Charles Manson: “The Death of Satan’s Creepy Cult Leader”

Charles Manson: “The Death of Satan’s Creepy Cult Leader”

“Creepy” Charles Manson died today aged 83. He beat the death penalty by a few months. He served five decades in a state prison and showed no remorse.

At just 5 foot 3 inches he symbolised so much of what was wrong with the 1960s. Like so many of his kind they are gone but are sadly not forgotten.

Now he will stand before a higher judgment that awaits the unsaved of this fallen world.

“Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3).

On August 9th 1969, three deluded young women with a dangerous man, found an open entrance into the rented home of the actress Sharon Tate, then aged 26-years-old. The building was situated on 10050 (later changed to 1066) Cielo Drive, situated in the prestigious Benedict’s canyon area. The married actress was then eight months pregnant with her unborn son. Soon both would be hideously mutilated and murdered. Before they departed Charles Manson had told them mysteriously, “Now is the time for Helter Skelter.” In other words, death was on its way and for this group of killers there would be no turning back for them ever again

The then self-anointed acolytes or simply a “death squad” placed in the scene of the crime that evening, were allegedly led by Charles Tex Watson with Patricia Krenwinkle, Susan Atkins and Linda Kasabian bringing up the rear and she, incidentally, would later herself became an important witness for the prosecution against the so-called “Manson Family” and of their wicked deeds.

Five people, including the unborn child, were savagely murdered that night, with Sharon Tate herself being attacked sixteen times with the word “Pig” engraved onto her front door, using Sharon’s own blood for this disgusting purpose. Incidentally, hers would be the final death in this nightmare on Cielo Drive, and she may well have been still alive herself. These killings were definitely not performed in the heat of the moment but were logical cold-blooded murders, against innocent people, and an unborn child. Strangely enough into this context are the unusual words Susan Atkins is reported as speaking/whispering to the dying actress, by speaking repeatedly, “Woman, I have no mercy for you.” She later added the following about this, “And I knew at the time I was talking about myself.” Well, this may well be but I do perhaps, speculate, where she found these words from or had she been memorising them before the hideous killings took place.

It is, after all, an odd choice of wording for somebody to repeat and I have to cautiously suggest, almost as if something demonic was “channelling” itself through her damaged personality, a demon perhaps, or as James 1:14 states, “Every man [or woman] is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.”

Susan certainly was tempted with terrible results and then quickly succumbed to its snare. Tragically in any moment of madness, a life can be blighted forever, and then wickedness has triumphed until that person seeks repentance of all previous sins, as I believe Susan Atkins later did, in her long prison confinement.

The following night the same group, now numbering six members and probably still high from the night before, arrived at the home of Mr. Leno La Bianco and his wife Rosemary, again both would be systematically murdered, as well with the additional words of, “Death to the pigs,” as well as “Rise” and “Helter Skelter,” used in and around the house for all to see. Mr. La Bianco also had the word “war” carved into his exposed abdomen. He may well have still been breathing during this awful ‘ritual.’ The other slogans had been dipped into the blood for all to see. Mrs La Bianco’s body sustained 41 wounds that night, many being attributed to being performed after her death; it was later stated in the autopsies’ report. The bizarre messages that had apparently puzzled the police had been Manson’s own idea of leaving so-called sick “calling cards,” which emerged later at the trial.

Amazingly, the Los Angeles homicide bureau considered these murders as two separate unrelated crimes, when they began their investigations, perhaps even being drug-related, it was proposed to the media. Yet jerking the coils and orchestrating these savage slaughters, that strangely enough, can still sicken us even today, when viewing the crime scene photographs, was of course Charles Manson, at the time a 35-year-old, ex-convict, soon to become a grinning guru, “ministering” to a group of misfits that became known through the media as, “the family.”

Yet this was no happy family, who may well have, it seems, committed over 40 murders in their brief reign of bloodshed in and around the California area, maybe beyond, in the mid-1960s. (This commune brought very little peace it seems to all who stumbled across their dangerous path).

