Ex-Catholics For Christ January 2020 Newsletter

Ex-Catholics For Christ January 2020 Newsletter

As of today, Great Britain is an autonomous and sovereign state. After 47 years as a senior member of the European Union Britain has officially exited this one-world masonic inspired superstate system and will now stand strong and solo in the world. This is something we at this ministry never thought we would ever experience but so far so good. The next 12 months will see some of the most intense and complicated negotiations Britain has ever undergone, not just with the EU but also the US. We pray for greater freedoms and a written and enforceable constitution for everyone.

January saw major turmoil within the Royal Family when Harry and Meghan followed in the shamed footsteps of their predecessors the Duke and Duchess of Windsor by turning their backs on Britain when all Britons should be uniting in this post-Brexit world to make Britain even greater. Naturally, we updated our article on both infamous couples who almost destroyed the Royals and on Princess Diana too.

President Trump invited the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House to publicly declare to the world that after 3 long years of delicate and dedicated meetings between high-level US and Israeli officials, a new ‘peace treaty’ was finally ready to be made public. Benjamin Netanyahu could hardly conceal his excitement and joy, almost like Christmas (Hanukkah) and his birthday had both come at once. The White House had many VIPs present including a group of assorted pastors. But while I watched the 60-minute live press conference, it dawned on me that nobody in the room really believes what God’s word says about the Holy Land and who actually owns it, and more tragic, few if any present even knows its Author. Such inept spiritual knowledge is a worldwide phenomenon within religious circles!

Israel doesn’t need help or recognition from the Gentiles only God. No lasting peace will ever be available for the Jew anywhere in the world let alone in Israel until Jesus the Prince of Peace returns.

Anyone interested in listening to our a 4.5 hr study looking at Bible prophecy can so by clicking here.

China continues to struggle to get control over the deadly animal-borne coronavirus which is paralysing the largest communist country in the world. We may never know the real figure but after the horrendous SARS outbreak in 2002 which officially saw over 700 deaths (a moderate figure no doubt), one dreads to think how many will actually die of this contagious virus! Bizarrely China’s atheist president said such a catastrophy was “demonic.”

One American newspaper reported this outbreak was possibly due to China’s clandestine chemical weapon testing programme going astray. Incompetence or maybe this was done intentionally to reduce their huge population! Either way, continued silence from world leaders is certainly intriguing!

Our article on Zhou Enlai, China’s late Prime Minister who secretly defended China’s underground church, was also updated this month.

And as of finishing off this first newsletter of a new decade, two cases of this lethal virus have arrived in Britain! Even so, come Lord Jesus.


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