You know I don’t want to share other people’s leftover dreams,

Well not if I can help it, always, somehow unstitching those worn seams!

Nor am I interested in “the impossible dream” or any other gilded dream,

Or the hackneyed, “I have a dream.”

I dream that the age of martyrdom has finally ceased,

With all those holy saints, now of course, long deceased,

Only now resting eternally in God’s gallery,

And always secure in HIS loving arms and sanctified by HIS Glory.

Yes, “I have dreamed” of an approaching glorious Thousand-Year Reign,

Still yet to come, without misery or permanent pain,

When those Born Again pilgrims at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb,

Will be sanctified and washed forever in the blood of the Lamb

(Revelation 21:9.)

Dedicated to my four precious grandchildren.

May all of their future dreams and prayers always find a secure place in the heart of the listening Lord as born Again Saints, that’s my dream.


February 2006

(All Rights Reserved)