Worldwide E-Mails

Worldwide E-Mails

“Thank you, brother James, for your recent Exodus study, your studies greatly bless and help me in Christ and I wanted to thank you, looking forward, God willing for your future studies to study along with you the books of Psalms and Jonah, I pray you will be greatly blessed and edified as the Lord wills as you pursue this study. I thank God for you both and pray that you are both well and your ministry is continually blessed and fruitful. God bless you all and Maranatha.”

“Hey James, I am back again to tell you something a bit more personal. Your Youtube videos have been a real asset to my faith. Your video – NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE I have watched more than once and has been a huge comfort in The Lord for me to know Jesus will never forsake me. I have sometimes found your teaching painful because you don’t tickle ears but God used this pain in my life to help me to seek him more. Brother James, you have no idea how much joy you will receive in Heaven for what you have committed to teach. Thank you for committing to The Gospel of Grace and for never adding works.”

“Greetings James. Thank you. You speak concerning the word with such authority and speak on topics that the world of ‘Christendom’ detests. You are the only (sane) person I see speaking the truth of the word in this dark age, where we are at the Door. I will absolutely keep you, Patrick and the rest of your ministry in my prayers. This study could not have come at a more perfect time. God bless.”

“Praise the Lord for your pulpit. I download these and listen to them underwater. I’m on an American Submarine. Your videos and preaching have been hundreds of feet below the waves.”

“I am just so thankful for your ministry. I am a born-again Christian who re-committed my life to Christ several years ago, was immersed as a believer, and ever since have just been amazed as the scales have fallen from my eyes. I grew up a Congregationalist, then a Methodist, where traditions and feel-good sermons were the norm. As we searched for a church shortly after we were married, I was more concerned with it having a pipe organ than a mission statement. My husband gently showed me the truth and over time, I saw the error of my ways. Now I hunger to hear God’s word and I can’t wait to know more! We are raising seven children and I want to equip them to share the gospel and defend the faith. Thank you so much for responding to the call, and for the hours you have poured into researching and recording your messages. If I ever make it to England, I would be honored to come alongside of you for a day and share the message of Jesus. Until then, my prayers are with you both and I will try to do my part here! May the Lord continue to bless you.”

“I just want to drop a word of encouragement (I hope). I pray for both you (Patrick and James) giving thanks to the God of our salvation for His grace and mercy and that we might be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. What wonderful testimonies you have and have been on your channel. I’ve enjoyed and learned much from your videos. You teach the plan of God through the word of God, how refreshing! Religion is not God’s plan, in fact, it is man’s plan (Gen 3:7). I enjoy hearing the born again British perspective, from a born again American perspective (no distinction in our Father’s eyes). Our Father is superintending a purpose in history to bring about the ultimate separation of good and evil, the eternal separation of good and evil. That’s where history is going. “By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.” You fight the good fight, thank you.”

“Thank you for your ministry. You both are extremely gentle in the way you tell the Truth and have been a Godsend. Me and my husband listen to you instead of watching TV.”

“Hello James, I finally understood what is the meaning of salvation and tonight I knelt down and prayed to God to save me. I prayed that I am a sinner who deserves to go to hell. I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross 2000 years ago for all my sins and He was raised from the dead three days later. I solely believe in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation and asked Him to give me strength and courage to be separated from worldly life style. If it weren’t [for] your video[s], it would have taken way more time for me to realize this truth. After all, all I have to do was simply believe. I’ve found my assurance of salvation in Jesus’ complete work on the cross not in my feelings, experience or works. After the prayer, there were no changes in my feeling at all or any unusual spiritual experience but I’ve decided to stop doubting and just believe God’s promise for my Salvation. I really want to share this with you because you’ve helped me to understand the truth. I thank you so much for your kindness, sincerity, and teaching. God bless.”

“I just recently read John Macarthur’s book “The Gospel According to Jesus” and it really messed me up wondering if I was even saved if I had surrendered enough. I knew Macarthur was a Calvinist but I just thought I could look past that. Your article on Calvinism helped me tremendously. Anyway, that’s how I found Ex-Catholics for Christ on YouTube searching “Lordship Salvation.” Your views on eternal security helped me a lot as well, I was fairly certain the Bible teaches eternal security, but I didn’t get eternal security at all from Macarthur’s book. I was given eternal insecurity. Again thank you for the work you are doing for the Lord. If I don’t see you down here I will see in up there or in the air!”

“Well, James. You have outdone yourself. Your impromptu lessons with transcribed text with Bible verses inserted are the “Mathew Henry” commentaries of our day; privileged to have had some personal contact with you. Few people know the Bible as well as you and go after the lost as you do. Blessings, I’ll see you in Heaven. Happy witnessing.”

“Regards and hope for continuing providential furtherance for you, your father and your colleagues’ ministry. When I meet you in heaven I want to shake your hand! Thank you for the faithful way you broadcast God’s word in season and out. Your words of encouragement today meant so much. Just to REMEMBER the beautiful words and promised our Lord and God and Saviour gave us can lift us out of the dark place the world is in today. God bless and keep you!”

“Hello James, Thank you again for posting the November newsletter with the added discussion of your views of the Lord’s Prayer, this past Thursday or Friday. Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort to add the discussion to the newsletter. Both your reasoning and results in sound right to me especially after re-reading Matthew chapter 6 and much more Scripture this weekend just now finishing here in the Midwestern, USA. I have saved a copy of the newsletter on my computer and likely will be referring back to the article a third and likely more times while reading more Scripture daily also later this week. Thank you again.”

“Thank you for the Bible studies. I hope you will do a whole study of the Bible. I have downloaded every one of them. I enjoy them and love them.”

“I listen to your broadcasts on YouTube while cleaning floors at my workplace. Good stuff. A few years ago the NIV “ruffled my feathers” over something they removed, I passed on everything I had except for my King James. I had every version there was I think. Jesus is the reason I have worth, the least I can do is use the most accurate bible I can get my hands on.”

“Thank you for your videos, James. They help me greatly, especially during my lunchtime break. It gives me time to spend in God’s word with someone who can explain the verses to me. I love the way you teach, very simple and easy to understand. God bless.”

“This reading is so precious how you’ve taken time to capture the soul in your teachings …my son at 24 just came to Christ and he wants to learn more of this Lord and Saviour that died for his sins …I will introduce him to this truth of teaching…thank you and may Lord Jesus richly bless you!”

“Hi James, I just wanted to email you about and thank you for your encouragement in your passion for being a soul winner for Christ! Watching your videos and thinking about what you say really drives me to go out there and be a better soul winner. Living here in Utah in America is tough seeing all the LDS missionaries going door to door and I remember you said in one of your videos, “why don’t the true Bible believing Christian have any passion to counter their presence”? Thinking about that has caused me to encounter them and open up God’s pure and simple word to them. I’ve been going out on the streets more, door knocking, mall evangelism and meeting at Temple Square to witness to the cults and those who don’t have any concern for the things of the after life. Christ work in and through you has inspired me to be a mighty evangelist for my Lord and Saviour. Now Christ in me has been reaching out to my pastor and brothers and sisters in Christ to go out and share their faith. Now that this is happening I hope to inspire and encourage them to follow along with me! Your work is paying off because not only is it making a difference to the unsaved, its also making a difference in the lives of Christians like me and passing this influence to other believers. Thank you!”

“Hello, I thought I might drop you a brief note. As a former Catholic and now a KJV Bible believing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ I hope you continue to do the Lord’s work I have you in my prayers God bless you.”

“Hello James, I have started this email to you several times over the past few weeks but did not have the courage to hit send! Maybe it will finally happen today! I discovered your channel on YouTube quite by accident in January. Not sure how I stumbled to your video, but do believe that the Holy Spirit guided me. Anyway, I won’t bore you with my story but did want to tell you that the impact that your videos have had on me the past few weeks have been beautiful. Your calm and eloquent speech and the light that shines from you as you speak your truth is something we need more of in this world…how rare in this day and age. The relationship you have with your dad is amazing as well, never having had that sort of relationship with either of my parents! How I wish I could sit with you and your dad over a cuppa and ask you the hundreds of questions I have and seek your guidance and wisdom over so much of my confusion. But alas I am in the USA and must settle for YouTube!!!! Thank you a million times over for everything. You are having such a positive influence on many, many, many people that you aren’t even aware of! God Bless.”

“Hello, Brother! What a wonderful way you come across I simply love to watch your vids. When I see you I say to myself, that’s how I would like to carry myself about. Thank you for your honesty and the work you do in our Lord Jesus Christ, it’s so helpful for me. I’m a suckling in Christ got saved on Jan. 18 this year and I have ordered 250 bible tracts. Until then I read and study the Bible (KJV) every day.”

“You recently posted a verse-by-verse study of Colossians on YouTube. I was just wondering if you were planning to release this on MP3. I really hope so. In my opinion, your verse-by-verse commentaries are as good as any of the more prominent (and expensive) ones available. I love Chuck Missler’s commentaries but they are so expensive. I hope you will continue to do more. Thank you and Maranatha.”

“All God’s richest blessings to you and yours from an American cousin, but more importantly, a brother in Christ. You, gentlemen, do a wonderful ministry for the Body of Christ! Keep up the wonderful work. I thoroughly enjoy watching all your videos and receiving your newsletter. I found you on YouTube as I perused posted videos on Freemasonry (Patrick had a video from some time ago regarding the subject). It was very convincing and convicting. I’d been “courted” to get back into the Blue Lodge after a 20-year hiatus but some things kept bothering me. Your video, as well as other messages and “signposts” that I happened upon through research and the witness of others, convinced me to stay away as I had for 2 decades. Christ is our sufficiency (2 Cor. 3:5). Maranatha!”

