Abraham Lincoln: Part 1: “Crimes And Conspiracies”

“My concern is not whether God is on our side but my greatest concern is to be on God’s side.” A safe answer, it seems. One hundred and fifty-two years ago on Good Friday, April 14th 1865, Mrs Mary Todd Lincoln (by the way she …READ MORE

Abraham Lincoln: Part 2: “High Drama At The Ford Theatre”

As the wounded and now-expiring president lay awkwardly on the carpet of the crowded box, there was an air of pain and panic from those standing helplessly around him, most of them uncertain and unprepared as to what is happening. However, outside the theatre John …READ MORE

Abraham Lincoln: Part 3: “The Ghost Train”

As the slain president’s “creepy” corpse on display embarked on that sombre and single hometown journey to Springfield, the war-weary nation mourned and waited. Apparently, the corpse travelled on a newly constructed presidential steam engine to be known as the “Dean Richmond”. It also boasted …READ MORE

Abraham Lincoln: Part 4: “Arrests And Trial Of The Co-Conspirators”

Edwin Stanton’s “show trial” was to be performed behind military walls (naturally), and with a supporting cast headed by nine distinguished decorated generals, no less. Amazingly, only one apparently had qualified as a lawyer, that being Lew Wallace of “Ben Hur” fame. In the meantime, …READ MORE

Abraham Lincoln: Part 5: “The Verdict And The Aftermath”

At 11.00 am on July 6th 1865, the fate of the eight accused co-conspirators were brought by a horseback rider to the old arsenal prison in four sealed envelopes from Edwin Stanton’s war department. It was not encouraging news for the frightened and waiting accused: …READ MORE

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris: “Hitler’s Spy Chief, A Man Of Mystery”

The remarkable thing about this diminutive Admiral was that his numerous enemies in the murky Nazi waters of the Fatherland didn’t somehow scuttle the bows of his leaking spy ship much sooner than they did. Indeed the naked audacity of the Admiral, albeit in supplying …READ MORE

Adolph Eichmann: “Hitler’s Desk Murderer”

Fifty years ago the trial commenced in a blaze of news publicity in Jerusalem City of Adolph Karl Eichmann. As the proceedings slowly commenced he was about to plead for mercy from the court and to cap it all from the “despised race” he had …READ MORE

Albert Speer: “Prisoner Number Five And His Three Lives”

This year sees the thirtieth anniversary of the death in London of Hitler’s favourite architect and close friend, Albert Speer. Today Speer remains the most controversial and perhaps the most enigmatic of the so-called “Hitler’s Henchmen.” More important to us was this man aware of …READ MORE

Alfred Rosenberg: “The Man And The Nazi Myth”

Born on January 12th 1893 (and strangely enough, he shared his birthday with Hermann Goering, and if Goering hadn’t conveniently cheated the hangman at Nuremberg, Alfred Rosenberg would have been executed on the same day alongside Goering.) Born in the Baltic state of Estonia, to lower-middle-class …READ MORE

Allen Welsh Dulles: “Spymaster Extraordinaire”

Allen W. Dulles seems to have been around forever in that secret spy world that we all read about and watch in the movies (but don’t know much about, nor even how it all functions), but I suppose he is one of the spooks’ favourite …READ MORE

Amelia Earhart: “Did She Just Simply Fly Away Into History?”

Everyone enjoys a good mystery at times, none more so than those concerning missing aircraft. At the time of writing, the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 aircraft has yet to be located, most sadly. Another odd air event took place in 1972 when a Cessna 320 …READ MORE

Anne Frank: “Just Who Did Write Those Diaries?”

It seems the name Anne Frank is still making the news with a report recently in the press that the two relevant Frank Foundations are in a deadly dispute over assorted letters, photos and documents, that concerned Anne. “The Anne Frank Fund” is located in …READ MORE

Arthur Seyss-Inquart: “The Doctor Who Never Made House Calls But Sent Others Instead!”

