Baldur Benedict Von Schirach: “Hitler’s Evil Pied Piper”

Baldur Benedict Von Schirach: “Hitler’s Evil Pied Piper”

The legend of the famed “Pied Piper” of Hamelin, is well known to us all even though it may or may not be true. The popular fable relates to a mysterious musical piper who enticed hundreds of children away from their village, sadly never to be seen again.

Strangely as those many children of the past fell under the spell of the piper, so too would a young Baldur Von Schirach, gladly dance to the bewitching melody of a certain Adolph Hitler, well for most of his life anyway. (For the purpose of this article he will now be referred to as simply BVS).

BVS was born in 1907 of American parents. The youngest of four children who had later settled in Germany. Apparently, on his mother’s side, there were two ancestors who had signed the American Declaration of Independence.  So, this aristocratic family led to a pampered charmed upbringing for him.

He seems to have had early fascist sympathies when he enlisted at the age of ten into a German Nationalist Organization. (He rather equated it with the boy scouts). At 18-years-old he took the momentous decision to sign up with the Nazi party. The dye for him was now cast.

Two events in his teens may have affected his discernment during this important period in a young man’s life.

The first was his father, who somehow being due to communist pressure was hounded out of his employment.

Then his eldest brother was driven to suicide.

As regards reading the material, the flames of his anti-Semitism would be fanned by Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” and Alfred Rosenbergs “The myth of the 20th century.” The last certainly impressed BVS, but apparently, Hitler called it “stuff nobody can understand.”

Ensconced in the Nazi party at age nineteen and meeting his hero, he was inspired to compose a poem dedicated to Hitler. He even composed prayers for the young Hitler youth to recite morning and night and before meals! And interesting to note that at its peak, BVS was the leader of eight million German youth, with his official photograph the most displayed after Hitler’s in the land. Later all youth groups, church or otherwise were to be incorporated into the Hitler Jugend. There was also the German Girls league … oh and not to forget that Erwin Rommel was the army liaison point, with the Jugend at that time.

Seems also the kid’s worshipped BVS. Very dangerous I suggest.

He would later, as war became inevitable, willingly co-operate with General Keitel to train the youth for future military enlistment into the German army. There was, it should be remembered, brave opponents of this indoctrination within the German youth, one later example would be the brave White Rose Group, organized by Sophie Scholl, her brother and others, but sadly not Joseph Ratzinger.

As the pied piper in Hamelin had long ago enticed the unsuspecting children into eternity, so to would the devious BVS offer many of the pride of the German youth to perish in the winter plains of Russia in the 1940s.

In 1932 he married Henrietta the daughter of Hitler’s personal court photographer Heinrich Hoffman. The wedding reception was naturally held in Hitler’s Munich apartment. (By now BVS had been initiated into the Fuhrer’s so-called “magic circle” of privilege and intrigue ut at always a price to pay!)

The marriage would later produce four children and survive until his wife divorced him whilst he was in Spandau Prison. On a note of interest, her letter to him in prison was condemning in that she accused him of leaving her alone during the war to bring up their four children and he was better off being dead as she is now penniless. He later attempted suicide. However, it seems he maintained good relations with his children.

Later during the war the Von Schirachs were banned from the Berchtesgaden home of Hitler, apparently because Henrietta had complained to Hitler about some Jews she witnessed being manhandled in Holland during a visit; she had known Hitler since she was a little girl, but the Fuehrer would accept no criticism of his dreaded final solution it seems from anyone, certainly not her.

(Now it has been claimed that BVS was Martin Bormann’s poisonous tongue). This resulted in BVS volunteering to fight in the army. This is very interesting because both Hess and Himmler’s protegee Heydrich were prevented under Hitler’s orders not to fly. But not it seems BVS because it seems it was okay for him to fight for Hitler but not the other two. Later Arthur Axeman would replace him as leader of the Jugend.

Of BVS and his war record, well he fought in France and somewhere along the line he was awarded the Iron Cross.

Perhaps this active military period away from the maniacal court of Hitler offered him time to reflect on the Nazis killing attitude to the Jews.

BVS was recalled to Berlin (he had some years previously been relieved of his post and corrupter of the Hitler youth.) To his surprise, Hitler appointed him Nazi Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter of Vienna. I am not sure if this was a promotion or a convenient move side way for him.

Once in Vienna (we have also examined four Austrian Cardinals. They are Innitzer, Koenig, Groer and Schoenborn). BVS would willingly co-habitat with Innitzer, Inquart and other local Nazis. He would also issue damning orders for the arrest and forced deportation of 185,000 innocent Jews to the East.

By 1943 due to whispering into Hitler’s suspicious ear by his many enemies and perhaps orchestrated by Martin Bormann, BVS gradually seems to have lost his favoured place in the Nazi pecking order.

Of his alleged conscience about the inhumane conditions of the deportations is something of a misnomer because on the other hand during a speech in 1942 he welcomed the re-settlement by saying: “The removal of the Jews to the east would contribute to European culture,” whatever that means. I suspect by then he was trying to walk on both sides of the slippery Nazi Willhelmstraser. The Third Reich was now crumbling-the rats were jumping ship no less.