“I watched your video on YouTube called Striving for Excellence. I’ve always had a struggle with the subject of eternal security. I think your video helped me a lot. Would like to talk to you more about this sometime.”

“I’m writing to you from Oregon, USA. Your teachings are a blessing to me. Keep up the Lord’s work. I just wanted to let you know that your words are reaching far and diverse places. God bless you!”

“Thank you, James, for sharing how the Lord has protected you and your father. The enemy is trying to stop everyone who is telling others of Jesus’ love and forgiveness. I know He is coming soon! Thank you so much for the video on divorce and remarriage as well. It was very helpful in understanding what scripture says about it. I work in a prison, as a nurse, and have many opportunities to share God’s Love. Never really was motivated when I was an SDA!  (I don’t have to seek out others now to share; God brings the opportunities to me! What an amazing God! Praying for your ministry, which is really God working through you.”

“Dear James, I’ve been listening to you on YouTube and praying to be saved. Today the tears have been many and they keep coming, I feel a cleansing over me, how wonderful the Lord is. Thank you for what you do.”

“Hi James, your work has brought the truth to my family. We have really been able to grow in Christ and we can’t thank you enough. Listening to your recordings brought us strength and understanding and restored our hunger for Christ in our life. My bible is now being used daily again. You were instrumental in helping us get our hearts back. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do and God bless you and your father for all you have done. There is no greater work than restoring God’s peace, love and strength to your fellow man. You are wonderful and we love you! Email will never be able to express how wonderful it is to have Jesus in my heart. God bless you.”

“Hello James and Patrick, I just happened on one of your YouTube videos and I love your outdoor pulpit. You speak of the Lord and His gift of salvation and read through the scriptures in a “just another sinner” tone that it is rather engaging and also rings true. I too am a KJV believer and have recently started a walk through the Bible after much prayer for the Lord to give me wisdom and knowledge that my walk not be in vain. I find my fellowship with Him is growing in Grace for He is so patient and yet persistent that we continue on. His word will get a hold of you and lead you to [a] new understanding. I do not attend any organized church, as I do not trust the many doctrines they teach. I just wanted you to know that there are many of us standing for The Gospel of Jesus Christ and you have a sister in Florida who appreciates what you and your dad are doing. I will keep you in my prayers.”

“Thank God for this blessed homepage! I’m being blessed through it! God bless you all guys in Jesus’ name! By the way, I live in Japan with my wife and my son!”

“Your website has much that is profitable to me. Thank you. May the grace and the wisdom and the power of God abound in you more and more, as you go about in His business.”

“Patrick and James, thank you for accepting my friend request! Your ministry is a real blessing to me! My sometimes-ruffled feathers are smoothed down by the ‘soundness’ and wisdom of your teaching and messages! There is much I want to know your thoughts on. Only criticism I have of you is: I wish you could stay and minister longer up there in the wilderness you seem to love to preach from! Sometimes it seems you have so much more to share than the time allows. Or is it that I am so relieved to listen to sound doctrine that I am greedy for it? Anyway: May God bless your ministry and I pray all the relevant needs to be met and again ‘blessed’ that your calling be effective for the spreading of the Gospel in His service and all unto His glory. I see and appreciate your humility, wisdom and soundness very, very much”!

“I just watched your exposition of the Book of Jude from “excatholics” and noticed this channel. I was excited to see more expository studies of the books of God’s word here. Your videos have been a blessing to me and I thank God for leading me to them. It is indeed gratifying to see and hear sound doctrine preached in honesty and truth. There is a great need for this on YouTube. I am frankly astonished and dismayed at the plethora of videos that espouse false, twisted doctrine on YouTube. Many new believers, as well as some more mature ones, are being led astray by these false prophets and teachers. I would love to see more of these studies as the Holy Spirit leads you. I am especially interested in ones on Exodus and Jeremiah, as well as the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Please let me know what may be upcoming. I look forward to hearing from you. May God bless and keep you and your dad and shower His grace upon you.”

“I am so very grateful for the videos you post on Youtube! I listen to the verse-by-verse readings of scripture every day. Since finding your ministry I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, cancelled my subscription to Oprah Magazine, deleted the yoga app from my ipod, and TODAY I sent a letter to the bishop of the LDS [Mormons] ward asking to be removed from their membership. Thanks, Patrick and James. I have lots of fun stories to share with you about my conversion. More later! Gratitude and blessings!”

“Your ministry is a blessing. I mean it. To be able to listen to your commentary while working helps keep me focused on Jesus. This year I have memorized Ps. 91. It is full of promises concerning God’s protection. However, I must admit I think about the Apostles who all but one were horribly killed for the Gospel. The thought “only a thought” comes to mind, well if something bad happens then I am not dwelling and abiding properly. How do you interpret chapters like Psalm 91? Thanks for considering my email.”

“LOVE your teachings. My wife and I watch your vids all the time and have learned so much. I don’t think I have found anything I disagree with, even after two months of watching. That’s saying a lot. God had blessed your mind with much memory retention, and that’s awesome. Keep bringing out the truth for all to hear. Hopefully, we will meet someday, somewhere if you know what I mean.”

“A word of encouragement brother James, for your fundamental Bible approach to matters as the ones you cover in this video is precious. I am at a loss for words to tell you how much your videos (and Patrick’s) have helped me, an excatholic for 2 decades and a Bible believing Christian. Your work for the LORD is certainly a catalyst to evangelism for many of us who watch your presentations. Many blessings brother and hope to meet you soon at the LORD’s decent with a shout and the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God.”

“Thank you for providing these “verse-by-verse” Bible studies. I enjoy listening, taking notes, and learning the word of God. No other online study videos on the Tube go as in-depth as yours. Not to mention, people often pay good money for a lesson such as the one offered in your videos. Don’t stop making these videos; they are bright lamps in this dark world.”

“Hello, I found you on YouTube and love your ministry and I am a subscriber. I am amazed how I am in total agreement of every study and teaching you present. It takes a lot of sifting through to find the real brethren, I’m so thankful when I do. I am here in the US and I was wondering how I could get some tracts. Or maybe just one of each and I could go to a local printer company and get some made up to pass around, (with your permission of course). Please let me know if this is possible.”

“I just saw your recent video that you just now put out and I was just blessed by it. You have a gift of teaching and preaching ability from the Lord, and you share it with others that help us. May God give you a rich blessing for your hard work. All glory goes to our Lord Jesus for this.”

“Thanks so much for your video regarding Calvin and Augustine. It is exactly what I was looking for after recently being in contact with someone who has a website exposing Catholicism…but at the same time, praising Calvin. I am a former Catholic since ’74 and my experiences with Calvinism, along the way, have never been good. I don’t know what this person with the website is up to…if he has made some mistakes, or if he is deliberately trying to deceive those who come to his website. In any case, your clear presentation of Calvin on YouTube was extremely helpful. Thank you so much. Now that I have discovered your website, I will be returning as often as possible. The work you are doing is such a blessing to me. I have one student in my Bible study; otherwise, I am quite alone now after being rejected by friends and family…and unable to find a real Church. Since I must manage muscle pain on a daily basis, the only things I can do now is write and study…and I sincerely enjoy doing that. 🙂 He is our Peace.”

“Thank you for the Bible study DVD’s, they have been a blessing to me and I have learnt a lot from them.”

“James, I love your wonderful presentation of Romans which you have given us. THANK YOU so very much for your much activity and service to our Lord Jesus Christ. You have great courage in street preaching, distributing tracks, witnessing to whomsoever God sends to you. May He bless you abundantly. THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS UPON YOU BOTH.”

“First, thank you for being rescue fisher of men in the Catholic Church. I accidentally stumbled on your site while surfing the Net for info to assist me. I am reading your info here, watching your YouTube videos and can’t stop soaking up what you are saying. Wow!!! This is the validation I needed. God bless you and also I am going to friend you on Facebook if you don’t mind. Thanks again fellow warriors for Christ! Blessings and Maranatha!”

“Thank you for saying this, we live in a time of faith in paganism, masons, magic and the new age “light” crowd, good to hear that proper humility to the will of God is alive in this mess of a world, I pray that God blesses your words here and those who stumble upon them take heed.”

“I recently had a bout of insomnia and so decided to switch on the computer and hear your 6-hour audio on the gospel of John. I was very relieved to find that your excellent commentary was not spoiled by interpreting the text in a Calvinist way. I am an ex-Muslim who first joined a small church in Wood Green North London around 17 years ago. I had to leave that church in 2010 because the pastor was sliding more and more into an extreme form of Calvinism – even denying we had free will. I now look forward to hearing your other commentaries.”

“Thank you both for all you are doing for the Lord, I have learned much from you and I’m in awe when I watch the street preaching, I’ve never seen that before in any place I’ve ever lived. Have a blessed day.”

“Hello, just wanted to say I came across your Videos on YouTube, they are a blessing…I lean toward Baptist, it seems we believe about the same things. I am 42 and recently retired (due to an injury on the job) police officer here in Ohio in the US. I came to the Lord officially 2 years ago, I am doing serious studies on the Bible as I feel you can never have enough knowledge and have been thinking if it’s God’s will I may look into seminary. Just wanted to let you know I will be spending lots of time on your YouTube page and your site. Thanks for the videos they truly are a blessing and love the Bible commentary videos/Bible study on the Gospel of John. I have found that people including some preachers are clueless on the Bible, history and issues that are clearly answered in Scripture. God bless.”

