Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets

Any probing exploration of a man’s mind,

Will almost certainly expose a fertile find,

Of past emotional deeds and broken barriers,

That left a trail of devastation of all those lost years.


Beware: The first faltering steps towards scepticism,

They always seem to somehow-terminate-with a rush towards cynicism.


Buried secrets,

Offer no secrets,

To those who rotated,

The canyons of the mind-now long abandoned and depleted.

Buried secrets that lay dormant in the ridges of your mind,

Disclose-according to the Bible that “Nothing is secret.”

All past deeds-lies-propositions and words so unkind,

Will after examination lay exposed-to lasting regret.

Yet where does the journey end,

When discarded secrets we first defend,

Become tears-not-of atonement,

But life’s lasting lament.

Yet how easy it is to replicate,

Or simply recreate,

Again and again, the pain as we meditate,

All festering buried secrets!


“Nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest” (Luke 8:17)

Of course, the Apostle Paul also confirms the same in Romans 2:16 with great clarity. It does, of course, make uncomfortable reading, either way, you try to understand it.

A Christian poet once long ago wrote: “Behold, dear Lord, I come to thee,

with sorrow and with shame,

for when thy bitter wounds I see,

I know I caused the same.” 

How true for all of us who try and fail so miserably.



June 2005

(All Rights Reserved)