Destination And Next Stop: HELL!

Destination And Next Stop: HELL!

Somewhere today a ship is docking in…HELL!

And all paid up doubters and sinners have happily bought,

A one-way ticket to…HELL,

And all of this – upon themselves – have they happily brought!

Now, the recent dead,

Perhaps will indulge on the popular “A” deck,

Or maybe just try to forget past depravity and – dread…

Then, will they pause, worried and proposed,

And ask: “What awaits me in the dark days ahead”?

How sad, how sad, how sad!

That this is the last voyage for these walking dead!

Once they laughed and partied all night, and thought: “How swell, oh what the HELL!” 

Now they are destined for a one-way ticket to where else but…HELL!

You see, dear friends, for them there is no return,

From that abode that screams – HELL!

Now, there is no second chance, no going back, no manyana, no mantra- and absolutely NO RETURN!

But did not the Lord Jesus say: “Let the dead bury their dead?”

But from the Lord Jesus is sweet forgiveness. 

So many, it seems, want to exist in spent sin and obsolete crimes.

But, for now, that once in a lifetime ticket – to Hell – they have now – purchased!




But remember friends, isn’t there always-room-for one more to come aboard!

And could-that passenger today-be-YOU?

I write this despairing stanza, as a warning that our

Time is short.

We neither know the time or the place when the day of reckoning comes, but do not all of us have family and acquaintances

That fit the title: “The living dead?”

Perhaps you know whom I am talking about – I’m sure you do!

And even if you do – it doesn’t make the pain any easier, does it?


October 2005

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