When Arthur Seyss-Inquart (party number 6270392) eagerly enlisted into the fledgeling Nazi party in 1931, he was eligible as a practising lawyer to promote the political aims of Hitler’s warped vision of a Germany liberated from Jews, Freemasons, Socialists and other fierce opponents. Like his …READ MORE

Baldur Benedict Von Schirach: “Hitler’s Evil Pied Piper”

The legend of the famed “Pied Piper” of Hamelin, is well known to us all even though it may or may not be true. The popular fable relates to a mysterious musical piper who enticed hundreds of children away from their village, sadly never to …READ MORE

Baron Konstantin Von Neurath: “Hitler’s Pet Nazi Diplomat”

In 1946 when the Baron was finally sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for Nazi war crimes at Nuremberg, he was then 73 years old.  Afterwards, he was then swiftly taken with the other convicted Nazis, to be driven to Spandau Prison in Berlin, to serve his …READ MORE

Barry R. Smith: “Gone But Not Forgotten”

(1933-2002) Many born again Christians around the world will remember, I’m sure, the late New Zealand Evangelist, Barry R. Smith. For over 30 years Barry and his wife May frequently flew to many countries on numerous speaking engagements, clocking up thousands of air miles and …READ MORE

Benito Mussolini: “Was He Hitler’s Pet Italian Mastiff”?

This month, April 28th to be precise will be the 66th anniversary of the shooting/murder/assassination of Benito Mussolini, Claretta Petacci and others. And he certainly hasn’t been forgotten in film, with such diverse actors as Jack Oakie, Rod Steiger, George C. Scott, and Bob Hoskins …READ MORE

Bible John: “The Ballroom Beast of Prey”

(Original police sketch, left, suspect Peter Tobin, right) (Patrick visits the infamous Barrowland Ballroom in 2018) During an 18-month period from 1968-1969 in Glasgow, Scotland, three horrific murders occurred that shocked a community. The popular location where “Bible John” introduced himself to his three victims …READ MORE

Billy Graham: “The Vatican’s Right Hand Man”

(A review of his autobiography, “Just As I Am”) Today saw the death of Billy Graham, America’s most famous or infamous preacher, aged 99. Before his death, he endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency. Before this, he endorsed the Mormon, Mitt Romney. “We were given a …READ MORE

Bishop James Pike: “The Blasphemous Bishop From Near Berkeley”

“Pike proudly displays the broken blasphemous sign, the so-called “peace symbol” on his pectoral cross” Forty-six years ago this month, on September 9th, 1969, the controversial American Episcopal bishop, James Pike, journeyed into the remote desert in Israel, accompanied by his third wife; he was …READ MORE

Bobby Kennedy: “A New World Man”?

(VIDEO: Ted Kennedy, the Mafia and Marilyn Monroe) To argue if Bobby Kennedy would have won the 1968 Democratic Party endorsement and gone on to claim the White House as the 37th President is pure speculation. (Personally, I suspect that he might just have pulled …READ MORE

Captain Alfred Dreyfus: “The Soldier On Devil’s Island”

At the time of preparing this article for our January newsletter, it is coincidently the first anniversary of last year’s horrific massacre in Paris, popularly referred to as the “Charlie Hebdo” incident, remembered of course for its savage acts of murder, violation of free speech, …READ MORE

Captain Ernst Rohm: “Hitler’s Gay Tin Soldier”

From first appearances, Ernie Rohm always reminds me of an Oliver Hardy look-alike, but slightly slimmer, no offence to “Olly” of course. But as party member, number 122, he was pretty near to Hitler, with each of them using the familiar “thou” in conversation with each …READ MORE

Charles (Chuck) Colson: “Review of Life Sentence”

“What a strange collection of people: the one-time Nixon loyalist, a recovered alcoholic and liberal Democrat senator from Iowa, a member of the Black Panther Party and avowed Marxist revolutionary out on bail, and an ex-Ku Klux Klan terrorist doing 35 years in prison. Here …READ MORE

Charles John Cobb: “A First World War Christian Conscientious Objector”

The following is a tragic account of the last few weeks on the release of Charles John Cobb. This is from The Tribunal, dated March 27th 1919. Charles John Cobb of Croydon, who was arrested on August 31, 1915, and served five terms of imprisonment …READ MORE