Manson may not have entered the first selected residence for the ritual killings but he certainly knew its favoured location, having been there himself, previously, when the late son of Doris Day had once occupied the property, and he was Terry Melcher, a successful record producer at the time, who Manson had later previously seduced with gifts of girls and other ‘goodies,’ naturally hoping his musical audition tapes would eventually bring him a lucrative record deal, with Melcher’s record label. It didn’t happen of course, for whatever reason, and by the time the killers entered the house, Melcher had long moved away, and it seems out of Manson’s life. Yet Manson certainly dispatched, it seems, his chosen five acolytes, to perform these macabre murders that evening. But as always it has to be asked what indeed was the motive for these murders and mayhem, that came out of its bloody carnage in the so-called city of “the angels,” or more like “fallen angels,” I suggest!

Yet three aspects have to be seriously considered in these inspired Manson murders, and they are:

A drug-fuelled killing spree used for cheap kicks and easy money to buy and squander on even more delusional drugs, and naturally fornication thrown into this witch’s mix. Remember, “Drop in, drop out” from Tim Leary? He certainly has a lot to answer for in this squalid tragedy that ruined the lives of a generation from the 1960s.

Sinful Satanic influence, which cannot and should not be dismissed, being controlled today and then by the prince of the power of the air (Eph. 2:2). This is in my mind a strong possibility and not to be rejected by the doubtful.

The government prepared and programmed, popularly known as “mind-bending” selected drugs, could also be the cause. Certainly the 1960s surged in like an ill wind from the east, bringing with it the Beatles and the Stones, and all the other pop groups, offering their psychedelic poems, set to so-called “music,” then listened through the popular long-playing records of the era, many sadly arriving from England, the home of the beloved King James Bible, no less. “Free love,” if that’s the correct word, and “free sex” as well as deadly dosing of syphilis, and other disgusting frequently sexually transmitted diseases (STD), as well as herpes and assorted venereal diseases, had finally arrived on the scene, and the free clinics in San Francisco quickly became a second home, it seems to “the Manson girls.” The beat of the above certainly influenced a wannabe future pop hopeful, namely Charles Manson, and he just couldn’t wait to jump on to the pop carousel and enjoy all the “goodies,” naturally at a terrible price of course, because “the wages of sin is death.” Always has been, and always will be.

When Manson was due for release in 1967, after serving 17 years in prisons and reformed schools, Manson had apparently prayed fervently the night before, begging his god not to be released the following morning. However, after those prison gates had slammed behind him, he headed off, after being given permission from his probation officer of course, to where else, but San Francisco, the capital of “the flower children,” the hippies and self-proclaimed bohemians as well, with its then pop culture, as well as assorted self-appointed gurus, suddenly preaching on every street corner, proclaiming “love” and “peace” to whoever would pause and listen. Manson after listening discovered that he liked its effects. Then after some practising himself-he was a quick learner, after all, it seems he had finally found his future vocation, and it is claimed that Manson’s three main sources of “inspiration” then were the Bible, the Beatles and Scientology, as well as shouting about the coming race war intermittently, and just as quickly as those searching kids discovered him and a new way of life for themselves, Manson finally found his own vocation as a leader of the pack, he must have felt he had arrived, at long last.

Then the new buzzwords were also landing from the pop airwaves on to the city like, “acid rain,” “let it rock n’ roll, man” becoming the adopted anthem of the boulevards and of the nation to it seems, with rock n’ roll and revolution in the pot filled psychedelic air. Something was ready to pop and, “Oh boy, let the good times roll,” they chanted hysterically in unison day and night, and anything goes it seems to the thousands of kids seeking a “saviour.” Yet tragically out of this drug-induced nightmare, many would never see the light of a new day again, before death, through an overdose would take them away to the nearest morgue. How sad it all seems today to the lost and unsaved of that lost era, nor would you hear too often, “Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings,” proclaimed with true love and not the loose love of the Haight Ashbury district.

And you know if Scott Fitzgerald’s era was referred to as the “lost generation” of the 1920s, then the “flower-power” puffing pot children of the 1960s, were the dope saturated delinquents of the 1960s, and nothing would ever be the same again in that so-called lost “summer of love,” and not surprisingly lashings of flower-power reigned supreme, for a time, on the west coast.

