Don’t Walk Away From The Cross

Don’t Walk Away From The Cross


Never ever walk away from that stark wooden Cross,

Cause if you do, it will forever be to your fading permanent loss!

Just simply turn then seek some much needed spiritual gain,

Whatever the personal price, whatever the expected pain!

But sadly today many will indeed walk on that promiscuous wild side,

And bask in a deceiving demonic pink pride.

But for all of them that slowly saunter by way of that saving crucifix,

Remember: life quickly passes, and there is simply no easy fix!

Please remember, that once your precious Saviour and mine, upon that rugged cross on Calvary’s hill,

Hung bleeding, alone – offered up as the eternal price because of God’s will,

To pay forever – did you not know – for your sins and even mine.

So today, will you unburden yourself to the waiting Jesus and ask: “Please Lord make me Thine.”

So a New Year arrives. Perhaps you might take this opportunity to be Born Again – to be saved – maybe before it’s too late.

Time is short – DO NOT DELAY!

From James and myself @ Ex Catholics 4 Christ have a peaceful and Holy New Year.



1 Jan. 06

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