“Thank you for accepting my friend invite. I cannot begin to tell you what a tremendous blessing your articles and videos have been to me. I identified your website a few weeks ago while searching for some resources to witness to my co-worker, a Roman Catholic. I’ve also enjoyed your talks on the heresy that is Calvinism. My younger brother embraced reformed theology a few years ago and to say that it’s taken over his life would be an understatement. He’s tried to “convert” me at every corner. Unfortunately, the reformed system has turned him into an obnoxious and arrogant individual (really stolen his loving kindness). I’m sure you’ve seen this in many Calvinists. Please keep us all in your prayers.”

“I was raised evangelical Christian. I was a born again Christian. However, at age 45 I started attending Catholic Mass because at the time I felt led to do that. I soon did [the] RCIA and joined the church. Now 5 years later I have been seriously questioning the doctrine of the Catholic Church and feeling very uncomfortable with it. Your website was very helpful to me. I feel like God is wanting me to leave the Catholic Church and go back to how I once was always taught. Thank you so much for this website!”

“THANK YOU for your unfettered word. It is an inspiration to me. I have been speaking to all those around me for years these things that you speak. It is wonderful to hear someone speaking so passionately and truthfully. May the Lord bless your ministry richly, James.”

“Dear James, I just want you to know how much I appreciate and look forward to your “open-air pulpit” videos. You have such a good grasp of so many issues, and you are able to communicate your knowledge in a remarkably clear manner. I am always uplifted and encouraged in my faith by listening to you speak. Your ministry has been absolutely instrumental in helping me make the break from 38 years in the Catholic Church. I’ve been out for nearly a year now, and I’m not sure I could have done it without the knowledge and reassurance I have gained from your teaching. Thank you to you and Patrick and may God abundantly bless you and all aspects of your ministry. Keep on preaching God’s glorious Word, my very dear brothers in the Lord!”

“I thank you and yours for all you do in the name of Christ our Saviour. I watch your videos online and enjoy your landscape wherever you are. The teaching and preaching is good for my soul and health to my bones. I love God’s word. And may I add that The Almighty has blessed you with beauty and learning and wisdom. May God bless you for many years to come, that you may continue to spread the Word in such a time as this.”

“I am a new Christian, and I have been following you and your father’s ministry for about a year. Thank you both for your work, I have learned much from your videos.”

“I can understand that you’re very [busy] with the ministry. I do pray the Lord will prosper your ministry and that you will continue serving Him. I have a particular desire to see RC’s saved, as I was once one myself for 20 years. My oldest brother is a Jesuit priest. I spent 4 years in Lithuania as a fundamental Baptist missionary. I do hope in the future we can communicate. I’ve perused much of your website and have learned a great deal. My prayers for you!”

“This was one of my favorites from your selection [Epistle of James]. I’ve been trying to learn the scriptures effectively and the verse-by-verse works perfect for me.”

“I would like to take the time to thank you for your work. I am an excatholic myself. I was raised a catholic and my family now persecutes me for my faith in Christ alone. My father is a traditional catholic whose faith lies in things of this world and in his family’s stories. My father likes to use the commandment ‘honor your father and mother’, saying that I am dishonoring him by leaving the catholic church. I continue to pray for strength and courage through this persecution. I enjoy your messages as they harden my sword, which is God’s word. Praise The Lord, as we long for His coming.”

“Brother James, Amen. “No, it is not the ‘blood of Christ.’ It is the ‘Precious Blood of Christ.'” Amen. And again I say Amen!!! 🙂 Bless you, brother. Stay strong in your ministry, focused, centered upon Him, His Glory, His Eternal Kingdom. Praise Him in all you do, with all you do, for all you do. I am thankful for your messages, brother. Continuing on also in earnest. Together we walk… in love with our Great God!”

“Greetings in Jesus Christ, I have been greatly blessed by God through your ministry in Him. I have joy in your sincere faith and look forward to sharing in the glory of His coming Kingdom with you.”

“I cannot tell you how encouraged I am by having found your website! I, too, was raised a Catholic, although I was a “disgruntled” one at best. God, by His grace, saved me from the grasp of the RCC. I am raising my 4 kids as Bible-believing Christians by the grace of God!  However, my husband and my entire family, as well as his entire family, are all devout Catholics. My conversion has caused major rifts between my husband and me. I feel swallowed up by the ignorance that surrounds me, both from Catholics and from other Christians who think the RCC is just another denomination. That is why I am so thankful to find ex-catholics speaking the TRUTH of GOD! I will pray for your ministry! To GOD be the GLORY! God Bless!”

“Just a note to say I am enjoying your YouTube verse-by-verse Bible teaching. God bless and greetings in Christ Jesus.”

“Hi brethren in Jesus Christ, you guys are doing something big for the glory of God, I love your ministry and I will like to support you guys. Please, if you need anything contact me…May God help you and keep you save in Jesus name.”

“Thank you very much for the work you have done for the Lord. Your ministry has greatly helped me in my understanding of the KJV Bible.”

“I have watched your video on the verse-by-verse explanation of the Book of Hebrews. I want to say thanks to you as it has helped me to have a clearer understanding of the message in the Book of Hebrews. I love how you took the time to show me other Bible passages that confirmed the text. You are doing a great job and may God continue to strengthen you as you do such great work. I will be watching more of your videos for they help me with a better understanding of God’s word. (I am not a Catholic, I am a bible believing Christian). Keep up the good works.”

“Dear friends at Ex-Catholics For Christ, we were motivated by your programs. A few other families catch the vision. So we set a date and began to meet. Since we are just a few we meet is someone’s compound. 40 of us fit in the small compound. We have printed several of your articles in the website and distributed among ourselves.”

“Please bear in mind that your videos are greatly appreciated. Wife and I read Scripture and pray, please let me make that clear. But your videos – both father and son – are just great to watch and listen to.”

“I just want to thank you. I saw your billboard and was glad because I am an ex-catholic and I was thinking maybe I was wrong getting out of there. Thank you so much for your reassurance.”

“Greetings! Found your website watching videos on YouTube. I like your website, it is very interesting. Please know that I will be praying for you as you continue to share Christ in the UK.”

“I would just like to say I have been following your site for approximately 12 months. I think you are both brilliant and doing fantastic work for the lord. I consistently watch your videos and the latest one by Patrick about the pope is straight to the point and I consider it to be the best one you have presented Patrick. Real truthful steely performance. Keep up the good work for Jesus and continue to show the varying locations in the background of your videos, which are excellent and coalesce with the word to make it interesting. I liked the ones by James a few weeks ago overlooking the lake in wintry conditions they were very good. I just thought I would drop a line of encouragement for all the hard work you do. May JESUS BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.”

“I just wanted to send you a brief thanks for the help your YouTube ministry has provided for me in these early stages of my new Christian life. Being ridiculously sceptical by nature, I sensed that you guys were on the up and up after watching only a few of your videos. James is honest, forthright, gutsy, and has an evident desire for lost people to know Jesus. I cannot and do not trust much of what I’m seeing on Christian television, which I happen to be watching right now for one glaring reason: everything these people are offering, whether it be books or CDs, is for sale, and I mean everything. I was just watching a fellow named Morris Cerullo who was offering two books on how to deal with financial hardship, and then charging $30 a piece for them. Was that supposed to be a joke? That’s seems pretty laughable to a guy like me working as a janitor who has maybe, 40 or 50 bucks a week to spend on groceries. Anyhow, I don’t want to head off onto any rabbit trails here. Although I’m still very ignorant, I’ve decided that I’m not going to trust anything that I don’t find in this Bible. I figure that will be good enough to keep me from error (hopefully). I look forward to learning more from you in the future. God Bless you and your dad James.”

“Please help me since I am quite bothered about this phenomena called stigmata since my sister-in-law got two marks on her feet after a catholic retreat.”

“I so much enjoy your YouTube videos, especially the one where James interviews Patrick on why he left the Church. I was raised Catholic, but am now a born again believer who nonetheless has one foot still in the Church (the “born again Catholic” that you say must leave the Church). May the Lord bless each of you men and your work.”

“Hello, over the course of many years I’ve met various evangelicals who prefer the King James Version over other Bibles. I have an NIV as well as the KJV, and I admit that I have spent much more time reading the former than the latter. The Southern Baptist with which I was affiliated at the time recommended the NIV. However, I do value your judgment and convictions and want to know the history, or rationale that would dictate reading the KJV over other versions (other than for it’s more lyrical quality). By the way, my university degree was literature with a minor in history, and the history dealt mostly with that of the British Isles. I must admit that though I have no wish to cast aspersions, it seems to me that there were some rather spurious characters involved with the English monarchy and religion leading up to James’ period of rule. Anyhow, I would really appreciate it if you could either address the question or refer me to a reliable source on the King James Bible. One quick comment before I close: Interestingly, I disavowed organized religion, as you define it, a month or so before I discovered your video teachings. Hence, am no longer a Baptist. Thank you for your time.”