As Jeff Guinn comments in his well-researched book about Manson, “He was the wrong man in the right place at the right time.” How tragically correct his observation is in these dreadful disasters that claimed so many lives.

Satan’s devotion from the world of “entertainment” has long flourished, waxing worse and worse. Today, however, its evil influence is endemic in the music/film industry. Just view any YouTube video of rock or pop concerts yourself, and spot the blatant Satanic Illuminati symbols. In fact not only can you not miss them (and I’m sure most of the deluded kids, who pay good money to see their idols perform, and purchase the merchandise, do not understand what’s really happening, behind and in front of the stage or auditoriums), but the powers that be, want you to be able to see their wicked symbols. In fact according to ex-members of this Luciferian industry, what these evil entertainers are actually doing, most of the time, with the help of unclean spirits, is not only subtly hypnotizing their unsuspecting victims, but far worse than that, they are being used and guided by unclean spirits to demon-possess their unsaved followers too. (The lyrics to their songs are about as anti-Christ and anti-God as one can get.)

Please remember, this, after all, is Satan’s world (not just the “entertainment” world), and he has many devotees, very eager to follow and obey him, ranging from the fields of organized religion, politics and the press. And again, so much of the court presented evidence in 1970, of the killings associated with Manson, seems rather like an induced semi-dream world of LSD.

The Satanic thread concerning two of Manson’s followers, that runs through the “family,” concerns Susan Atkins and others who had been deceived disciples of Anton LaVey’s Satanic “church” in California, before jumping ship to join Manson. Another fringe “church” practising a false message at the time was “the process church of the final judgement,” that apparently offered hefty doses of pop music in the service, coupled with hideous Satanic chanting, and maybe blood sacrifices. There was also the aptly named “straight Satan’s motorcycle gang” racing around (I do wonder if they are still speeding up and down on the devil’s highways today!), and of course they were always on hand to act as drug couriers for Mason and his “Hellywood” clients, and all for a healthy fee, naturally.

It seems Manson’s early years in reform school, then later safely incarcerated, turned to self-help programmes that the prison then encouraged its inmates to pursue, in, believe it or not, such subjects as Scientology, and the Dale Carnegie postal courses in self-improvement and developing leadership skills, and naturally Mason could certainly use these later on the streets of “Frisco,” when he was released. It is also well known that government psychiatrists were and always are seeking new “recruits,” shall we say to perform on, and act as guinea pigs, and Manson with an IQ of 121 would have been ideal to be used for government manipulation and future projects such as “Operation Phoenix,” being one such undertaking, and then ultra-secretive “Operation Moonbeam” with their later “field” results being delivered into the think tanks of the CIA and the FBI, and other covert cliques, and although many recruits were originally trained for overseas assignations, selected homegrown “test cases” were promoted by the controllers in mind control and how far it could go in realizing and solving a problem on paper, but now put into practice, often in the streets of America, and with thousands of numb-minded kids in California, what better place to practice and achieve the ends of attempted murders of foreign anti-American.

Their controllers must have been rubbing their grimy hands in delight in what was being offered to them, in this shady world of mind control. Governments through the tentacles of the “shadow government,” that every country has but rarely admit to its existence, all are guilty of using their tactics. It’s all pretty frightening really and “Orwellian” as well. But then of course men love the darkness of depravity, driven of course by suspicion and sin, and always to practice their shameful deeds. But of course, it’s all part of the curse of this fallen world that we all have inhabited since Adam’s downfall.

Manson certainly had an unnatural “Rasputin” demonic influence over his so-called worshipping “flock,” and more importantly it should also be remembered that there was in middle America at the time, the real fear on the country’s horizon of a coming cataclysmic race war, that even LBJ was worried and complained about. Manson certainly whipped up some hate hysteria on the subject of race and revolution, if asked too for public or personal consumption.

