Destination – Hell

Destination – Hell

Dear Friend, what is the

Saving antidote for



I have to suggest,

It has to be Jesus Christ,

And within His assured arms, only then will

You gain eternal rest.

This hour, this minute entering

Hell’s gothic burning halls,

Each day are many fearful new arrivals,

Soon to endure it seems

Many tears just surviving,

And never, it seems, to taste

The blessing of ever leaving.

“I am tormented,”

Never to be comforted?

Cried a rich man in pain

(Luke 16:25)

Never, it seems, to know, or savour his heavenly gain.

But for today’s new arrivals,

I’m afraid for them, there is no exit strategy!

This for them and for all to come

Is their own painful living tragedy.

So, what about you, dear reader,

will you taste forever,

That sickening sulphur?

And then certainly to forever dwell

in a horrible depression known as HELL!

I’m afraid one of the many willing victims of the ecumenical movement and others is the scriptural destination of Hell.

Just to listen to a funeral elegy spoken at prominent peoples funerals said over a rich flower adorned coffin, you would think all who have died are now having a wonderful time in heaven.

Or so they think!


“It is appointed unto men once to die: after this the judgment.”

But there does seem to be an interest in this destination that does claim billions of new arrivals and will continue to do so.

All of this could be avoided if people repented and became Born Again.

Forget the ecumenical cocktail.

Repent and be saved. This is no health warning just a soul wake up call can you delay today?

It’s all so graceful and wonderful of God to offer this free gift as part of His love and blessing to us:


If not, then what are you waiting for?


 December 2005

(All Rights Reserved)