Charles Manson: “The Death of Satan’s Creepy Cult Leader”

“Creepy” Charles Manson died today aged 83. He beat the death penalty by a few months. He served five decades in a state prison and showed no remorse. At just 5 foot 3 inches he symbolised so much of what was wrong with the 1960s. …READ MORE

Christa Schroeder: “Hitler’s Faithful Secretary Even To The End”

For twelve turbulent years, Fraulein Christa Schroeder was at Hitler’s side, with notebook and pencil, as he and his cohorts murdered their way to a permanent power by destroying the old Weimar Germany and amazingly through the ballot box to succeed. All amazing times for …READ MORE

Conti And Ley: “Hitler’s Doctors of Death Who Beat The Rap”

History politely informs us that the notorious Scottish grave robbers, Burke and Hare, of part Irish descent, plundered newly buried dead cadavers for financial gain. However, both German Nazi doctors, Messer’s Leonardo Conti and Robert Ley, were more despicable on their approach to life because …READ MORE

Dan Barker: “A Fundamentalist Atheist”

On a recent US radio phone-in programme, Dan Barker was once again allowed to propagate his fundamental and biased philosophy against the nature and attributes of Almighty God. Mr Barker, according to his own testimony, was a devout Christian for some 19 years in a charismatic …READ MORE

Darwinist Germany: “When Man Forsakes God!”

Introduction We took the following photographs, during our visit to Germany, to demonstrate the terrors and unspeakable evils that occur, when man (whether Nazi or Communist) departs from a Biblical faith in God and treats their fellow man like nothing more than a ‘glorified animal,’ a …READ MORE

David Brainerd: “A Review of His Life And Diary”

(1718-1747) David Brainerd was a Puritan of Puritans. Schooled in Calvinist theology, every word thought and deed was all for the glory and majesty of God. Brainerd was a missionary sent to the Red Indians (Native Americans) in Pennsylvania, USA during the 18th century. His following …READ MORE

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Who Am I?”

    (Bonhoeffer stands in the courtyard of the military interrogation prison at Tegel, 1944) Throughout the world, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is celebrated as a German martyr (a victim of the Second World War.) That he opposed the pagan rule of Nazism and collaborated with others in …READ MORE

Doctor Joseph Mengele: “The Angel of Death”

This year marks the centenary of Joseph “Beppo” Mengele’s birth in Bavaria, Germany in 1911, but I doubt the family business that specializes in agricultural farm equipment in the town of Gunzberg or the town inhabitants for that matter, will be raising their steins in …READ MORE

Doctor Thomas Barnardo: “What Is His Legacy Today?”

Credit, where credit is due, is always promoted by some apologists and perhaps rather grudgingly, of course, that “the man is nothing, but the work is everything.” There are still lingering doubts, however, about Thomas John Barnardo (mainly concerning his life and achievements) even today, …READ MORE

Dr Albert Schweitzer: “The Doubting And Dabbling Doctor”

During the 1950s it became very chic and fashionable (and a popular rite of passage, I suppose) for debutantes and other pretty young “things” from rich distinguished families to spend some time working in Africa, especially with the famous Dr. Schweitzer in his hospital in …READ MORE

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel: “Hitler’s ‘Pet’ General”

This year on October 14th to be precise will be the 68th anniversary of the death by suicide of perhaps Germany’s most famous wartime soldier, Erwin Rommel. Rommel was born in 1891 and was I suppose always destined to become a serving soldier. In fact, as …READ MORE

Franz Von Papen: “The Devious Diplomat”

Franz Von Papen had the dubious honour of negotiating and signing on behalf of the Nazis, the infamous concordat with the Vatican in 1933. He also served as Vice Chancellor to Hitler, as he established his Nazi grip on Germany. During the following years he …READ MORE

Freud, Marx, And Darwin: “The Devil’s Dangerous Deceivers”

So much of the moral mess proposed and promoted by the three men above is still widely scattered around us in the 21st century and still permeating the halls of debate and “revolutionary ideas” in assorted academic, media, medical, and political circles. Unfortunately, the same …READ MORE