It should also be taken into very serious consideration to the student of that period, in the turmoil of American history, that the political assassinations and attempted shootings in America in the 20th century, of amongst others, should not be overlooked, such as JFK, LHO, RFK, MLK, MX, G.W, Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and incidentally the John Lennon shootings. And I must tentatively add the name of the Russian Alexander Litvinenko, to this list of perpetrators as well. The suspect questions and answers are that many of the perpetrators, after a swift arrest, suffered convenient amnesia, concerning the attacks they had performed or later failed to recall anything about committing those acts. So why was this and perhaps was this a sharp diversion from the original “Phoenix project,” that somehow emerged into the “Manchurian candidate” syndrome or other secret black ops practitioners of the dark arts, being used frequently where and when required. And who knows, maybe the recent Malaysian Airline, MH370, Boeing 777, was experimented upon itself into some future “lost” scenario, for a possible future-working scenario of the NWO.

I do not, however, erase anything out of these unanswered aviation questions, concerning this doomed flight because scientists/military corporations are continually developing new ways to manipulate the masses to their own will.

This has always been a part of the Illuminati/Satanic agenda for world domination under the coming antichrist.

The trial

From the commencement, after confusing police investigations, the Manson family were arrested for minor offences, but the charges would escalate, when Susan Atkins, confessing to the murder of Sharon Tate to others on remand in prison, did the defence finally begin to feel confident of a guilty verdict, and death to be administered in the gas chamber at San Quentin, the oldest prison in the state. However, on February 18th 1972, the Californian State supreme court dramatically voted by 6-1 to abolish the death penalty in the state, citing that it was “a cruel and unusual punishment.” But shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime?

Interestingly one of the so-called “family” favourites then roaming the Malibu hills was “Didi,” the daughter of the distinguished English Actress, Angela Lansbury. In an interview in March this year, Miss Lansbury commented, “It pains me to say it but at one stage Deidre (Didi) was in with a crowd led by Charles Manson…He was an extraordinary character, charismatic in many ways, no question about it.” A strange choice of words from the future Dame about an evil manipulating man like Manson, and said by her, almost in admiration, it seems.

Now I have frequently read or heard that Miss Lansbury had given her daughter written permission, it seems, to be a follower in the Manson “family,” but reading this statement from Miss Lansbury, and don’t forget to be created a Dame of the British Empire this year by the H.M. the Queen at Windsor castle, no less, it rather seems to me that she too somehow fell for the Mason “charm,” all very bizarre, I suggest. Although Manson must have continually boasted that, “He had beaten the Rap,” concerning capital punishment, there will be a higher Judgment coming for him, and millions of other sinners at the Great White Throne Judgment, then no one will “beat that coming terrible rap.” So my friend, receive Jesus as your Saviour now! Tomorrow may be too late.

After the decision of guilty had been passed down by the judge, Tex Wilson, Susan Atkins and others, and of course, Charles Manson’s previous death sentences were later committed to life sentences. Today Manson is still incarcerated and that’s a good thing. However, both Wilson and Atkins later apparently repented and became born-again Christians, both washed in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, as all repenting sinners must be. Tex Wilson is still held in prison today, serving his sentence. Susan Atkins died in 2008 of brain cancer, and it is reported she was sighted uttering a faint “Amen,” after her final prayer left her parched lips. She had served 38 years in prison for her part in this 20th-century high profile crime. So, in conclusion, some good I do believe did eventually emerge out of this terrible tragedy.

Much has been recorded today and still is about this period of the turbulent American history, and the everlasting tragedy of the killings, but it has never been my intention or ever has been to discuss or dissect the details that brought these people eventually to trial and prison, because we at this ministry search for the proof that sinners have repented and found God, then go on to search for a lasting redemption through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. From what I have researched so far it seems that both Tex Williams and the late Susan Atkins did perhaps (hopefully) experience a genuine repentance in their hearts, but only God can understand the complexity of the sinner who seeks forgiveness through His lasting mercy. But sin has to be contemplated and nourished before it can be committed. It rarely arrives unannounced. It is written: “Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

So, take heed, dear reader, he may indeed be seeking to devour you!

But to be born again, however, is the only joyful news in this fallen world of constant dripping bad news, and how wonderful that is to all who have found it, and continue to be kept by its saving grace.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

Reference works

Manson Life and times, Jeff Guinn

Mention should also be made of the informative Dave McGowan website, and his detailed research into the previous and suspicious role of the American military, in the pop music industry, during the 1960s, and beyond.


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