With the end of the war, Nuremberg beckoned to him and the other arrested Nazi hierarchy to give an account of their war crimes. Most would be in denial including BVS. In Col. Andrus’ book (and sadly until the day of his death Andrus would be haunted by the fact that Goring, his star prisoner, had cheated death and in his prison. I also personally suspect that he knew which of his officers had obtained the cyanide pill that Goering swallowed).

The Colonel recalls that in his cell BVS explained that the training of the Hitler Jugend was much like the boy scouts and it was a mystery to him why they had gone to become storm troopers with such sadistic traits! The prison shrink noted that BVS scored an IQ of 130 and that he had “a NARCISSISTIC streak whose early rise to power went to his romantic head-he was now disillusioned by the older leaders.”

The International Military Courts awaited verdict against BVS, the youngest of the group, was judged and found guilty and to be sentenced to serve twenty years in prison.

With that he was soon on destination to Spandau prison but not before he and some others were issued a bucket and mop and ordered clean up the floor of the gym where the bodies had previously dangled from a rope and I suspect messed it on the final drop-not perhaps an enviable task I suspect for those men who were once the elite of the Nazi party. Oh, how the mighty fall!

But we have to ask seriously: did the punishment fit the crime?

And the answer has to be a negative one because the willing moral corruption of young children’s minds always innocent and vulnerable is akin to molestation and serious sexual abuse.

Also, many of the youth summer camps were situated in the countryside far away from prying eyes. Special instructors were brought in for physical exercises and some field craft. As well as Nazi indoctrination I suggest.

What about Ernst Rohm’s S.A. Stormtrooper that was then riddled with sexual perverts, did they take a hand in the formation of the youth in the forests on field trips? One can only shudder on what went on in those pre-war days in Germany.

As with Albert Speer we can only repeat that what is now known of the terrible war crimes perpetrated by the Nazis for twelve years had been submitted to the Judges at Nuremberg.

Baldur Von Schirach would have hanged from the neck until dead. No doubt about it.

The Spandau Years

On 18th July 1947, the seven prisoners finally arrived at Spandau prison on the outskirts of Berlin. Built-in 1876 to hold 500 prisoners it would for the next 40 years contain the seven convicted nazis: Albert Speer, Von Schirach, Hess, Funk, Admirals Raeder and Donitz (Karl Donitz is sometimes referred to as the last Fuhrer) and finally Konstantin Von Neurath (and he would be the first to be released in 1954 on health grounds. Funk would follow the following year).

They were to be guarded on a monthly set rota by British, French, American and Russian troops. The whole exercise to guard these men cost 6000 UK pounds a month. And as the years went by naturally discipline did relax in Spandau but I am not sure the Russians would be that easy to have, as jailors-it was all very personal for them.

The prison was demolished in a 1987 and today the Kaiser supermarket stands on the old prison ground. (On a note of interest the comedian Bernard Manning served as an armed guard there during his period of National Service.)

All of the ground building materials from the prison were ground to powder and dispersed into the North Sea to prevent souvenir collectors and others turning it into a shrine.

One medical orderly then employed in Spandau informs us that BVS was lazy and had a penchant for talking, reading, and doing crossword puzzles. And one act of kindness he remembered was by Albert Speer, who when BVS would later be plagued with eye trouble, would read to him-sometimes for hours. We would certainly hope that the Holy Bible was on that requested list of 5,000 books he had asked to be sent into the prison over the years. One also does wonder if he remembered the words of Pastor Gerecke who had ministered to him years before in Nuremberg. He would certainly have told him that he needs to repent. Life is short:

“For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away” (Jam. 4:14).

This, of course, applies to all men everywhere.

Of his saved condition, we cannot know. What we do know is that on 1st October 1966, along with Speer, he was released from Spandau prison after serving 20 years. If he were not saved then he is eternally lost. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23).

In his post-prison memoirs, I believed in Hitler (the book it seems was never translated into English.) BVS tried through this work to justify his actions and how he and many others fell under the occult spell of Hitler. (This rather sounds like a template of the coming antichrist and how many will be happily deceived by all of his cunning charms.) Baldur Von Schirach the Nazi pied piper who knowingly bewitched millions of German children to experience an incessant love for Hitler by replacing God in their young lives. For this, he will be judged accordingly.

He died on 8th Aug. 1974 in Germany, apparently almost blind.

A note of interest is his headstone that replaced a three-foot wooden crucifix with an image of Jesus upon it. It has his dates of birth and death; this was replaced later by a large jagged grey flint rock in perhaps 2005. On it is a simple cross in blue writing it is complete with the wording in German that reads: “I was one of you.”

Update: 11.3.13

News that a so-called “honoury” ring was presented to Baldour Von Schirach in 1942 by members of the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, has finally come to light. Von Schirach was the then Governor of Vienna and the ring was presented to him by one of the orchestra trumpet players, on behalf of the full orchestra. Later the ring was somehow misplaced and not until the 1960s was a replacement replica given to him, presumably by an orchestra member, after his release from Spandau.

Over 60% of the orchestra were members of the Nazi Party and over a dozen would be forced to leave because of their Jewish ancestry. It is claimed that 6-8 former musicians from the orchestra later perished in the camps.

Of the rings whereabouts today is not known but Von Schirach’s son, Richard does mention the ring and its existence in his 2004 book.

This certainly is a dark and shameful page in the orchestra’s 170-year-old history.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27).


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