“I’m a “cradle” Catholic wife and mother of 13 children. For the past 3-4 years, I’ve been searching for “truth” as something has not felt right. I have a ministry (lay apostolate) with over 20,000 members. If I make the wrong decision, I have not only my own soul at stake, but the souls of my 13 children and 20,000 other Catholics. YET, somehow I feel there is something wrong with Catholicism. YET, I’m fearful to make the break due to so many anathemas’ hanging over my head if I were to do so! Lord have mercy! Please, please, pray for me. I know that you must get a large volume of mail, but if you feel Jesus is leading you, would you kindly correspond for a short bit (I have read a good amount of your articles with the Bible at hand, thank you!) I get hundreds of emails via the apostolate each day and cannot answer all of them. Therefore, I do understand if you cannot answer me. I’ve put the request out to other “excatholics” and have yet to have one respond. It is a bit disheartening, yet I know Jesus has allowed it for a reason. May God continue to bless you and your son.”

“I am a non-denominational Christian. I had been in the occult until Christ called me out through my dreams many years ago. I had been lukewarm in my walk until this past year when I began to earnestly seek our Lord. I began watching EWTN because it’s one of the few stations we get at our home. I recently had begun to study Catholicism and Marian devotion to deepen my faith and grow in a more intimate walk with God. Yet I have been very prayerful and discerning because of my background in the occult and having been taught that Catholicism was anti-Christ and demonic. Not the people but the dogma and hierarchy. But since doing research I have become very confused about the truth. Is this the church Christ established through Peter? Why is the Eucharist not Christ literally transformed and why do you now consider this false religion. I mean no offence, I am truly sincere and striving to walk closely with our Lord in truth. Please respond and send any insights. I was seriously considering converting then I found your site.”

“I am a catholic Benedictine novice monk. I have some questions and am wondering if there is someone who would help me with my doubts and struggles with what I am seeing and experiencing in monastic life. I desire to know Christ and live for Him alone. Thank you.”

“James, I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing your precious knowledge with your website and videos. They are really great and I watch them all the time. GOD bless.”

“GOD ALMIGHTY blessings over you all for the great work on teaching of the scriptures. I’ve been studying the book of Hebrews on YouTube but loading problems comes up. Is there a DVD or CD I can get”?

“I pray that God keeps on touching many lives through you. I would like to ask you if there is any chance that you can send me what you have on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims in Spanish. I would like to share this with some friends that are like family. I love them and right now the devil is trying to confuse them. Only their faith in Christ can lead them to understanding but I also believe that this can open up their hearts a little bit more or to allow them to see a little more clear. If you can’t I understand. Blessing brother, and keep fighting the good fight.

I started watching your YouTube videos approx 1 week ago. I enjoy them very much. May the Lord bless you.”

“Hello James and Patrick, first may I say I am so edified by your ministry 🙂 I was raised in the Catholic system myself and in this age of political correctness and ecumenism, there is a real need for doctrinal error to be addressed. I am also appreciative of your expository teachings and thank you for them.”

“I have spent the last 3 days listening to this [Matthew’s verse-by-verse Bible study] and I have read along with you from a new international version, as I find it difficult to read the KJV but comparing them both side by side it has become far easier to understand the old English writing. I have always had some part of me believe in God and it wasn’t until recently that I came to truly devote myself to read the Bible. I have witnessed a miraculous change in my faith and mind. The desire to be grounded in Christ has become overwhelming. I want to thank you for offering your time in producing this video, it has been a great help to me, more so than you may imagine.”

“Brother James, I have been watching your channel for a few years now and I really appreciate your ministry. I was wondering if you would allow me to share some of your videos by allowing me to upload some of them to my channel? If permitted, I would place in the description box below “Upload by permission of excatholics YouTube channel.” Also, I would place a link to your channel and website as well. Let me know if this would be acceptable”?

“The best explanation of ‘Romans’ on YouTube.”

“I am glad to be able to share with you this wonderful news! Last night, after praying much to the Lord concerning the matter about my mother all day yesterday, I took the liberty of viewing your video “Spot the Spirit” again, as I had viewed it once when it was first posted. This video was the perfect exhortation that I could have ever received on last night, and I am thankful to the Lord for the timely viewing of it. I know that I have taken up so much of your time, but I really wanted to share this with you, a brother in Christ, as you did pray for me and ministered to me, and I want to share how the Lord has given me the courage to do what I didn’t think I could any longer do. Our Father is so amazing to deliver when we follow His will! Please read this when you have time to not rush through it. I pray that after reading it, you will rejoice with me in what the Lord has done. Thank you so much dear Brother James in standing with me! You’re more of a blessing and encouragement than you realize! God’s love is incredible, especially when expressed through us to one another in the body of Christ. There are not many ministers who will take the time that you take with others like me. I pray that I can be just as much of a blessing to others as you have been to me!

It’s wonderful that you offer these free so you can use them later on without an Internet connection. Thank you from New York. Every blessing to you.”

“I have listened to hours upon hours of your videos on YouTube and have been so blessed by them. I am also doing your Bible study on I Timothy. I just wanted to tell you that even though I have always supported several ministries, which is what I do, supporting yours has given me a joy beyond my understanding. Even now I’m sitting here crying while I type this. I’m not sad at all. I am beyond what is described as joy because that’s how I get when the Lord shows Himself to me. A blessing beyond description I guess I should say. So, I expect God to bless you and your ministry in an awesome way in these end time days and I’m happy to be a small part of that. Maranatha.”

“I love your videos & have learned much from them. I quit attending church 4 years ago while my church employed me, and in the 15 yrs I worked there I saw the “real” side of the minister and staff. They are ignorant of scripture, money lovers, and self serving liars. Yes, I’ve heard the pastor lie. He has an ego the size of any state. For me, he has no testimony. I’ve learned more on my own than from attending church.”

“I stumbled across your videos on YouTube, and thoroughly enjoyed many of them already! Your beliefs line up with the Bible, which are the beliefs I hold to as well. And I assume you’re located in England by the looks of the videos. I myself am a student at a Bible university. I believe God’s plan for my life is to become a missionary to England. Not out of a romantic idea, but a sincere desire to reach souls for Christ in that country. I just simply wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your videos and for doing God’s will on your life! I hope to meet you both or visit your church when I am in England myself in a few years. Prayers.”

“Your videos are very helpful and enjoyable. I have been born again now for 2 years and I have found your YouTube channel to be an excellent resource. Thank you for all your efforts. You’ve been a blessing in my life. God bless.”

“I have been watching your videos and have been inspired to get back into giving out tracts and street preaching again. At one time my wife and I lived in North Africa where we smuggled bibles in Arabic into Algeria (1983-86). I also rode my bike in Ceuta with tracts and bibles in different languages to give out to all that would take them. I was saved in 1973 out of a Catholic Polish family background so I relate to you guys. I want to help you in your work and as it were work along side of you from a distance. The Lord is calling me back into service for the rest of my life starting up a ministry at 65 years of age. As I’m getting back on fire for the things of God and speaking of the End Times I find it becoming a lonely place even as old friends do not want to hear my message. I do believe that the Rapture will happen in my lifetime and that disturbs the plans of many that are too busy with their lives and this world to be interrupted by Jesus coming. How absurd. If you ever come to this part of the world you would be most welcome.”

“So much gratitude for your ministry! I have gone from Catholicism, to JW’s, to Calvary Mega Church, to the Charismatic Circus, even “practiced my tongues,” another reason I didn’t feel saved. Never got any of the gifts. Couldn’t even fake being slain in the Spirit, and never healed anyone: (Off to Hebrew Roots I went, and then the Lord led me to you and Patrick. A pure, born again, rightly divided bible-believing ministry! I had been holding on to Mt. 7:7-8 for such a long time. Finally, because of your ministry, I know who Jesus Christ is! The doctrine I had in my head was muddled. I now have a testimony!! Never have I believed that I was saved. I now know that I am born again! As a wretched sinner, I got on my face and cried out to the Lord to save me. And you are right James; Jesus reached out His hand and grabbed me! Finally! No more torment and fear! The Bible has been, for years a mess to understand. Now, with your help, and the Grace of God, it is rightly divided! I can stop buying different bible perversions. The KJV has come alive to me, and it has become my entertainment and my hobby! I have listened to your teachings for hours. I even find comfort in your voice while I sleep. I’m not a “Jamesite”, I keep my gratitude for you in check:) The fact that you are on fire for the Lord, without compromise has inspired me also to become bolder. I am not confused anymore about the gospel message. Grace through faith. Not of works, lest any man should boast. (But you know this.) Everyone who gets their hair done by me is a captive audience to what Jesus has done for us. I have never had anyone leave mid-haircut! Romans 8:28 is so real to me now, I understand many doctrines, and I am grateful for my very long walk because I can relate to many! God is so good! Did not mean to ramble as I have. Needed to thank you and your father Patrick, with all my heart. Blessings and Maranatha!”

“I too came out of the RCC in 2006 and the Father has allowed me to interact with RC’s on a one-to-one basis. It is truly humbling to hear about a father & son team preaching the Truth. May the Lord bless you both and keep you safe and give you peace. I will be following your site from now and passing it on to RC family to show the madness of their doctrine.”

“Just want to thank you for your ministry. Your videos and podcasts have encouraged me tremendously and I love your zeal for evangelism. I’ve been truly blessed.”

“I discovered your channel today, it’s really good! I left Catholicism officially this year, after seeing some pro-gay marriage and adoption attitudes from the pope and priests in general. I’m from Argentina, so I know that pope very well. Thank you for your contribution.”

