now, Stalin was a supremo and unopposed leader presiding over his country’s daily drudge. He would personally sign, it is alleged, over 3,000+ death certificates a day. It is also claimed that the old Red chess master knew many of his innocent victims and their innocent families. He would dip his “Montblanc” pen into the red-and-green inkwells on his well-worn desk, thereby sealing their final fate. Terrible times indeed for an unprepared nation drifting further into famine and atheism.

I believe only the foreign minister Molotov, another pathological criminal rather like his boss, signed more death warrants than Stalin, whether innocent or not. Churchill remembered Molotov as: “Cold-blooded and ruthless,” and that’s being kind about the man and his motives!

And did you know that a naked electric light bulb in Stalin’s Kremlin office had to be seen illuminated day and night whether he was in his office or not, and with a paid look-a-like actor walking in and out of the office at frequent intervals through the day and night for all to see from the square below. The deluded population of Moscow were to marvel that their leader was doing so much for their welfare, and how easily the people were fooled by this pathetic deception as they gazed up at the window high in the Kremlin.

Incidentally, a survey carried out by the University of Hawaii concerning democide from 1900-1999 arrived at the staggering total of 174,000,000, or if each body were placed head to toe, it would circle the earth a staggering ten times. But I tentatively suggest it peaked perhaps well over the billion marks. Incredibly, most would be unsaved and sadly lost forever in Hell without the gospel. We should also mention an independent opinion poll conducted by “Levada” in Russia in 2016 which revealed that Stalin, the late dictator, was a “wise leader” with 70% saying: “That whatever mistakes or sins are attributed to Stalin the most important thing is that he led our people to victory in the Second World War.” Levada also said that positive feeling for Stalin was at a maximum level (whatever that means). But always remember: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)!

Such wicked people who murdered millions of their own countrymen and women and children were produced by a mentally unhinged and demon-possessed madman, that’s what Stalin was. What should have spelt the decline of Stalin’s murderous Marxist era was former pact ally Adolph Hitler’s surprise attack against the unprepared Soviet Union in 1941. It is claimed this brought on a “mental breakdown” that incapacitated Stalin for three days, yet somehow he would survive the war and drag Russia into the atomic age, aided and abetted by the subservient Lavrentriy Beria.

I’m convinced that the intelligence services of the western governments had already ordered their own pet psychiatrists and spymasters to assemble a mental picture or dossier of Stalin’s perilous unpredicted state of mind for their own political leaders to read and assimilate. So, did they argue over what to do in their future political dealings with “Uncle Joe”? Well, I doubt it, which eventually probably resulted in them doing nothing but watch and wait to see what Stalin would perform on the unreconstructed European post-war stage. As regards the British intelligence services, it seems they had been easily infiltrated themselves by traitors since the 1930s, which would result in devastating results seen in later years.

In researching this article, I am fully aware that I have only scratched beneath the surface of a blood-soaked Soviet history in trying to somehow comprehend this dictator and the dangerous Russia he maimed and manipulated for so many years, rather like a frenzied orchestral conductor stabbing his musicians with his sharpened ivory baton urging them to perform even better.

This article has been my own personal presentation of Joseph Stalin, as I try somehow to examine the man, his methods and his always dangerous psychotic mood swings. As regards his mental state of mind, we will probably never really understand its working maze of lies, murder, and deceit. I have read that he was described as a psychopath, sociopath, egocentric vain dangerous fool and maybe a latent homosexual as some have suggested about the man, but all of this guessing is just simple speculation about the man and his murderous methods, with many burial pits still being unearthed even today.

On another issue concerning the man and his so-called “friends,” one of his early communist comrades was a certain Nikola Bukharin, a former editor of “Pravda” no less, who once flippantly wrote of him that: “He was not a man but a devil.” A dangerous statement to utter and with contempt it seems. He would later be arrested, tortured, and executed using the usual methods employed by OGPU. Stalin later dispatched Bukharin’s wife Anna to the gulags as punishment, maybe for what her foolish husband had dared speak when others wouldn’t or couldn’t. Happily, she did survive to tell the story of her lost years in the Russian gulag camps. However, she was one of the fortunate ones to do so.

As the only child of a practicing atheist father who was both alcoholic and abusive and a fanatically devoted religious mother, there was sure to be some dangerous discord in that troubled household, is there not? The young impressionable Joseph was obviously deeply scarred from an early age before he entered the adult world of religion and later politics, always a dangerous combination if one is forcibly subjected to such an atmosphere during the transition from childhood to youth.

Years later when Stalin was at the pinnacle of his political power in purging millions he would ask his mother at his occasional and flower-less visits: “Why did you beat me so hard?” and she would always lament to him later when he departed: “What a pity you never became a priest.”

She died in 1937 and for obvious reasons, Stalin did not wish to attend her secular funeral. Instead, the subservient Beria did attend. He seems to have acted as a surrogate son to her, of all things (see picture). Later, after the funeral interment, Stalin ever the undutiful son would not allow the simple erection of a plain wooden cross to be placed over his mother’s “unmarked” grave. So, was this just a slice of spite directed at her memory or had he dissolved into a personal revenge mode against his mother? Who knows, it’s all flowing water under the don, is it not? This was Stalin, the ever-practicing murderous megalomaniac who practiced vengeance as a vocation and death as a duty, as only he could. But does not the Holy Bible very clearly demand that: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

(Beria, far left with Stalin’s mother. Interesting body language!)

Stalin, the late unlamented seminary student, seems to have deliberately ignored this Biblical warning, foolish Joseph!

Remember that old adage “know your enemy,” supposedly attributed to Sun Tzu? I suggest it is appropriately applied to Stalin and his psychological phobias because he viewed all his fellow countrymen as sworn enemies, whether seen or unseen. Still, it seems he could amazingly sleep like a baby at night. Now in his final twilight years, and quietly stealing into Stalin’s stable of suspect spies were (or so he foolishly thought) the Jews, his old enemies of course. And surprisingly, the Russian doctors who had come into his sinister sights as well, with an anti-Semitic purge planned against those innocent and unsuspecting medics.

Joseph Stalin would also attempt to finish forever what Adolph Hitler had formulated and written about in Mein Kampf in 1925, and what would later be known to the world as the awful “Final Solution.” These would be the final crimes of this deceitful dictator, but God had another agenda in 1953 for Stalin and Russia and it would come to fruition in a dacha outside of Moscow.

(“How the mighty fall!”)

To be concluded….



January 2017

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