Fritz Sauckel: “Hitler’s Slave Driver”

Fritz Sauckel’s (party number 1395) delicate defence when the horror scroll of forced slave labour atrocities was read out to him by the prosecution at Nuremberg (and much of it on his personal orders) was simply: “I’m a sailor, not a politician.” Well maybe this nautical nazi had …READ MORE

General Alfred Jodl: “Hitler’s Pasty Faced Cunning Villain”

In October 1941 General Jodal would boast rather arrogantly about the sudden attack on Russia by the German army stating that: “We have finally and without any exaggeration won the war.” How wrong he was in that false prediction and then just five years later …READ MORE

General Francisco Franco: “The Fascist Father Figure”

So much of the Spanish sorrows of the mid-1936-1939 era are today still being experienced by so many grieving Spaniards and with the frequent unearthing of hidden mass graves, this terrible tragedy looks set to continue for so many in the years ahead. Interestingly the …READ MORE

General Pinochet: “Adios General And Good Riddance”

The death this week of General Pinochet cannot be allowed to pass without an examination of his working relationship with the Catholic church. The late general always claimed that a Marxist/Jesuit agenda was being launched against his country. And he had to prevent it, whatever …READ MORE

General William Booth: “Always A Symbolic Army Man”

Any appraisal of the lasting Booth legacy must include his private “army” and the role of his wife. In fact, I suggest that the two were interchangeable because one could not have survived without the other’s existence or dedication. In some ways, Booth was just …READ MORE

George Best: “Don’t Die Like Me”

(Before the bottle) I suppose the footballer most admired and talked about over the last forty years or so must be the Belfast born winger, George Best. I must admit to never seeing him play on the pitch, but like many others, I read about …READ MORE

Grace Kelly: “The High Society Princess”

As I start to prepare this article for our monthly newsletter, it is coincidently the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in France. In an article I wrote some years ago, I pointed the finger of suspicion at the appearance of …READ MORE

Hans Georg Fritzsche: “Goebbles Willing Spin Doctor”

Hans Fritzsche was born in 1900 in Germany and as a young man, he served in the infantry during WWI. During the 1920s he tried his hand at many trades until entering the field of journalism, but it was the dawn of a new phenomenon, …READ MORE

Harold Holt: “What Did Happen To The Australian Prime Minister?”

One of the most enduring mysteries of the so-called ‘swinging 1960s’ was the bizarre disappearance of Australia’s seventeenth Prime Minister, of a mere 22 months in office in 1967, that being, Harold Edward Holt. The Prime Minister had departed for a cooling swim on a …READ MORE

Harry Houdini: “The Man And His Many Myths”

I suspect that Harry Houdini today must be the magician’s magician. Naturally, many of his rivals have tried to imitate him, and most have failed miserably to do so. His numerous illusions are still a mystery in terms of how he achieved them. Or as …READ MORE

Heinrich ‘Gestapo’ Muller: “Hitler’s Man Without A Shadow”

Heinrich Muller (party number 4583199) was after Heinrich Himmler and Reinhardt Heydrich, the most influential and feared man in the Third Reich, yet few then knew of him or had even heard of him, and I suspect that was just how he preferred it. However, …READ MORE

Heinrich Himmler: “Castles On The Rhine And Monasteries In Spain”

I suppose after Adolph Hitler, Heinrich Himmler (party number 14303) must be one of the most identified Nazis of that period. And yet he would never stand trial with others at Nuremberg for war crimes inflicted against millions of innocent war victims. Death, when it came to …READ MORE

Hermann Goring: “Hitler’s Brutal Buccaneer Nicknamed ‘Meyer!’”