“I just want to thank you for your videos on YouTube and thank you for sharing the WHOLE truth (and not just the “feel-good” verses). Please know that your work is reaching all over the world. To those who seek the truth, your work is more than gold. I thank the Lord for you and may He continue to bless your ministry.”

“Amen and Amen, brother James! Thank you so much for this excellent expository on Paul’s letter to the Galatians. What a blessing it was to listen to your voice as you read and make commentaries. God bless you, brother! Maranatha!”

“James just finished listening to Hebrews. Wow. You are such a gifted teacher. Thank you! I already had a great conversation with a co-worker who is Catholic and because of your insight and teaching, I was able to make a few points and I think she listened. I’m praying for your ministry and reaping great benefits myself! Praise Jesus’ Holy Name!”

“The way the scriptures were broken down in this teaching [2 Timothy] verse-by-verse is the way Bible studies ought to be done. I’ve been saved for over 25 years in the USA and most of the churches in my surroundings are gearing towards entertainment instead of holiness. Most have severe respect to the person and are only concerned about raising money. Keep teaching sound doctrine. AMEN!”

“Thank you so much! I love King James and use it. It is hard to understand but I appreciate this so much [1 Timothy]. I look forward to these readings and commentary. I feel like I’m in my own personal bible (study)”. 

“Thank you James, that helped my wife and myself no end. Bless you, brother [Mystics, Spirits, And Gnostics]”.

“You know what, you are an excellent teacher. Of course, I’ve only listened to a small part of your teaching (1 hour and 15 minutes of “John’s Gospel made Simple”). Is it possible for me to ask you just a few questions? Because what would help me is to hear from a teacher like you who is going to respond from scripture. God bless you and keep up the good work.”

“Thank you first of all for the videos you’ve put out over the years, I’ve been watching them for over a year and they’ve helped me to grow as a Christian and I thank you for that. But at the end of the day, the glory belongs to God! And I hope He continues to bless your ministry.”

“One evening I was actually looking something else up on YouTube which is very, very rare that I’m even on, when your video popped up on the page saying the words “Stand Firm”. Of course, something at that moment prompted me to open it, without thinking I did and began to listen to you talk. (I soon discovered that prompting was the Spirit.) I was so excited at the beginning because after giving the Queen story you went straight into your testimony about being born again and that you left the Catholic church, you said that your Catholic friends didn’t know the Lord and so I was so happy to hear that you were born again and had left and found Jesus, so without hearing anything further I paused it, moved the laptop to the room my husband was in, started it over even though it was only a minute into it, (of course being ignorant thinking this was meant just for him and thinking it was on Catholic talk) we were both in for a nice surprise, then the awakening happened…and we just quietly sat and listened to the whole thing. We realized all that you were saying felt true, we both cried and just stayed silent for a while pondering on your words. Then I wanted to know if you had more. I felt like I had to hear more. I found that you had a website, and we went to it. We looked at it and went through it. Of course we were really interested in going to the part of world religions because I wanted to make sure you were not anti-Mormon and as I read it I was like yep this man doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but again I felt guilty for even thinking that, and I said what if he’s right. My husband actually agreed with me only saying that he knew that you were right about the Catholics. So after reading all that you wrote on all the religions, I had to prove that what you were saying was true. (My whole life I was told if I loved God, God didn’t want me to listen or read anything anti-Mormon) but I began reading only the Bible. So now, my husband and I started learning more about God and his word, and living our lives differently. We are so excited. We have both been reborn, our kids were just saved and we read as a family every single night. We love it too. It’s something that now that we know we can’t go a day without him. We gathered our family together and some neighbors, now that they have found the truth also. The one’s that we couldn’t get to open their bible, I asked them what areas in their life that they were struggling with and I then went to your site found a topic that was close to it, which amazingly I did this a couple of times (thank you.) I sent them a link and told them hey you really have to hear this and they would read it they listened and loved it, and that actually got them to open that Bible and want more. Now we have more that have come together on Sunday and fellowshipped with our family. Actually the other night the neighbors were preparing the lesson but the mom had to cancel cause she was feeling sick so her daughter came with nothing and we were all scrambling and trying to decide on a topic, so I just turned you on went to one of your videos watched it all together and then we looked up the scriptures and talked about it. So it was pretty awesome.”

“Dear Patrick, by the grace of our most beloved Jesus drawing me ever so close, after having recently (1yr) left the Catholic Church, it is a blessing to have come upon your website and ministry! My love for the Bible is like nothing ever before. I find myself researching much of the same topics and find your writings most beneficial and passionate, from church history and Catholic practices to the Jesuits and world religions/cults. And I must say, your street preaching/radio/bible studies are a breath of fresh air in these days of ecumenical spells and false teachings. I read through your site and find such Christian fellowship in the true essence of the ecclesia. Thank you for your bold and brave witness! Peace of Christ.”

“Hello brother, I promised myself that I would share with you my experience yesterday preaching in the public arena, since you so kindly asked. I just want to let you know that your outreach ministry and sharing your experiences has made a tremendous impact on the brethren around the world, and I urge you to keep on doing what you are doing despite ridicule or reproach. O’ if only I can come over to the UK to have fellowship with you and your father Patrick, and to take the unadulterated word of God out into the streets and preach with authority and power.”

“Hi James, I just watched your “Stand Firm” video, it is excellent, thanks. What you stated is so true for me as well, when you try to give the Gospel to friends and especially family members they all walk away and are not interested in this valuable free gift from our Lord and Saviour Jesus. It is hard to comprehend but the lost, unsaved are so entrenched in this world and are completely blind to who is ruling this world. You mentioned 1st John 5:13, that is a great and comforting piece of scripture. Talk to you soon, GOD Bless.”

“Your ministry is outstanding: you are firm and clear, but never boorish nor inconsiderate. You take a staunch stand for truth, and you always season it with a hint of salt, a bitterness that causes the soul to question and reason whether or not he is saved. Your ministry, in short, has been a profound blessing upon my life. Thank you for your work, J and P, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven.”

“What a blessing your ministry has been to me. So straight forward. You mention tracts often, and I would like to know where to get good ones for the KJV of the bible. Thank you.”

“I wanted to thank you for your videos on YouTube. I had broken my ankle late January of this year and have been out of work since, except for a couple days in trying to go back to work and realized my ankle wasn’t just ready yet. I had lots of time on my hands and I was watching other YouTube videos about the new world order and end time prophecy and stumbled onto your videos. Glad I did. They have really helped to answer a lot of my questions.”

“James and Patrick, as a former Catholic myself, I want to thank you for the excellent work you do for Christians everywhere. Your website and videos are a great resource for those who want to study Christ and His teachings. Blessings to you.”

“How can we help you from the US? And can you send me all your Bible study materials? You guys have made a tremendous change in my life! God bless you guys and I hope to meet you some day here or with our Lord and Savoir Jesus.”

“God bless you James. I really appreciate your diligence and faithfulness to walk in and stand for the truth. Your videos always strengthen and encourage me. I’ve been saved since 1977 and find it very hard to find believers in this contemporary end times who still look to the word of God for truth. Sanctification, separation, and sound doctrine are irrelevant, dead issues to the modern “church.”

“I also want to tell you that it has been a great pleasure for me to listen to your verse-by-verse Bible study on the Gospel of John. I recently finished reading the Gospel of John. Each chapter I finished read[ing], I listened to your expository study on it. I was extremely blessed, and I want to say thank you, and God bless you for all the work and study that you put in. It was brilliantly done. Thank you, brother, and God bless! MARANATHA!!!”

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work in serving the Lord. I really appreciate your ministry in reaching people, and the time you spend creating your YouTube videos. I was born a Roman Catholic and accepted Christ a few years ago. I enjoy watching and sharing your videos during my lunch hour in work.”

“Thank you for your cadre and truthful teaching. I look forward to all of your videos and you have been an incredible help on my Christian journey.”

“Hello James and Patrick, I stumbled across your YouTube channel 2 or 3 days ago and then your website. I am being truly blessed by your videos; nothing beats the TRUE gospel being preached in sprit and truth. God bless you both.”

“I started renewing my mind again on Sunday. I studied along with James’ commentaries on John and Matthew and some other videos and reference work. It was a 10-hour study day. This always confirms we are working for God when attacked, and that He protects those that are His…. Well, time to go. I thank you for reading my rather wordy testimony. I only did this because it is your Ministry that got me back on track last weekend, after a 2-year recovery. Don’t neglect to put on the full armour each day! And Ephesians 4:23-24.”

“I am just sending you a quick email to thank you for another year of encouraging videos, and for always focusing on preaching the gospel to the lost. There are not many on YouTube who are truly focused on mission and so I have to commend you for unswervingly making that your focus. I hope you have a peaceful time over the new year and I look forward to continuing to hearing of all the great work you are doing. God bless.”

“I am so glad I’ve found your channel and it hit me that I’ve been living in fear for not understanding the terms! Christ’s terms are soooo much better than mine! Salvation that I can’t lose. James I was in deep depression not getting up from bed for most part of the days and barely able to take care of my son and it is gone! That gloom and fear I was living in is gone. I started to listen to your Bible Studies and I just keep rejoicing in this love and mercy that was given to me. My whole world has changed and my outlook on life and people, and I am just awestruck of this Being that would do this for me and love me this much to die for me knowing what kind of wretched person I am”!

