Finding The Way

Finding The Way

Shall I ever find comfort, care and repose

Under a humid cloak that offers, I suppose,

Lasting eternity, or an endless sleep,

That is washed away eternally in the burning fires of the deep?

“Why seek ye the living among the dead?”

Asked an angel where once a majestic body lay interred.

But I enquire with hesitation and dread,

Where will dear family and friends find a lasting abode?

So please tell me, dear stranger, will they forever dwell

In the mean stinking odours of a predestined Hell?

If so then how sad I suggest for the weeping lost,

That they should for all sickening eternity suffer the most!

For does not God through compassion have mercy and prayer,

Remove all sadness, sin and earthly despair?

For did not Christ once through His imperial Robe,

Offer to all who love Him a lasting Heavenly abode!



June 2004

(All Rights Reserved)