“Of all the big Nazi leaders Hermann Goering was for me by far the most sympathetic….a brutal buccaneer…..I had a real liking for him.” So reminisced the British Ambassador to Nazi Germany from 1937-39, Sir Neville Henderson. An amusing story claims that Sir Neville even …READ MORE

Hitler’s Four Dubious Doctors

Did you know that ‘life unworthy of life’ became the most infamous beliefs and sayings of selected Nazi doctors practising the then so-called third Reich. Few it seems opposed it or accepted its moral consequences. The four doctors to be presented here for inspection would …READ MORE

Hitler’s Girlfriends: “Geli Raubal And Eva Braun”

Eighty years ago in a smart suburb in Munich on September 19th 1931, Angela Maria Raubal shot herself with a pistol, it seems from Hitler’s own gun collection (a Walther firearm apparently). Geli was only 23 years old at the time. Since then rumours have …READ MORE

Hitler’s Vatican Henchmen: “Hans Frank – ‘The Two Franks’”

Hans Frank was one of the most contradictory Nazi criminals who stood trial at Nuremberg, Germany in 1945. Always uncertain of how he should proceed in obeying his evil masters previous orders, Frank would after a restless nights sleep, do the dirty deed then write to …READ MORE

Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht: “Hitler’s Money Man”

All final war preparations require liquid finance or “filthy lucre” as the Holy Bible refers to money in 1st Timothy 3:3, and bankers and financiers are the “cash cows” who arrange so much of its conception, usually behind closed doors, and frequently with devastating results. …READ MORE

Joachim Von Ribbentrop: “The Foreign Minister In Cell Number Seven”

Joachim Von Ribbentrop (it seems he collected the Von from an adopted aunt) is still jokingly referred to as the “Krug” champagne salesman who made good, but was there more to him than this? However, our own attention was drawn to Ribbentrop when reading Col. …READ MORE

John Lennon: “The Bizarre Hinckley/Chapman Connection”

(John Lennon signing LP cover as Mark Chapman watches) This year parole was denied (for the 8th time, in fact) to Mark Chapman, and in recent years to John Hinckley, Ronald Reagan’s alleged shooter. Siran Siran, the alleged shooter of Robert Kennedy in 1968, also …READ MORE

Joseph Stalin: “The Making of An Atheist Monster”

(Stalin at Yalta in all his glory) Some 64 years ago, whilst walking home from school with my mother, my young eye caught a newspaper headline that crudely proclaimed for the world to read that: “STALIN DEAD – GOOD,” and I can still recall the …READ MORE

Joseph Stalin: “The Murder of a Monster”

The Holy Bible indeed warns all of us that “for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword” (Matthew 26:52). Perilous words that should never be ignored! Stalin certainly sharpened his socialist sword, personally hundreds of times. Or at least when he …READ MORE

Karl Donitz And Erich Raeder: “Adolph’s Artful Admirals”

 (Raeder, left and Donitz right)  There is an expression that suggests that if someone beats the verdict of a trial then they have “walked it.” In the case of Admirals Karl Donitz and Erich Raeder, it could be argued that they “swam it,” when at the …READ MORE

King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England: “The World, the Flesh and the Devil”

Prologue Anyone or anything even remotely connected to God, the Bible and Jesus Christ will almost certainly be attacked, smeared and undermined. King James I was certainly no exception! Unfounded insinuations ranging from James’s freemasonry to homosexuality will naturally be examined throughout this article. During …READ MORE

Leni Riefenstahl: “Hitler’s Controversial Film Director”

As the Olympic Games gear up this year to be hosted in London it should be remembered that in 1936, the then Games were premiered in Berlin, amid much Nazi propaganda and much else. Film director, Leni Riefenstahl, would be happily awarded $3 million to …READ MORE

Lord Longford: “A Loveable English Eccentric”

Lord Longford was a controversial social reformer. He began his prison ministry, it is claimed, after reading a Bible tract, with the inscribed words: “Those who visit prisoners, visit Christ.” And visit them he did. Including such celebrities as the Kray twins, Lord Archer, Jonathon Aitkin, …READ MORE

Magda Goebbels: “The Murderer In The Bunker”

(Patrick’s moving musical tribute to the Goebbels children) Of all the now remembered Nazi wives only Magda Goebbels seems to have found some sort of ill-famed notoriety that still lingers on today. Both Frau, Hess, Himmler and Goering seemed to quickly disappear into post-war Germany. …READ MORE

