How Sad

How Sad

How sad, I state that your special Saviour cannot save you?

‘But’ he protests, ‘I don’t need Him, or you’!!

‘So, please don’t persist.

Because everything you say and do I will strongly resist’!

How sad, I say, that one day you will be forever exiled with the living lost.

‘I don’t, He protests need him’!

‘I don’t believe in Him!

I have no need nor will I ever have any need of Him’!

How sad, I say that one day you may be perpetually lost,

Consigned forever to that terrible region. That haven’t you always feared the most?

Abandoned forever to that scope where none can ever return.

There many will forever dwell. Only to exist and weep and mourn.

Again, he argues I proclaim,

That of His so-called special Name,

‘I refuse to refrain, from mentioning Him…who is nothing more then just a pain’!

How serious, I warn him that you dare utter His precious name with such sickening shame!

But…’but I am a good man, he pleads. Courted, honoured and respected,

By Queens, Cardinals, and Ministers with whom I have often pleasantly dined and debated.’

How sad, I say to him the false values of this fallen world you still claim and willingly seek!

But listen! In the dying moments of every life. Each parting breath is never sudden. But is forever meek.

‘Perhaps, he whispers what you say is right.’

‘Perhaps, he mumbles that all through my past life. HE has been my light’?

‘Perhaps, he cries for me. HE did ache, bleed and suffer’!

‘Perhaps, he weeps through HIM my shocking spent sins and lies, might forever seek lasting cover’?

How profitable, I commend him that you did anxiously listen.

For each calculated committed unforgiven sin,

Will always and forever leave an odious stain,

That will forever fester. Always to remain!

Now I rejoice, I say that our Saviour can and will save you!

‘Now I comprehend, he finally agrees that my Saviour can save me’!

‘Now I understand that HIS suffering grief was for me’!

‘But it must also be to my lasting grief for all that HE,

took upon His open weeping painful wound,

will forever grant me to abide always with HIM. To be lovingly safely bound’!

How glad: I proclaim that our personal DELIVERER,

Was for you and for me our eternal loving defender now and forever!


(Isaiah 64:6)



July 2004

(All Rights Reserved)