April Is For Ann

April Is For Ann

The known name of this month arrives from the Greek word for opening.

And for this seasoned delight, let us all joyfully sing

As we greet it’s expected coming,

With faith, hope, love, and thanksgiving.

But cannot April be cruel to those at the end of April Fools banter?

Spoken any day and in any coarse weather?

Oh, how I hate April Fools Day,

On any given chosen day!

In this month, we remember dear friends, long departed,

Whose past lives and loves were quickly scanned,

Whose memories

Lie rather now exposed like cheap broken discarded promises.


April in Paris,

April Love,

April Showers.

I’ll remember April

Is the lyricist’s own personal salute to April.

April also remembers the evangelist Mark,

Who with Peter and Paul

Answered God’s commissioned call.

Praise the Lord!

In April God also claimed the souls of Rainer Grimaldi and Pope John Paul.

Their lives were privileged and rich,

But I have to ask, were they ever, ever saved?

But to my darling wife Ann, affectionate birthday greetings of love.

Not for her to ever have to prove,

To all of the loving family of her own lasting love.

For myself and our three children and four grandchildren,

to be in her presence is always precious and never a burden.

Happy birthday!

Oh, how this spring of love resembleth,

The uncertain glory of an April day,

And bye and bye a cloud takes all away (W. Shakespeare)



April 2005

(All Rights Reserved)