Margaret Beckett: “Former Foreign Secretary And Ex-Catholic”

I suppose I have followed the career of Mrs Beckett for many years and none more so than when she agreed to deliver the Annual Charles John Cobb Memorial Lecture in 1996. When she arrived with her husband Leo it was a cold wet March …READ MORE

Martin Bormann: “Hitler’s Sinister Shadow Man”

By all accounts, Martin Bormann (sometimes referred to as the “Brown Eminence”) should rightly have stood trial at Nuremberg with the other Nazi hierarchy, and then after the verdict was given, be led to the wooden scaffold and then hung. But he wasn’t. Instead, for …READ MORE

Martin Luther Speaks Out

(1483-1546) Ten things Martin Luther wanted to say: On the Papacy: “Dost thou hear this, O Pope! Not the most holy, but the most sinful! Would that God would hurl thy chair headlong from heaven and cast it down into the abyss of hell! Who …READ MORE

Nelson Mandela: “The Man Behind The Myth”

When Nelson Mandela died in 2013 aged 95-years-old, as far as we are aware, he remained unrepentant or remorseful of his long years as head of the terrorist ANC organisation. World leaders naturally fell over themselves with praises and homilies about the “great man” and …READ MORE

Nurse Edith Cavell: “The Wicked Execution of a Christian Nurse”

This year is the centennial of the horrific and shameful execution of one of England’s most noble daughters. Edith Cavell (her name incidentally rhymes with travel or gravel) was always very insistent on people knowing how to pronounce her name properly, rather like my own …READ MORE

Odette Churchill: “The Darling Spy”

(From the author’s private collection) This year marks the centenary of the birth of Odette and it is appropriate that the Post Office has issued a commemorative portrait stamp. However, when I visited my local branch they sadly had never heard of her or her …READ MORE

Oliver Cromwell: “Britain’s Chief Defender” 

(Unusual bust of Oliver Cromwell, Huntingdon museum) (James’s powerful documentary on the life and death of Cromwell) Prologue As I sit down to draft and prepare my first full-length article in a decade, Britain has today triggered article 50, which officially means she will be …READ MORE

Orde Wingate: “A Flawed Christian Soldier”

On March 24th of this year, it will be the 70th anniversary of the death or murder of one of England’s most flamboyant Major Generals, that being Orde Charles Wingate, DSO with 2 bars. Yet today he is portrayed as either an icon or an …READ MORE

Oskar Schindler: “The Man And The Myth”

I suppose history has to be full of unexplained coincidences that perhaps changed the world or more importantly, many people’s own lives and not always for the better. For example, Mr. Rolls was perhaps introduced to Mr. Royce by a Rothschild or one of his …READ MORE

Otto Skorzeny: “Hitler’s Errol Flynn Commando”

One of the dashing poster boys of the old Third Reich, well at least in Hitler’s glazed eyes was Oberstumbannfuhrer (Lt. Colonel), Otto Skorzeny. Standing at six-feet-four-inches and over two hundred pounds in weight, and with a noticeable duelling scar scared across his cheek, he …READ MORE

Pierre Laval: “That Frenchman In The White Silk Tie”

The first impression of Monsieur Laval always conjures to my mind a rather seedy mid-eastern carpet dealer, who with a perpetual Turkish cigarette either in his mouth or about to be lit up is ready to offer you a deal on his offered merchandise. And …READ MORE

Pol Pot: “The Delusional And Demented Dictator”

Some years ago I heard about a man who was having his tyres changed one early morning at his local garage when his mother phoned him from Cambodia of all places, and for the first few minutes, she could not communicate to him. Silently, he …READ MORE

President Woodrow Wilson: “A New World Order Man Or Just A Naive Idealist?”

