Friends, do you ever think about your approaching death?

Or, is it all perhaps ever so slightly beneath,

you’re pale inner happy scope?

But do you realize that for the lost and the unsaved there will be very little lasting hope?

But are we only fools who exist just this lost side of Heaven,

Perhaps always scheming and dreaming and always searching,

And never, it seems, finally ever achieving,

That God-given sacrifice has given and to us the Brethren.

So one day all you’ll worldly aspiring hopes and ambitions,

Devised by so many earthly fools, will one day bow, to the submissions,

Of God’s coming final predicted judgment,

Served only by God, with regret, and to you with a lasting lament.

So today simply repent on your bended knees, if you can my friend,

For, perhaps very soon you will sign up for that tenancy in that icy secluded graveyard ground.

So perhaps before then just pray and search always in the Heavens above,

And remember always JESUS, once for you, offered nothing BUT LOVE.

“Oh fools and slow of heart to believe” (Luke 24:25)

I composed this stanza as a reminder to all of those willing secular fools in the popular peace movement, who display their bright banners with the false hope that THEY will usher in a lasting peace to this fallen corrupt world. No way I have to say. Only the Lord Jesus will achieve this when He gloriously returns. And that will happen when the Lord resides and Governs in Jerusalem. Perhaps sooner than you or I think! And are you prepared, I ask, for this momentous event? So please let me know!


4th February 2006

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