Hypocrites In The Church

Hypocrites In The Church

Well, every blessing to you all. It’s always good to spend some time talking about things of the Lord, because like I’ve said over the last several months if not years, there are too few people that are prepared to talk at length about the things of our Lord, and for those of us who are born again, we need it; we need to hear about the word of God.  We need to encourage one another, and we need to discuss the eternal things which so often are neglected in these church circles, especially in organized religion. 

About 11 years ago, it must have been, there was a service held in one of the cathedrals in Washington, I believe it was, and it was held to remember the victims of September 11th, 2001. And I wasn’t saved at that time, but I was on the road to being saved.  And Billy Graham got up, and he was one of the main speakers at this ecumenical service, really, and he said to the audience something along these lines – that “they’ve all gone to a better place.” I wasn’t saved at the time, like I say, but that statement didn’t quite sound right to me. He could have said, “Some of these people were saved and therefore they are now with the Lord,” but to say that they are all in a better place now isn’t correct. And it takes me really to the main theme of this video.  If you are not a Bible-believing Christian, where do you get your information from? 

I’ve been saved ten years now, and if you were to ask me why I believe in A, B, or C, I’ll take you to my source, the word of God.  That’s where I get my information from.  Now, I may be wrong – and if I’m wrong, fair enough – but I have a source that I go to. 

If you are not saved, where do you go for your information? How do you know these people are in a better place? What are you basing your information on? Like I say, he could have said to the audience that some of them were in a better place, and maybe some of them are in a better place. Maybe some of those people were saved. I’m not going to stand here today and say all those people weren’t saved. It would be a foolish thing for me to do. I don’t know if those people were saved or if any of those people were saved and neither does Billy Graham, but he is the sort of character that wants to give a blanket endorsement, as it were, to the world in general. He wants to say that all those people are in a better place. He’s typical of a modern preacher, a modern minister, and my real gripe, I guess, for this video – and by the way, I’m going to call this video “Hypocrites,” because we know that the church is full of hypocrites.  We know that. I’m a hypocrite. You are a hypocrite. If you are honest with yourself, you know that you are a hypocrite, but the difference between us and the world is that when we sin, we go to our knees each night and we confess our sins to the Lord, but the world doesn’t confess their sins to the Lord. We know that we are hypocrites, but the world don’t doesn’t. 

So this video, like I say, is going to be called “Hypocrites,” because what normally happens is when you have a catastrophe like September 11th or 7/7 or a plane crash or a boat sinks – whatever the situation may be – what normally occurs is there is a church service and the whole world and his wife enter the church.  In the UK it’s normally a cathedral, and the Church of England is the normal place that this sort of service is going to be held in. The world and his wife, like I say, will enter the church, and they will read verses from the Bible. They will even sing hymns, can you believe it? These people are not Christians; they are not saved. They are outside of the Kingdom of God.  But during a moment of crisis, they will enter churches or, like I say, cathedrals in large numbers. 

If a catastrophe was to occur in Oxford, for example – and let’s say a plane crashed, for example – I wouldn’t be surprised if Richard Dawkins would attend an Anglican service, an ecumenical service, and be sitting in the pews in the front row – not necessarily reading his Bible; I wouldn’t expect that. He may hum along loosely to some hymns possibly, but I would not be surprised for one moment if someone like Mr. Dawkins would find himself in that service with all his cohorts. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  The same is true of these politicians, these men and women who introduce laws to make it harder for Bible-believing Christians to preach on the streets, to pass out tracts, and to teach the word of God. These same politicians, who are at enmity with the true Bible believer, find themselves entering a church, and these hypocrites read verses from the word of God and even sing hymns. These politicians, who make it illegal in many ways to do what we do – especially in my country, in England – these same politicians will find themselves entering ecumenical services, sometimes singing their hearts out and reading from the word of God. Hypocrites! They are hypocrites! 