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States (1913 to 1921), was suspected of having Freemasonry as well as religious and racist sympathies. His possible Masonic connection has been recorded as “unknown Mason status” regarding lodge membership, but he may well have been sympathetic …READ MORE

Princess ‘Madeline’ Noor: “The Spy Princess Remembered”

I first came across the courageous story of Princess Noor when I stumbled across the book The Spy Princess, by Mrs Shrabni Basu, so much so that after reading it I was moved to compose a short selection of music, illustrating her short life. Today …READ MORE

Raoul Wallenberg: “The Swedish Schindler”

This year and August 4th to be precise is the one-hundredth anniversary of his birth in 1912, in Sweden. But today so much of the man and his mysterious disappearance still sadly remain unanswered. “Raoul Wallenberg is the Swedish saviour of almost 100,000 Jewish men, …READ MORE

Rasputin, The Tsar And Tsarinas: “Mad Monk”

“Without Rasputin, there would have been no Lenin,” Alexander Keresnsky, former Russian Prime Minister. Ninety-eight years after his gruesome murder, Rasputin is not forgotten it seems, and what with the merchandise of assorted books, films, jigsaw puzzles, prayer cards, pop songs, a nifty computer game, and …READ MORE

Reinhardt Heydrich: “The Devil’s Nazi Fiddler!”

Popularly nicknamed “The Butcher of Prague,” (party number 544196) Heydrich was actually born in the town of Halle in Saxony. Its most illustrious son was no, not Heydrich, but George Friedrich Handle, who composed the famous “Hallelujah Chorus.” Always a favourite of us at this …READ MORE

Ronald Reagan: “The Man And His Image”

When Ronald Reagan was officially sworn in as the 40th president of the United States of America in 1981, naturally facing the masonic cenotaph, he was then the oldest recipient to enter the Oval Office (at age 69), and the first divorced man to enter …READ MORE

Rudolph Hess: “And The Mystery Still Lingers On”

In 1941 Rudolph Hess (party number 16) unexpectedly descended into Scotland, having flown the dangerous 1,000-mile flight in a prepared Messerschmidt (110-E 1/n.) It has always been claimed that his mission was to bring proposed peace plans to a weakened British Government, with himself expecting …READ MORE

Ruth Ellis: “A Crime of Passion or Just Plain Politics?”

(Visiting the scenes of the crime) This year is the 60th anniversary of the execution by the rope of Ruth Ellis in 1955. Incidentally, she was also the last woman to be hanged in England by the last hangman to hold the job, Albert Pierrepoint. …READ MORE

Serial Killers Repent And Get Saved

Former Pol Pot high executioner Kaing (Duch) Eav was sentenced to 39 years in jail for committing thousands of murders and rapes against his fellow countrymen and women. But it seems the 69-year-old now turned born-again Christian, requested to be “stoned to death” for his numerous crimes. …READ MORE

Sir Frances Galton: “Darwin’s False Prophet And Author Of Modern Eugenics”

In Old Testament times, we witness Pharaoh’s cruel intention to diminish the Jewish race through abortion, right up to King Herod’s systematic massacre of the holy innocents. No evidence needed here to confirm these wicked deeds. Nothing is new it seems, it’s all part of …READ MORE

Sir Francis Walsingham: “Queen Elizabeth’s Loyal Spymaster”

Walsingham must reign supreme in the gallery of spy supremo’s and it is through his faith and fortitude to his Queen, that England was richly protected against the Vatican and her assorted allies. In Francis Walsingham, the pope and the Jesuits met their equal. His …READ MORE

The “Assisted Suicide” of Hermann Goring’s Death

At the time of researching this latest article, most of the news is saturated with the shooting/assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Yet within hours of those events in Pakistan, the conspiracy theories have abounded on the Internet: ‘Bin Laden was not dead’ suggested some. ‘He …READ MORE

The Duke And Duchess of Windsor (And Sussex) Still Courting Controversy

This week witnessed a royal bombshell when incredibly another American divorcee once again helped cause a major rift in the Royal household of Windsor. Both Meghan and Wallis came from the sordid entertainment industry. Edward and Wallis are both buried at Frogmore in Windsor where …READ MORE

The Legacy of Winston Churchill

I never met or saw the ‘great’ man but I was informed some years ago that my great-grandfather, a Detective Inspector of the Dublin Garda, was involved as a spectator at the famous “Sidney Street Siege” in London when Churchill as Home Secretary in 1911, …READ MORE

