Innocence (And Its Loss)

Innocence (And Its Loss)

How precious the redeemed gift of innocence,

That is blessed and freely bestowed,

Upon a cherished child,

Purchased forever by God but lost by Man just once!

For does not the Almighty sanction,

To all His children, His ransomed gift?

Moulded in his love, polished to His perfection?

But will you not at least grieve with me?

Can you not see?

That the perpetual loss of innocence in just one child,

Is forfeited forever. Whilst you in your pride,

Remain blind and distracted in your feeble disappointments,

Deprived forever to exist in your frivolous eclipses.

Once long ago at the fall,

Man remained frail, proud and tall.

Then through sin,

Entered shame and sin,

Forever scaring her and him.

Then lost innocence

Resulted in grovelling insolence!

So weep not for your lost pleasure,

Instead, weep with me for what was God’s treasure,

Created in the face of a child,

Fashioned in the heart of a child,

But lost in the soul of a child.

But do all wasted tears that we freely weep,

Always overflow into our eyes and seep,

Into rivers flowing into creased dry cheeks?

Sadly the tears that offer the greatest pain,

To me will forever linger and remain,

Within my hearts hidden pen.

But remember, all the pain that we now silently suffer,

Will one day witness all tears wiped away. This we must endear.

Of this, I am assured.

Of this I am sure!



18th July 2004

(All Rights Reserved)