Yes, the church is full of hypocrites, like I’ve said from the outset. And we know as Bible-believing Christians when we are hypocritical, and we go to our knees and we confess our sins when we fall into the sin of hypocrisy. But how about you people?  How about you unsaved men and women who are watching this video? When was the last time you went to your knees? And yet you are quite content to cross the street when you see street preachers, when you see evangelists passing out tracts. If you are flipping through your TV channels, you are quite content to keep on going through the channels to avoid anything to do with religion, and yet when there is a catastrophe, you people are normally the first into churches. Yes, they are apostate churches, but when the word of God is read in these apostate churches, that’s the word of God.  And you people, like I say, are content to go to your services, do your beads and your deeds, and yet what about getting saved? What about taking a tract from people like myself?  What about listening to the street preaching from people like myself? For the most part, you are not interested. 

When a wedding is being planned and the invitations go out, there’s no objection, is there? You unsaved people are quite content to go along to a “Christian” service. If there’s a funeral in the family, you people are content to go to the funeral. If there is a christening, a baptism, you people are quite content to go along to a so-called Christian service. Please let me say this: If you are not saved, you have no business being in a Christian environment. If you’re not saved, you have no business even reading the Bible, even if the service is apostate, even if these vicars or ministers are all liars, even if they are all preaching universalism – which is what they preach. Let’s be quite honest.  Let’s call it what it is.  A typical vicar in the Church of England today preaches universalism. Billy Graham I believe also preaches universalism. All these people preach universalism. They all have this inclusive message: “Come as you are.” Now, I wouldn’t mind if these people would preach the truth. In fact, I would salute these people if they would preach the truth. 

I’ve been to a couple of funerals years ago when I first got saved, and I sat through these services, to my shame. You wouldn’t find me going to these services now, but I did at the time because I was a new Christian. And I can tell you that the Gospel was not preached. The unsaved entered unsaved, they sat through the service as unsaved, and they left the service as unsaved people. The message is preached to tickle the ears of the unsaved. Most of these vicars that conduct funerals for unsaved people don’t even know the deceased. Most of these weddings that these vicars will carry out don’t even know the bride and the groom, but because the bride and the groom, because the family of the deceased have paid for a Christian service – so called – they are content to carry out the Christian wedding and the Christian funeral. And I use that in a very loose term because these churches don’t really stand for the truth. They don’t speak for me, and I don’t believe they speak for most Bible-believing Christians in the United Kingdom. 

So like I say, you will get a rush sometimes to a church service when a catastrophe has occurred, and verses are read from Scripture, but these people that attend aren’t even saved. They don’t even offer themselves as saved people, and yet they want to embrace this jailhouse religion, which is what the cons call it, this temporary “we are all Christians” sort of mentality. You are deceiving yourselves if you are one of those people. 

If you were to go into the Jewish temple pre-Christ as a non-Jew, you would have been very quickly asked to leave because the Temple of God was holy and the priests were sanctified, which means they were set apart to carry out services for the people of God, and for a non-Jew to enter that environment was sacrilege. During the first century, most churches met in people’s homes. Can you imagine an unsaved man or woman entering somebody’s home and even partaking of communion? That would be an abomination. The church, the local assembly, is meant to function for fellow Bible believers. That’s not to say that we don’t want to reach out to unsaved people. Of course, we do. And please don’t misunderstand me. If you are watching this video somewhere around the world and you are not saved, I’m not against you. In fact, I want you to be saved.  The Bible says, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”  

I want you to be saved. I want you to be born again. I want you to have the peace of God which passes all understanding. I want you to be saved from eternal Hell, and I don’t believe for one moment that these ecumenical services that you may attend once or twice a year are going to do it for you. I don’t believe it for one moment. Like I say, I’ve been to these services shortly after I got saved, and I sat through these services, and they don’t preach the Gospel. How can they? The Gospel is offensive. How can you expect an unsaved vicar or minister or superintendent or priest – or whatever – calling men and women to repent? They would walk out that door in a flash. The moment you start preaching the Gospel, the moment you call a spade a spade, these people are quickly out the door. So what do they do? They teach universalism, like I say: “Come as you are. The Lord will receive you as you are. Say a quick one, two, three prayer.”  Maybe they even get baptized, get sprinkled with some water. It’s not going to save you. You are being deceived. And also it makes the job of the true Bible believer even harder to accomplish. 