“God bless you James and Patrick for your videos and for your works! I just started watching your videos and when I saw some street preaching videos you guys really inspire me. Your testimony was great. Right now I’m just passing out tracts wherever I can (mostly to the destitute) and doing my best to serve the Lord. I grew up as a Catholic (was baptized at birth, but from then on I was never devout, fortunately), neither is my father devout. My mother’s side is Buddhist and my father’s side is Catholic, and right now I’m the only saved sinner in the family. I’ve tried reaching out to them but their English isn’t very good (Vietnamese family, I was born in U.S though). Since I’m not a very fluent Vietnamese speaker, I can’t really reach out to them in their native language. On top of that, I’m not a very good speaker. However, I’m not using my weaknesses as excuses not to serve the Lord as best I can. Please pray that I will one day gather up the courage to get out there and street preach despite making myself look like a fool, for the Lord. Starting small but will grow eventually. Speaking also on behalf of the brethren who are preach-shy. Love you guys and keep up the good work!”

“Hello brother James. I have been saved now for two months. I was raised catholic and attended catholic school from K to 10th grade. I always knew at a very young age that the church didn’t seem right. I have now had to start completely over, learning everything the right way. The Holy Spirit led me to the right people in order to get saved and now has led me to you. I follow along in my Bible with you (on Matthew now) take notes, and watch your videos. I thank God for leading me to you, and I thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Just today my older sister told me that she believed since Jesus died on the cross for our sins that everyone is going to heaven. I told her she was wrong and I surprised myself at how much I already knew in such a short time. I know it is the Holy Spirit. I hope to help my family get saved and help others too. Please know that you have helped show me the way and for that I have much love in my heart for you. Thank you.”

“Hi James and Patrick, until I found your channel I never knew there were so many cults & sects around, you both are doing a great service for the Lord Jesus Christ, & now with your radio program reaching some of the underprivileged parts of the world, who might not have internet access, Praise the Lord, I have most of your YouTube videos saved to a hard drive, as you never know what will become of the net, with all the truth exposing the powers of the darkness of this world & the great bible sermons being uploaded. Stay strong & keep fighting for our Lord Jesus Christ, there is salvation in none other & he is the only way to heaven, who knows it could be through your good work that the last soul gets saved. All in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

“So very impressed with your calm, precise, and clearly stated Bible wisdom. You do truly present a GGod-blessedministry. Please keep up your precious work for our Creator and His Son, it is so direly needed. (Bright spots, and rest for me during very long and trying days.) Thank you once again; and may His light continue to shine forth from both of you.”

“Hello James and family, I have recently discovered you through searching for “John’s Bible Study” and came across your YouTube page and eventually found your website and all of its content. I’m amazed and overwhelmed with the abundant amount of information you’ve provided us Christians that seek the Lord and the truth. I want to first of all thank you for the time spent on all of this material and it is clear that the Lord is working through you. May God continue to bless you and us all.”

“I am eagerly listening to you and your father’s messages and I am greatly encouraged by your honest and deep biblical teaching. In my relatively short time as a born again Christian (19 months), I have not come across many para church sites that I would be comfortable with following, especially now that I have come to believe in eternal security and studying the word (I use KJV too as my main Bible) above all other texts. I realize that you are your father are very busy, so I won’t pester you too much with questions that perhaps I can glean from your online teachings. I will pray for your continued blessing in reaching out to lost souls on your outreaches and that your radio ministry expands to many more countries that desperately need the Real Gospel being brought to them! I will look on your site to see how I can donate to your Ministry. Regards and God bless you and your father and your supporting Christian brothers and sisters”!

“Thank you very much for the mp3’s. My wife, and 2 sons carry them with us. You have strengthened our relationship with Jesus and our understanding of our role. God bless you!”

“I have been listening to your study on the book of Matthew, and have greatly been blessed. I have a long drive to work, but the time has been edifying by your teaching. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying you and your father’s ministry have been of great encouragement to me and others in the United States. Thank you for being a light in these days of compromise, and keeping a focus on eternal things. Blessings and prayers to your ministry.”

“Hi, just want to say thanks for the great article on evolution. It is so great to see so much Biblical evidence against evolution. I am looking for books that show evolution is untrue so that I can teach my kids of 4 & 6 years old that Creation is true and evolution is a myth and untrue. Any suggestions will be most appreciated. I am an ex-catholic that is now involved in a Bible centered Church and loving the personal relationship that I have with Christ. Thank you for all your work on this site, it has helped me make a lot of sense of my past and has given me the information to explain what I have felt, but haven’t quiet had the words for. Great work. God bless.”

“I just want to say “Thank You” for you and your dad’s obvious gift for preaching and teaching. You guys tell it like it is and back everything up with scripture. I am a sick backslid Christian being brought under conviction and your ministry is a great tool in helping combat my ignorance, pain, and suffering. You guys are a definite chosen vessel. Remain humble and please don’t change your style.”

“Thank you for this video. I’ve been coming to your channel fairly frequently. I find there are so many extremes in “Christianity,” so your effort be as Scriptural as possible is very encouraging. God Bless you!”

“I am a minister of the gospel of our Lord, Christ Jesus. I’ve recently been very active in watching and studying some of the biblical teachings on YouTube and happened to run across your article on tongues. “No coincidence.. Thank you so much for the foundational truths of Gods word, accurate references, as well as the historical study and languages presented in what I will call the online message. I’ve had many questions myself concerning this subject as well as some of the other things the gentleman so beautifully discussed in his presentation. Casting out demons threw me a little bit, but I will continue to study God’s word prayerfully. Thank you and may God continue to bless you as you win souls through God’s wisdom and direction.”

“I JUST LOVE the zeal Ex-Catholics have for the word of God, their thirst for the Truth of the Scripture and their seeking of the Living Torah Messiah Yeshua!!! 😀 They remind me of ex-smokers…Been there done that seen the movie and bought the T-shirt! They are anointed because of having gone through the disillusionment and by the Grace of God retained their faith!!! May the Lord use them MIGHTILY because when they speak, they speak from experience too! 😀 Shalom from Israel!!!”

“I first want to thank you guys, because your Youtube [channel] is one of the main reasons I have the beliefs that I do now. I saw some of your vids before I started reading the Bible, and I thought you were crazy, how can you claim that sin will not lose your salvation. So I used to get physically angry at your views of OSAS, and I did the same about other evangelical sites. I had to see the Holy Word to get things straight…and get this: I started reading the NT in order to COMBAT OSAS…but the tables turned on me haha. Your vids helped me alot regarding water baptism, eternal security and also the pre-trib rapture.”

“Dear brother, I want to thank you for your teachings. GOD bless you and keep up the good work. I wish we had some people like you here in Germany.”

“Just wanted to encourage you in the name of the Lord. Your ministry helps many. I hope that you are doing well in the UK. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you today. 1st John 5:7 — The Word of God is God.”

“You fellas are some of the greatest Christians EVER to come out of the UK Thank you for trying to win souls to Christ and motivating others to go do the same!!!”

“Hi, James and Patrick. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your ministry. I myself am a Christian Bible believer and I get such a blessing from the videos that you do. I also enjoy your website very much as well. You all have motivated me to hand out tracts to people and place them in places in my community as well as witness to people where I work, all to the glory of God!! Thank you for the blessing that your ministry gives me and all the good work for the Lord that you do. God bless and take care. I will be praying for you all as well.”

“Brother James, I thank God for revealing your ministry to me through YouTube. I am convicted from your message to go to the world to preach the Gospel. Pray for me to [have] the courage to take a bold and unconventional step out for the LORD. I live in an area where my presence is not welcomed by others. Have you ever experienced people who you never met before [they] shun you away. I don’t offend by my words, or by my attire or by my scent. I feel the tension and hypocrisy of some people’s action or body language. Please remember me in your prayers (to empower me to overcome my external and internal obstacles in my life).”

“Hello men. I worshiped with you as you read the scriptures on Resurrection Day on the street. I looked up your address on the Google maps site and saw your place. Manchester looks so nice. Our God is an awesome God and thank you for your excellent videos. They uplift much.”

“Hello Patrick and James…I just wanted to say GOD bless you and the preaching you perform. I’ve been saved 8 months now after watching a YouTube presentation on Revelation. I was raised Roman Catholic yet never got interested in it. At early adulthood I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. For 12 long years I suffered, until that awesome evening 8 months ago. Jesus healed me of my affliction immediately. I’ve been hungry for the LORD ever since. I used to live a reclusive lifestyle yet am now volunteering at a local food bank. Your videos and Bible studies are AMAZING! Maybe in the near future I will share my lengthy testimony with you both (if you would be interested). In any case, I just wanted to say hello and thank you both for all of your hard work. GOD bless you both!”

“I hope you continue to post videos. I was backslidden for so long and one day, I heard messages that reminded me that I could easily go to hell because of sin and turning my back on God. I look back on myself during my time away from the Lord between 2009-2013 and can’t believe I was that woman. My heart was hardened. I came back to the Lord with repentance during [the] fall of 2013. I was terrified that I [had] lost my salvation forever and was begging for answers. I’m glad I found them because I didn’t think I could be forgiven. I have the fear and love of God inside me today.”

“Good morning sir! Saw your work on YouTube and was glad to see you share to the gospel to the lost. Britain needs more people like you to turn the nation towards God. I pray that God gives you the strength and grace to keep up the good work.”

