Bethlehem, Oh Bethlehem!

Bethlehem, Oh Bethlehem!

Your favoured name through aching years,

Has given, nothing it seems, but blood, sweat and tears,

To this once chosen Royal city of David the King,

Given By God to silence forever, Satan’s cruel whispering.

Bethlehem oh Bethlehem:

And did not once that royal command go forth to all soul gathers,

And still does today to Kings, Presidents and fading Prime Ministers.

That once long ago, a divine Saviour was conceived, promised and born!

To bring hope to all men, however lost or forlorn.

Bethlehem oh Bethlehem:

Today this little-renowned town, still torn by false religions and weeping strife,

Will one future day at God’s Heavenly Biblical command, offer new life,

To all sinners forever bathed in the blood,

By JESUS who paid the debt by the shedding of His


Bethlehem oh Bethlehem:

And lest you dare forget my friend,

Did not God Almighty, to earth, a favoured Heavenly angel willingly send

To first proclaim to simple shepherds in a dampened field,

That all men one day will pray, weep and then FOREVER yield!


Bethlehem of Bethlehem:

One day, very soon, the conquering King of this earth,

Will reign over all men, whatever their religion, race or worth.

That day Jesus the King will convey perpetual Peace,

with its all precious gain,

and then never again will it be discarded, damaged or dissipated ever again!

I began this advent stanza after watching a CNN report on religious and political tensions in that still controversial town of Bethlehem on Christmas morning.

However one day soon, the Lord Jesus will reign in Jerusalem. I believe He will visit Bethlehem on many important occasions and maybe one future day, you and I BORN AGAIN IN HIS SPIRIT, will be present to welcome Him and perhaps talk to Him and perhaps just listen to Him tell us about that little town of Bethlehem…where once a child was born.



31 December 2005

(All Rights Reserved)