We put out tracts, we preach the Gospel, and, of course, we make teaching videos similar to this one, and we want you to know that only through real faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are you going to be saved. These churches, these services, if you are going to attend, are not going to give you the truth. They won’t preach the Gospel to you.  They don’t even believe in the Gospel. In fact, I’ll go one step further. They don’t even know the Lord. They are the hypocrites found in Scripture; they are the false converts; they are the tares. They are the ministers – so-called – of filthy lucre. 

It’s kind of amusing, really, when you get to talk to these vicars and these ministers about the things of the Lord, and you go to Scripture and you say, for example, “What about this subject?” And it could be on the Rapture; it could be on the Second Coming; it could be on biblical inspiration and preservation; it could be on eternal security; it could be on sexuality – whatever – and these so-called members of the cloth don’t believe a word, and they certainly don’t believe in separation. And yet if you question their salaries, their stipends, all of a sudden they become biblical fundamentalists. It’s kind of funny, really.

It’s the same with the Church of Rome. If you talk to a typical priest or even a member of the laity and you try and walk them through the word of God being the final authority, they won’t have it. For them, their church is the final authority. And yet you take them to John 6 when the Lord says you have to drink My blood and eat My flesh in order to be saved, they take those verses to be literal. And yet when you go to Matthew 5 when the Lord says if you lust after a woman, you should pluck your eye out or cut your hand off, all of a sudden they approach that in a figurative sense. It’s hypocritical.  It’s inconsistent. But for them, they need the mass; they need the bread and the wine to hold on to, because without that, they are no different from any other sect or group which offer themselves as true Christians.  It’s inconsistent. 

Like I say, a typical unsaved man or woman will cross the street when they come across a street preacher. They will look away when you offer them a Bible tract, and yet the moment something serious occurs, off to church they go. Now, not always. I will say this as a qualifier. Not all unsaved men and women are hypocritical and not all unsaved men and women will enter a Christian church and have verses read to them, and sometimes if they are part of the eulogy team, will read from the Scriptures.  Sometimes these people are consistent to their beliefs. Sometimes these people die as they live, and I respect that. 

I went to a funeral years ago before I was even saved of an unsaved communist, and this woman was an atheist all of her life.  And we would occasionally speak to her about religion. I wasn’t saved at the time, but I had some knowledge, obviously, as a Catholic at that time about the things of religion. And I would speak to her about, as I say, Heaven and Hell and my limited and ignorant understanding of the subjects then, and she was not interested whatsoever. That’s fine. I know where I stand with her. She died; we went to her funeral, and there was no church service.  It was a quick cremation, and some of her friends stood up, read a few poems. A friend of ours played some music for her, and I think her daughter stood up and simply said what a great mother she was. It was short and simple, and you know what? For me that’s fine. If you don’t believe in the things of the Lord, then don’t expect a funeral, because if you aren’t saved, you’re lost. 

I knew where I stood with this woman, and she knew where she stood with me. That’s fine. Had she wanted a so-called “Christian” service, she would have been a hypocrite because she didn’t believe in the things of the Lord.  She wasn’t a vile person.  She wasn’t an obscene, vulgar person. As far as the world goes, she was a pretty decent person, but she died unsaved. She died as an unbeliever, and now she’s six feet under experiencing the first death. Luke 16 from 19 to 31 tells you what that entails – and that is not a parable, by the way. The first death is not a parable found in Luke 16. She will be in the ground six feet under known as Hell or as some modern versions call it Hades.  She will be there until the end of the thousand years.  At the end of the thousand years, she is going to be resurrected, and she will stand before Jesus Christ at the Great White Throne, and she will give an account of herself to the Lord Jesus Christ, and she wasn’t saved.  She will go into the second death, and she will become blind and dumb and her soul will take on the shape of a worm. Awful! 