The Sins of the Fathers: “Nazi Children”

(Hitler with Martin Bormann’s children) Do the genes of our fathers somehow allow the success and shame of our lives to co-exist in each of us, thereby influencing our dreams and later decisions, who knows! The children featured in the following article would experience much …READ MORE

Traudl Junge: “Hitler’s Too Perfect Secretary”

Gertraud “Traudl” Humps was just 22-years-old when Albert Bormann (Martin’s brother) offered her some secretarial employment in the Berlin chancery. She had previously had ambitions of becoming a dancer but in the next few years and beyond the war, she would find herself creating her own …READ MORE

Untouchable: “Who Protected Martin Bormann And Gestapo Muller?”

Author Pierre De Villemarest attempts through his book, published in 2005 (title above), to tentatively prove that both Bormann and Muller escaped capture by the allies at the end of the last war. And in this controversial hypothesis, he does a rather convincing job. Both …READ MORE

Violette Szabo, G.C: “The Spy With The White Marguerite Earrings”

It is now certain that the thirty-nine female SOE operatives, then affectionately christened ‘The Moonlight Madonnas’ were the finest in what they heroically achieved in the last War. But sadly thirteen or maybe more failed to ever return home, to waiting families in England in …READ MORE

Vladimir Putin: “Russia’s So-called “Emperor of the World?”

(Patrick and Putin) With this month’s unprecedented events in England concerning Russia’s alleged use of chemical weapons in Salisbury against a former Russian spy and his daughter, we felt it necessary to take a brief detour from Munich to Moscow, before returning to part 3 …READ MORE

Walter Funk: “Hitler’s Personal Goldfinger”

When Walter Funk was reluctantly brought to Nuremberg to stand trial for assorted Nazi war crimes, an American guard commented after seeing him, “gee he looks like a small town grocery clerk;” but the thing is all sinners and all criminals, come in all assorted shapes and …READ MORE

Was The Death of Marilyn Monroe Organised Murder?

In 1962 I was living in south London when the lady in the apartment above me – an ardent film fan I should say – frantically knocked on my door in the early morning with shocking news. “Marilyn’s dead!” she cried at me, with shock …READ MORE

Who Is David Icke?

When David Icke first came to my attention nearly 20 years ago, I did wonder whether or not he was just another ex-football player turned TV commentator, trying to re-launch himself with a new career, or whether he was someone different, attempting to get an …READ MORE

Why Was The Lusitania Attacked And Sunk, And Who Benefited Most From This Tragedy

This year is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Cunard’s magnificent floating palace, the R.M.S. Lusitania. Questions are still swirling around her sunken sodden bows about how and why this grand old lady of the waves was decimated, and for what reason. It’s rather …READ MORE

Wilhelm Frick: “Hitler’s Minister of The Interior”

Wilhelm Frick was that variety of creature known as a civil servant and as Adolph Hitler’s Interior Minister (Home Secretary), he would go on through devious Nazi legislation to consign thousands to death, famine, torture and final exhaustion. Sadly every country has them, needs them …READ MORE

Wilhelm Keitel: “Was He Perhaps The Fuhrer’s Father Figure?”

Wilhelm Keitel was I suspect always destined to become a serving soldier (though he claimed in his memoirs he always wanted to become a farmer.) Descended from a wealthy landowning family, soon the army eagerly beckoned him. Not for him the plough but instead the …READ MORE

World Cup Scandal

South Africa is not only the strongest and richest nation in Africa but she is also the number one supplier of food, water and electricity to neighbouring police state Zimbabwe (most of this reaches the party elite cadre.) In truth, South Africa is to Zimbabwe what China …READ MORE

Zhou Enlai: “Secret Protector of the Chinese Underground Church”

A dear friend of our ministry who lives in the Far East visited their Christian Chinese doctor today (an unrelated health issue) only to be told quite rightly, “GOD is angry. China is the country which has so many wicked things going on there. People …READ MORE