God’s Gift

God’s Gift

One day during the cold wind of an April morning,

I suddenly found myself searching and praying,

To beseech God, to allow me to behold the magnitude of an atom of HIS World,

And all that it would allow me to see and perhaps behold.



And I quickly came to understand that the Taj Mahal is just a shrinking sight,

Rather like a Kodak monochrome snapshot, lost forever to fade into an Indian summer,

Or, rather like an ink-stained foolish love letter,

To be read, then a day later, discarded into the grip of a winter night.


I noticed the girded edifices of the Eiffel Tower, the Sacra Coeur and the famed Notre Dame.

But you know I reckon, they’re just a structural shame,

That will never ever experience God’s lasting Word,

And all that, it will promise me one day, to happily afford.


Isn’t the Brooklyn Bridge, foggy London Bridge, dear old Chelsea Bridge,

And how can I forget the world-renowned, San Francisco Bridge,

Just an architects Lumograph pencil sketch seen on his raised drawing board,

Created one day long ago when he was perhaps tired and perhaps very bored?


One day I grasped that’s God’s eternal gift,

Fashioned once in earth’s melting crusts, with burning lava and a molten rift,

Was shown to me that April morning in the symmetry of a Dutch Tulip face,

And hidden within those yellow pollen petals I think I saw a portion of God’s veiled loving FACE!



Easter Sunday 2006

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