She was a good woman, and I wouldn’t wish what she is now experiencing on anybody whatsoever. But she chose that lifestyle; she chose to ignore the things of the Lord – this creation, this beautiful scenery which you are experiencing – in full high definition, I might add. She saw this; didn’t believe it. She didn’t believe in the things of the Lord.  She suppressed her conscience, and she chose to live her life as a humanist.  That’s her prerogative, of course.  That’s her choice.  The Lord is not going to enforce His plan of salvation on anybody. You have a free will, and therefore you have the right to stand before Him at the Great White Throne and tell Him what a great person you were. But remember this: You have to be perfect. You have to be like He was. You have to have sinless blood, and, of course, you know you haven’t got sinless blood. You know you are not sinless. Christ was sinless because He is God Almighty.

She chose her life. She chose her route, and now she has gone to Hell six feet under.  But that’s where her body is, of course. Her body is six feet under. Hell is much deeper.  Hell is in the heart of the earth, of course.

I worked with a chap some years ago who was very religious, and as I say, these unsaved people are so hypocritical – they really are.  It’s bad enough when a saved man or woman falls into the area of hypocrisy. And like I say, we’ve all been there. I’ve done it, and you’ve done it, if you’re honest with yourself. And we confess it and off we go with the Lord. But I worked with a chap some years ago who was very religious, and I remember saying to him – it got to the stage where I was getting a little upset, a little frustrated with this character, and I said to him, “You are very religious, aren’t you?”  And he looked at me rather uncomfortably, and he said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “Well, you mentioned the Lord about 20 times today.” And he said to me, “Well, my parents are both Opus Dei, and they tell me I should go to church more often.” He had no answer for me. He was completely thrown by my very subtle attempt to rebuke him. He was a partner of one of my directors, so I had to tread carefully with this chap.  And I said to him, “I’m a Christian, and you mention the Lord 20 times a day, and I don’t mention Him at all.” Now, of course, he was blaspheming. He was saying “Oh, my ___,” “JC,” and all that sort of stuff, and, as I say, I got to the stage to where it was getting on my nerves, and I approached him. And he knew perfectly well that I was inadvertently and discreetly telling him to cool it down a bit, and he did. And then it would happen again, and I would sort of give him that look, and he would say, “Fair enough.” 

But he is a typical unsaved person. You see, if you were to strap a microphone to a typical unsaved man or woman and just let it record for 72 hours, these people would mention the Lord quite possibly 25, 30 times. The world is very religious. Whether they want to accept that or not, they are very religious. This guy, as I say, was Roman Catholic. His parents were in the Opus Dei sect in the Church of Rome. He also was living with a woman that he wasn’t married to, and he had a child with her, and in the eyes of his parents, that is a sin because Opus Dei is a very strict Catholic sect, a very strict right wing sect.  They are not saved, of course. They follow a man called Josemaria Escriva, and you can Google him if you want more information. But even he with his Catholic upbringing had a conscience, and his parents would have problems with this child born out of wedlock. But for me there and then, I was more concerned about his blasphemy. He was very religious. Now, of course. he didn’t go to church. He didn’t read the Book. He didn’t believe in the Book, but he would speak about the Lord all of the time. 

I remember witnessing to some neighbors of mine, and it’s funny what people say to you.  These are the sorts of people, like I say, that will go to an ecumenical service once or twice a year, sit in the pews, sing their hearts out, and maybe even get up and read some Scriptures, and yet I remember witnessing to this couple, like I say, and the husband said something like, “Oh, my wife’s sister is a Methodist,” like that’s supposed to mean anything.  And I said, “That’s interesting.” And he said to me, “We have a Bible somewhere in the house,” like that’s going to mean something to me, like that’s going to be of any benefit to him and his wife when they stand before the Lord Jesus. The world is very peculiar, very strange. You can go anywhere in the world and talk about anyone or anything, and normally that’s okay. But the minute you talk about the Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God, the subject quickly gets changed. It’s very bizarre.  But people are very complex. The world system is very complex. 