“James, I like your truth, honesty and insight in your videos. My loving aunt died days ago. Her funeral will be delayed for 8 days due to Holy Week and Easter (rules of Catholic church). She was a kind, faithful servant of God. She loved Jesus. Her vocation in life – she was a catholic nun for over 70 yrs. We are an Irish, catholic family so none of the family members have heard of your preaching. I’ve started teaching my own young kids what I have learned about the false teachings of many religions including Catholicism. I believe many Catholics don’t know any better. They believe blindly because the generation before told them what to believe. She was a very good person and always encouraging us, never negative. Deep down, I have to trust in God alone that I will get to see her again along with my deceased Mom as well. Just very sad today. God bless you James and Patrick.”

“Hello James, my brother in Christ. I’m not always sure where you are at when you are preaching – sometimes you tell the viewers, other times not, but you have some of the loveliest backdrops. One time you were on what appeared to be a bridge, but behind you, it looked just like the Valley of Megiddo stretched out – all lush and green. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for preaching the TRUTH in a world that has gone mad and especially your stand for the greatest Book that has ever been produced – the King James Bible!!!! God Bless all of you!!!”

“Thank you for the good work you are doing. Your videos have really helped and inspired me to improve in my faith.”

“You, your website, your videos, all the information you share with others have been THE MOST influence in saving me and for that, just a “thank you” isn’t enough, but it’s pretty much all I can do, I suppose. May God continue to bless you and continue leading you to help others.”

“You are truly doing the Lord’s work! Thank you for your videos and Bible study. It has blessed me and I have really enjoyed your approach, wisdom, delivery, and message. I am an American but spent 4 years in the U.K. during my teenage years. Listening to you and seeing the open-air pulpit countryside views has been nostalgic and awesome. Thank you for all that you do! I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry.”

“I just want to say thank you for witnessing to people and putting videos together. It really influences me to be like you and go out on the streets and start soul winning for the Lord! I hope you’re doing well. I watched your video you put together “Depart From Me. Jesus’ Terrifying Words.” You really made some good points. Like you said some Christians out here in the west will arrive in eternity with nothing to offer but they are still saved… I’m only 19 and I want to be a soul winner for the Lord and preach His Gospel, buy Bible tracts, go door-to-door and street-preach! Keep me in prayer!”

“I went to a Presbyterian church for much of my childhood and never got saved until discovering the KJV and ex-catholics ministry at age 29. I could have avoided so much trouble if I had been taught the truth as a child, but I thank the Lord for my salvation all the same.”

“I wanted to thank you for the YouTube video “Calvinism is Pseudo Catholicism”. I have subscribed and will look at the others. Thanks again for your clear teaching.”

“Thank you , James,for helping me understand the verses of the Bible, and for helping me have a better relationship with my Lord and Saviour. Your work is much appreciated.”

“Your voice is just right for the reading and thank you for using the KJV version and not the NIV, NKJV, or any other one. They’ve changed God’s word so much!!!! I hate them who are doing this because they are misleading people. Thank you!!!”

“This is one of the best Bible studies. Just started to listen to it. So far, I’m getting to understand the bible more, just by listening to this. God bless you, James. Continue to help us to study the bible.”

“I have doubted my salvation because of a YouTuber who said you can’t have anxiety and be saved (and I have an anxiety disorder). This almost made me lose my faith. I was so terrified. Your video helped me very much, thank you. Now I know that my belief in Jesus Christ is enough. I have to trust in Him.”

“Your video on Cromwell is superb. The music also. I wept all through it because he is one of those through which God did so much to maintain the Gospel through England in his era. Who has since seen an entire army with so many really dedicated to the Gospel, and really fighting to preserve that truth from Catholic tyranny? Even the Christian founding of the United States came out of England and that has shaped our destiny, though it is faltering now also because of apostasy in the churches and pagan immigration.”

“Hello James, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you for being faithful to declare the Gospel. I am greatly helped by faithful workers clarifying the Gospel. Iron sharpens iron…. Thankful, coming out of a long dark place, so grateful for His faithful provision. Thankful in Christ Jesus, healing and growing! Your videos are encouraging more than you know. You are in my prayers.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your YouTube channel!! I have been looking for the truth of God for a long time and recently was led by Him to the book of Mark. It’s hard to explain what occurred at least not in a manner anyone will believe anyway. I was asking Him where and how could I find Him. Which church was the correct one to attend? I wasn’t shown a church but a bible which opened itself to the book of Mark. I was not asleep at the time. As I said hard to believe but very true. The only thing is I have always had a very hard time understanding what I was reading in the King James Bible and did say this in prayer in the past. I was looking on YouTube hoping to find an audio version in hopes of better understanding if I heard it. I did find a couple but realized they where shortened versions and I was no closer to understanding. Then I saw yours verse-by-verse book of Mark. I truly have prayed for God to bless you both!! Finally I was able to not only hear but read along and be allowed understanding of the word. Your explanation of each verse and telling where else to look has helped me so very much. I am now able to read other portions of the word easier. I am now listening to Matthew. Unfortunately I was a hard one for God to get threw to even though I was looking. He finally gave me a good wake up. Or should I say a good smack backward lol. Although he didn’t let me fall completely. I was caught. Then shown the bible. I now see how he had been trying to get my attention all along but I was just too stupid to see it. Anyway I wanted to say thank you and I truly hope you continue with your channel. God bless.”

Thank you. You have reset me on the right path again. I was in neutral.”

“As an adult education major, I graduated with a master of arts degree in adult ed and in my 3 1/2 years of training, I never saw one that did such a great job addressing audio and visual learning together, great job!”

“James’ Bible lessons on YouTube are responsible for saving me by the grace of God… Thank you SO MUCH for everything you do Patrick and James. Your ministry is helping me to become a more effective soul winner. Your work is exponentially spreading throughout the world.”

“GRACIAS POR PUBLICAR EN INGLÉS…AUDIO ESCRITURA Y APRENDO EN INGLÉS. DIOS ETERNO TE GUARDE. SALUDOS DESDE CARACAS.”  (“Thank you for posting [your] audio and writings in English; I am learning English. May the Eternal God keep you. Greetings from Caracas”)

“Thank you for your study on the Book of Acts of the Apostles. I’ve listened to every one and they’ve helped me in my walk with Christ and understanding of His word. God bless you, James and Patrick!”

“Thank you, James, for sharing the Doxology, Historical, and Eschatological of the verses in the Bible, very interesting indeed. Mind-blowing indeed. Thank you James again. Many blessings to you and your family, God bless. Be safe. Peace.”

“Amen. These London sermons are your best work, IMO. Excatholics, I want to thank you again for all the work you do. Since I got saved in 2011 I’ve been watching your videos. Your ministry has been very valuable to me and helpful to me in my walk with the Lord. May God richly bless you both, James and Patrick.”

“Love it and the fact that you could see and read with the reader also, cause I’m not good with pronunciation. So it’s helped me a lot. May God bless you.”

“加油!非常不错的 Keep preaching! God bless you! I was irreligious when I lived in China, but I turn to Jesus now! So glad and so lucky I [got] saved, but so sad no one stop to listen. Wish they know God loves us and He wants [us] to love Him too.”

“Thank you James for these videos. It’s amazing to me that over the course of 3 months, in which prior I found myself watching mindless YouTube junk while falling asleep, the Lord [was] leading me back to your readings and commentary. Not just this, but often the videos I choose generally have a very unique way of encouraging me. As a new Christian, I had reached out to someone whom I felt really discouraged by after my confession that my sin was breaking me & beating me down.”

“Hello, I just like to say how wonderful to find you two on YouTube. I too was brought up a catholic, but now have come out of that system. I am a Bible believing follower of our Lord Jesus. I also believe in the pre trib rapture and we are living in the last days….I am going to look at your site now, may God bless your good works. From a brother in Jesus.”

“Your pre trib video helped me tremendously. It seems almost too good to be true and feels almost antinomian. The fact that the televangelists believe it threw me further for a loop. But the reality is, that while they may have gotten the rapture right, neither they nor their antinomian friends will be in it.”

“Watching your videos has made me think that I can’t just sit back and go to church on Sundays. The Saviour said to go out and preach the gospel, that’s our call as born-agains to do. It’s all about having a legacy for the Lord, that’s what I want to do! Thank you James.”

“Hi, I really appreciate your posts on YouTube. You have been a blessing. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I grew up Catholic – ahhhhhhh – and then attended an Anglican church for nearly a decade. I understood the Gospel last April. Your posts have helped me so much.”

“God bless you for the videos you have made, and will do. Been trying to get a handle on Calvinism, and your video was most helpful. Thanks and God bless, and keep you and yours.”

“Brother, I’m an ex-Catholic who briefly for the last 6 months has been in the Adventist Church. Thought I was doing the right thing observing the Sabbath and finding your videos I am very conflicted.”

“I discovered you through YouTube, I was searching for KJB teachings. I praise our God for having found your ministry. Now I find out Patrick is your Dad, well James that makes it that much better. God bless you and your ministry, I send my love to you and Patrick as brothers in Christ our Saviour.”

“Greetings from Yukon, Canada. We have watched quite a few of your videos and also stand on the word of God in these perilous times. Your videos are a great encouragement.”

“I don’t mind waking up by 3 am (Las Vegas, USA) to listen to either one of you, it will be a privilege. God bless you both. Already have my alarm set for Sunday.”

“Thank you, James, for another very good teaching video. I do so appreciate your thoughtful and well-studied insights and understanding. You explained so much to me tonight (in Australia), along with your vivid mental pictures!”

