Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Is not all past life,

Just a scattering of greedy rewards and serial strife?

That if we could possibly vote,

We would search for the armchair remote,

Then happily and without discretion quickly press rewind,

Through life’s past pathetic emotions. And some yet to be fulfilled!

And will someone please tell me why is it that all ongoing problems,

Sadly remain as pestering bitty problems?

Maybe here today,

And nearly always here the next day!

But don’t you realize that all of today’s frivolous frustrations,

Will, by God’s Special Command, compel this world to taste dire destruction?

For this was the final method formed by HIS hand at creation,

That this fallen world will be destroyed for all lasting damnation!

So if we possibly could,

We most certainly would,

Press Fast Forward.

But I have to cautiously ask if we could do all of that,

Then who could or would take everlasting control,

Of that familiar friendly precious annoying remote control?



August 2004

(All Rights Reserved)