Now I want to read some Scriptures.  I’ve just given you a rough outlay of my concern, like I say, with these hypocrites entering church services, whether it’s once or twice a year or whether it’s when a catastrophe occurs, because these people are really being short-changed by the religious groups, the so-called services which they attend. But I need to give you some verses to show you how the Lord sees you if you’re not born again. John chapter 4, look at verse 21: “Jesus saith unto her” – This is the woman at the well. She’s a half Jew and a half Gentile, so she is outside of God’s will – “Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.” You don’t even know what you worship. That’s how that would read in modern English, but we – the chosen people – worship the Lord because salvation is of the Jews. 

Verse 23: “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”  You can only worship the one true God once you are born again. Until you are born again, you are outside of the Kingdom of God. In fact, until you are saved, He won’t even answer your prayers. Yes, he lets the sun rise and fall on the unjust and the just and, yes, He can and does provide sometimes for unsaved people, but by and large, until you are born again, you are outside of the Kingdom of God.  This woman had a religious belief of some sort, and He says to her, “You’re wasting your time. You don’t even know what you worship.” How true that is. Before I was saved, I was a Roman Catholic, and I went to church and did my deeds and my beads. But if I’m honest, I really worshiped myself.  I had a very superficial understanding of the things of the Lord. 

In Acts 14 Paul is on one of his many trips. Paul is a saved man. Paul was raised in organized religion, but he got saved. The Lord called him out of organized religion, and he paid a huge price for that, I might add.  Acts 14:14: “Which when the apostles, Barnabas and Paul, heard of, they rent their clothes, and ran in among the people, crying out, And saying, Sirs, why do ye these things? We also are men of like passions with you, and preach unto you that ye should turn from these vanities unto the living God, which made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all things that are therein: Who in times past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways.” That doesn’t mean those people are going to be saved because they “did their best.” That simply means they will be judged by their conscience, by their knowledge and whether or not they decided to live a righteous life and even whether or not they decided to call on the one true God – Jehovah God – and be saved. 

Verse 17: “Nevertheless he left not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness.” Matthew 5, as I say, He gives His rain to the just and the unjust, and He will occasionally be merciful to the unsaved found here. 

Verse 18: “And with these sayings scarce restrained they the people, that they had not done sacrifice unto them.” Go to chapter 17. Paul doesn’t just leave these people as they are. He doesn’t just say to these people, “You’re okay. The Lord loves you. You’re going to make it anyway.” No. He said, “You need to turn from these vanities. You need to turn from them to Jehovah God.” That’s repentance. Repentance is a turn, a change of mind from unbelief, from pagan superstition to true belief, true obedience. 

Acts 17, look at verse 22: “Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.” These people were theists, and they had their superstitious beliefs, practices, and Paul says, “I am now here to proclaim Him to you.” 

Verse 24: “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us.” What a beautiful piece of Scripture. “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” It’s true. Every man and woman standing, living, functioning on planet earth today was made in the image of God. But that isn’t enough for you to be saved when you die. 

Verse 29: “Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead” – another term for Trinity – “is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device.” These people were worshipping a stone of some kind, some physical idol, some graved out image. And by the way, if you are a Christian, you shouldn’t have images of the Lord. Images of the Lord are completely prohibited. 

Verse 30: “And the times of this ignorance God winked at” – He overlooked it – “but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained” – Jesus Christ – “whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.” 