“Greetings from the USA. Some months back, I was looking online for commentaries or studies on the book of Philippians. You cannot imagine my surprise to find one from England – and using the KJV, no less! I have long been under the impression that Bible-believing Christianity was all but extinct in most of Europe. When I briefly visited your country about 20 years ago, I found it to be beautiful, but also about the darkest place I have ever been. For some time I have been following the European news, and praying for revival there (as well as here) and for the believers there, as there seems to be an all-out assault against Christianity worldwide….Greetings to all the brothers and sisters there, blessings on your ministry, and I look forward to hearing from you.”

“Brother, I feel like I must tell you, that you are a total man of God, rightly dividing the truth of God’s Word, and I do not say this to just anyone. Faith, faith, faith!!!!! is the only way, which you bring out so delightfully. And thank you, once again for your labourers of love. We are [to] preach Christ crucified and faith in that finished work. Most people frown on me. But they’ve missed such a tremendous part of the word of God. I will preach the transition Romans to Revelations forever. A lot of times I can’t preach either because the Spirit of God is not on me to do so, as you have said here. You are right.”

“Just found your website today! I left Catholicism about one month ago. How lovely to find your website. I just wanted to say hello and to thank you for the great information presented here. I look forward to reading it. God bless you and praise Jesus for leading you out of that great false idolatrous pagan religious system. I was deceived for over 30 years by them!”

“Hi there, I stumbled across your verse-by-verse analysis of various books of the Bible and am LOVING them. I can’t wait to go to bed at night so I can listen and learn. You see: to read the Bible myself is very off-putting as I don’t always understand what it’s trying to tell me, so for me, you are bringing it to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I have been listening to you for over a week now, every day on my way to work, after work, and on my lunch break. I love that you read out of a KJV Bible as well. Just wanted to thank you for your ministry.”

“I listened to your Ephesians video today. You are really helping me out and I thank you. I do read the Word all the time and I don’t rely on others’ videos but at times when I get stuck in Scripture, I will go online and try to figure it out and your videos are very informative. I do like how you view the pope as a politician and post-modernist, as you say in another video. I am against what he is doing since he is not following Jesus. I will be praying for you daily because I support your hard work and dedication.”

“When I first became a Christian, I found your YouTube channel and was blown away, thinking I subscribed to your YouTube channel at that time, I went to sleep that night, when I came back I could no longer find your YouTube channel, and was very sad, as I could not remember your YouTube name. Just recently 7 years later, I have found your YouTube channel again. PRAISE JESUS CHRIST. I am so grateful for your Bible study, what a blessing they are. I am a Berean (Acts 17:11) and I love the Word of God.”

“Brother, I have to tell you your ministry is such a blessing to me and my wife and kids. It is so good to see fellow Bible believers and to hear good solid Bible teaching. You guys, keep up the good work for the Lord, brother. Just keep watching the sky, brother. I don’t think we have much longer to wait for His return.”

“Thank you so much for filming the Rock Bottom video. Especially considering the weather wasn’t cooperating. I’ve been struggling with depression the last couple of months and honestly have wondered if this was normal or “acceptable” for a saved person. It frightened me honestly. What’s truly remarkable was today started off the worst of all concerning my fear about this then suddenly there’s your video about this very topic. It has helped me to renew my drive with the great Biblical examples you gave. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be praying for your unsaved friend. God bless you, my friend.”

“Your videos are [a] blessing. As soon as [I] catch up financially [I] will send some more support! You have to be a very busy man, brother. Your videos and Bible lessons, one, in particular, brought a friend and sister in Jesus out of despair and depression, and thank God for it!

“Thanks for the verse-by-verse recordings; they have been a blessing. I am not the ‘best’ Christian in the world and you have made me sit and consider my ‘normal’ way I live my life. To be fair my testimony is worthless and I now recognise this and I need to start to be busy with God’s work. So I have made a decision to start with tracts as this, for the moment, takes me out of the picture and lets God’s word work. What I need help with are the most suitable tract for doing door-to-door and a supplier? Hope you can assist me. May the Lord God bless you for the love and commitment you show.”

“After finding you just recently here on YouTube, it’s taken me a while to view the older videos and I just wanted to say, thank you, brother, for taking the time to upload these. It really makes my heart rejoice to hear a fellow believer from a different country proclaim the gospel right out of the Bible the way you do. I love the UK brothers and wish I were there to help you. Thanks again.”

“I just finished listening to your recording of the Gospel of Mark last week. Praise the LORD and thanks be to GOD for this labour of love, brother James. I am so blessed and benefit a lot with all your KJB verse-by-verse studies. Your approach is excellent and yet simple. Such a profound teaching of the Scriptures and a gift which the Lord has bestowed upon you to expound His word, and you stick to the formula of exegesis and hermeneutics, that is so good! Plus the recap you did at the ending of every chapter is another good reminder for me to remember what are the main points of each chapter. Thanks again for your great effort in this and for your crystal clear voice and pronunciation. Praying that the LORD bless you with more of His wisdom and continue to carry you doing this service for the edifying of the Body of Christ. Glory to GOD! Blessings in Christ from the tiny land of the east, to you and your father, Patrick. Maranatha!”

“Hello James, I listen to several Bible teachers. You and your father have been [an] enormous help [to] my wife and [to] my life. Just want you to know we are truck drivers so getting the word has to be audible. We can’t read books and drive. We love you both! May God continue to bless you and your work.”

“I am a Sunday school teacher…Being raised Catholic and born again at age 60. The lesson I am teaching tomorrow is on the spiritual world (Eph. 6 & 2 Cor. 10:3-5). Even when I was praying to Mary, something told me it was not right. Thank you for your info on Fatima. I doubt that my class knows anything about it. I want them to learn to “test the spirits (1 John 4). Thank you for your website.”

“We live in the United States in the state of Alabama. We have been watching your videos for several weeks now. Thank you so much for your fervent and faithful study of the Word of God. And for how you faithfully proclaim the truths in the Word of God.”

“I wanted to thank you again for the effort you put into the scripture teachings you post on your YT Channel James N Patrick. I was listening just now to your teaching in 2nd Corinthians chapter 1 when you mentioned James chapter 3 about the tongue. Wow, did that convict me. I at once prayed to our Father for forgiveness. Fighting against the old man is a daily struggle. Once again much gratitude. Peace be to you in the name of our savior Jesus Christ.” 

“I am very grateful for your broadcast and thank you for your response. I was reading along with your broadcast of the general epistle of James but went over to the book of Revelation and read along with your reading. I just received my new 1611 King James Version that I switched over to after hearing your video on the Catholic influence on the NIV Bible. I never knew… so I ordered the original 1611 version from Local Church Publications. Now I’m starting my new adventure reading the entire Bible again but now I’m so happy I have the correct version. I’ve read Revelation 3 times this week and I’m now going to cover it in detail with your study. I’m praying for you guys, keep up the good work. Thanks!”

“James, you may remember me… gave me hope after I had had a breakdown and left J/Ws circa 2008-10. You were very sympathetic to me and gave me the Gospel of John to read. I then spent some time in the wilderness and acted appallingly. 12/01/2015 I gave my life to the Lord in a shop (a Greek Minister’s shop). I had been directed there by street preachers. I then, added you and your ministry to my testimony when I was baptised 19/02/2017 (photo in my avatar). I attend an Evangelical Free Church in my hometown Colchester, Essex. My point is James… I want you to know The Lord Blessed me with your videos. Your ministry touches people whom we might think are not listening, but God in His own time and choosing makes good things apparent to those who Love Him. Thank you and every blessing. Your brother in Christ. Agape.”

“Hello brother, I was listening to a YouYube commentary on the Book of Romans on YouTube which was very accurate and inspiring and by James N Patrick. I wondered if this was your brother. Well, God bless you for now.”

“We have been blessed by your ministry so much. Here in Los Angeles, to be a King James Bible family is sometimes very challenging – even amongst our Christian friends – it is sometimes like trying to convince a college student that we did not come from swamp goo. King James Bible tracts have certainly helped, as well as an understanding of the history of the revised editions, going back to the strange and unusual Westcott and Hort. You are much appreciated…Blessings.”

“We were glad to hear about your recent outreach event. We pray people will get saved due to that, and that you both will be richly blessed for all your hard work. We enjoyed the recent walking talking pulpit video. Love in Christ.”

“Hello brother James, many blessings to you and your family…. (I’ve learned more with you then I did in Catholic school and Catholic high school). I’ve been following you for 1 full year, last year September is when I started following you with Titus. And I thank God for all your help. I still have a lot to learn, understand, and give thanks to God. Thank you for preaching the word of the Lord. Thanks again Brother James, you and your family and friends. God bless. Be safe. Peace.”

“Hi, the first verse-by-verse study I came across from you was Ephesians. Clearly see the wisdom and understanding God has bestowed upon you, and because of this, my spirit has been enlightened through this study. At the moment I’m watching the verse-by-verse of the book of John by you and learned you converted from Catholicism to Christianity. That caught my attention, as I am a convert myself. I would love to share my testimony someday with you. I’m looking forward to more of your teachings. May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry.”

“Thank you for keeping it real and thank God for providing you with wisdom about what is REALLY going on in the world today (and courage to speak it out). I have studied some of the controversial topics discussed in your YT videos and have reached pretty much all the same conclusions without exception. The key to this has been asking God [for] true wisdom and understanding in honest prayer, not just reading man-made information. Jesus bless you!”