Awesome August

Awesome August

Awesome August,

Sweet August doth appear,

So recorded once an inspired favourite sear.

By stating its claim to fame,

August does claim its name from Emperor Augustine.

Awesome August,

Claims this month’s unique glory,

That is revered in an esteemed Gospel story:

Told of the summons of Bartholomew the Apostle.

Who many penitents today claim as a favoured disciple.

Awesome August (6th)

Will be remembered for a single hour of a dreadful day,

When through clear unscarred skies flew the pale USA Enola Gay,

Delivering a living death by a Thousand Suns on that tainted wasted day!

And did not again the Guns of August sound in 1914?

Awesome August (6th)

Witnessed in a Vatican bedroom the last minutes of Papa Montini,

As he took his final breath. So like a Roman film directed by Fellini!

Awesome August,

Is from July to September 31st a summer that all will gladly trust,

Until God’s beautiful trees, wonderfully turn an appealing rust.

Awesome August (6th),

Recalls that once on a Sacred mount three Apostles, as if in a divine trance,

Witnessed through the living Christ, the Transfiguration of His face.

Awesome August

Celebrates two birthdays: From Tennyson’s Victorian hand,

We learned of the final terrible Charge of the Light Brigade!

A very delayed birthday greeting to Lord Alfred!

Birthday wishes to my precious granddaughter,

Who’s little face is always delightful, loving, pure and tender!

Awesome August (predicts)

That is the 24th of August be fair and clear.

Then hope for a prosperous autumn that year.

(From an old English saying)



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