Once again, Paul doesn’t say, “Stay as you are. You’re good to go. The Lord loves you. You’re going to make it because you’re a ‘good person’ or you go to church or you go to the temple or you go to the mosque or you go to the Kingdom Hall or you go to the steakhouse or you go here or you go there or you worship this or you worship that.” No. He says God has chosen a day when He is going to judge the whole world. That’s the Great White Throne, and we know from John 5 that Christ is going to be the one who is going to judge the world. He calls all men everywhere to repent, turn from vanity, turn from idolatry. “Come unto me, all ye that….are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28.) Call on the name of the Lord and you will be saved (Acts 2:21.) This is never preached in any service I’ve ever gone to, any ecumenical service. 

The people enter the church unsaved; they leave the church unsaved. What a huge disadvantage, what a huge level of negligence from these so-called collars. 

Hebrews 11, verse 6: “But without faith it is impossible to please him” – God – “for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” You have to seek Him with all of your heart. You have to come to Him on His terms, not yours. You aren’t going to find the Lord Jesus in organized religion. He doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands. You won’t find him in any system or organization. And I’ve said this also, when you come across people who say, “Only we have the truth; only we have the light; only we are the one true church; we are ‘the real deal,'” you’re dealing with deceived, ignorant, carnal people. Salvation is of the Jews, John chapter 4. The woman at the well was ignorantly worshiping what she didn’t even know. Salvation comes from the Jews. Jesus goes into the tomb, and after three days, He comes up out of the tomb. He gives His apostles the Great Commission, and vicariously all those that are born again, washed in His precious blood have the keys, have the authority to preach to unsaved people. And we reach out to the lost daily pleading with them to repent. 

Isaiah said, “Come now, and let us reason together” (Is. 1:18.) God is a loving, merciful God, and, please, if you are not saved, if you find yourself looking or searching or struggling at the moment, come to the Lord Jesus Christ, fall at His feet. Reach out to Him as a beggar and say, “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner,” and He will save you the moment you truly, sincerely, and humbly believe on Him. But please don’t find yourself in the hypocritical arena of going to church services, listening to collars and cone hats and men and women who don’t even know the Lord, who don’t even believe in the Scripture. You saw what Paul had to do. Paul traveled all over the world preaching the Gospel all over the Roman Empire, and he didn’t say, “You’re okay. You’re good to go.  Stay as you are.” He said, “You need to repent because God has chosen a day in which He will judge the world.” The Lord says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him…” (Rev. 3:20.) He is now waiting for you to open the door to let Him in. God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself. We beseech you in Christ’s stead be ye reconciled to Him. You now have to make that decision. If you are watching this video, if you are not saved, the ball is in your court. You need to come to the Lord and be saved. 

Back to my opening thoughts, my opening comments. What Graham should have said back in 2001 was that time is precious, God is holy, God is righteous, God is judging, and He will judge unsaved people. He will judge sin where He finds it, but He wants you to be saved. Graham should have had the guts to preach the Gospel to a huge worldwide audience. He failed, and he preached universalism. He preached the love of God without the cross. And I’ll say this very briefly. Wesley said it quite well that if he was able to spend one hour with an unsaved party, he would spend 50 minutes preaching on the law, the holiness, the righteousness of God and the last ten minutes on the love of Christ, the mercy of God, and the cross.  And I stand completely shoulder-to-shoulder with that sentiment. 

When I preach to unsaved people, when I talk to the world, I tell them what it is they need to know. I don’t mince my words. And I say that I should go to Hell because I sinned a lot pre my salvation, but by the grace of God, He saved me, not because I’m a good person. God doesn’t come looking for good people; He comes looking for bad people. But you know this as well as I know that many are called but few are chosen.  The road to Hell is broad. Many people are going to go into Hell. Most of the people living today on the earth, when they die are going to go into Hell, which lasts forever.  Few are going to be saved. That’s the tragedy. 

Christ’s blood is sufficient to save everybody that has ever lived and is ever going to live. He wants all men everywhere to be saved. He isn’t willing that any should perish but that all come to repentance. He crisscrossed Israel for three and a half years. He preached to everybody that He came across. His apostles crisscrossed the world by 56AD. If God only wants to save a handful, if he only wants to save the elect, why bother crisscrossing the globe? Why bother sending out your apostles day and night to preach to the world? Why bother? He wants everybody to be saved, but we know that most are not going to be saved. 

Universalism is a lie. The road to Hell is broad. Few there be which are going to find the gate. That’s written quite clearly in Scripture. But as I say, if you want to be saved, He will save you. He’s made it completely possible to save everybody and anybody if you call on His name. There is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Sikh or a Hindu, there is no salvation outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

If you were to study world religions and if you were to take the time to look at these people that have gone before us and then compare these people to Jesus Christ, you will see one thing – that those people not only were like you – sinful – but in many ways they were quite depraved; they were wicked.  They lived like the devil.  But when you get to Christ, it’s very difficult to find anything to criticize Him about. He said to the Jews, “Which of you convinceth me of sin?” (Jn. 8:46.) They hated Him, and they couldn’t say a word.  In John 10 they took up stones to throw at Him, and He said, “Why are you stoning me?” And they said, “Because you are a man and you make yourself out to be God.” They got that right. That’s why they tried to kill Him pre the cross, because as a Jew claiming to be the Son of God put Him on equality with the Father.  And I’ve said this also that when you sin against God, only God Himself can forgive you.  There’s no point sending an angel or a good man – whatever that would be – to die in our place as unsaved people.  If we sin against the Almighty, only the Almighty can forgive us, can exonerate us. And that’s what Jesus Christ did. 

Jesus, if you don’t know, is the second member of the Trinity – one God in three persons. The Father is eternal, the Son is eternal, and the Holy Spirit is eternal.  The Triune God made the world out of nothing.  The Triune God resurrected the Lord Jesus Christ.  In John 2 you see that the Son raised Himself from the dead; Galatians 1 we find that the Father raised Him from the dead; Romans 8, the Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead – one God in three persons. This one God has lived for all of eternity, and because He lives for all of eternity, you are going to live for all of eternity because you have a soul, and your soul is eternal.

If you’re saved and you die today, you go straight to be with the Lord – present with the Lord, absent from the body.  If you die today and you’re not saved, you go six feet under, but your soul goes into Hell also known as Hades, and Luke 16, like I say, from 19 to 31 tells us what that is going to entail – torment, pain, and suffering.  You are going to be conscious in Hell, and you are going to be there for 1,000 years. During the Millennium you’re going to be there, but you’re also going to be there from now through the Tribulation up until the Great White Throne.

You can be saved. You can know that you are saved. First John 5:13 says that you can know that you are saved the moment you believe on the Lord. So hopefully if you watch this video, don’t take this in the wrong way. It has to be strong; it has to be stern. We have to cut through all of the religious claptrap, all of the universalism, all of the lovey dovey stuff which unfortunately is endemic around the world. We need to cut through it as Bible believers and give it as straight as we can to you, an unsaved party, that you need to repent.  You need to repent today. You need to call on the Lord today. Don’t put it off. Don’t think, “Well, I’ll get saved on my deathbed.” You won’t get saved on your deathbed. Very few people get saved on their deathbed. Most people will die as they lived – unsaved and lost. 

So next time somebody comes to your house with the Gospel or somebody approaches you on the street with a tract or they are preaching, please stop and listen to them.  We don’t get paid to do this. Most of us fund our own ministries. Most of us do what we do on our own time. We don’t have to do this, but we do it because we care for you. We want you to be saved.  You won’t find salvation in organized religion. You won’t find it in any system. You’ll find it in the Lord Jesus Christ.  And once you get saved, you need to get into the word of God.

One final point I would just close with. We know that about 150,000 people die every day. That’s about 7 to 8,000 an hour. Most of those people die unsaved. They die in their sins. Few are going to be saved. If you could be saved today, why aren’t you going to be saved today? What are you waiting for? Time is precious. Please call on the name of the Lord, and He will save you.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Every blessing and Maranatha.