Angels And Crop Circles

Angels And Crop Circles

One of the most unusual yet almost beguiling phenomena of the previous decades is the introduction of crop circles. These mysterious symmetrical created designs, and beautiful in their finished presentation to me at least, are almost supernatural in what they present. Not in a dangerous sense but from an enthral purpose and perhaps even more important from Heaven’s domain!

Today they can be observed in four continents and elsewhere, with many being located in previous ‘sacred religious’ sites.

So is there a connection here to where they are sited, or is it all part of the paranormal package to be avoided at all costs?

Circle experts from England (and Glastonbury seems to be a popular site, perhaps where ‘the Holy Grail’ and ‘the Spear of Longinus’ may be buried) and from Russia, Japan, Canada and the USA, argue I think correctly that the shape of the circles are too complex to define in their detailed precision.

One particular set first reported and measured in 1996 comes in at an incredible 900×500 feet approx, an amazing feat to be established by any human hand if it were done.

Again in Red Deer Alberta, Canada and measuring some 422 feet stared circles deeply set in internal patterns offer spiralling circles to the naked eye can also be also seen. Many are finished in so delicate a pattern that they simply remain an enigma.

Strangely many of these exquisite circles are formed at night between the hours of 2-4 am. One wonders why?

Since the 17th century, they have been seen and marvelled at. And some witnesses claim to have seen them materialise in less than one minute!

In 1991 a news item appeared in the popular press concerning crop circles.

The finished circles it was claimed by reporters were created by two hoaxers: two gentlemen in fact named Doug and Dave no less. And how had they managed this brilliant feat? Well just simply using old planks of timber, coarse string or maybe a wedge board. Then these men and one a pensioner at that, were able to criss-cross the country by night and even pop over to the continent leaving a trail of designs of beauty without any hindrance, it seems from anybody!

This has to be an absurd theory I suggest. And in fact, one MOD informant later revealed that the Government’s ‘dirty tricks’ department planted this choice item in the press. Well, well! And even more amazingly did you know that crop circles have even appeared near the heavily guarded country residence of the Prime Minister at Chequers? So what is going on here, is the present Government unable to prevent their creation?

During the formation of some crop circles, strands or shafts of light appear, some luminescent. Shades of pink and purple also seem to be popular colour (usually around the fashioned biohazard warning symbols seen in many fields.) And again distinctive sounds can be heard. Perhaps musical with witnesses explaining them rather like a ‘trilling.’

Some people have even changed their lifestyles after such a personal experience of sight and sound.

Even respected NASA scientists were asked to examine recorded data and analyse these musical sounds for vibration patterns. And their conclusion was that they were artificial in origin with a harmonic range of about 5khz.

Now I suggest, quite openly, that this is the sacred sound, heard in unison it seems of heavenly angels as they sing to promote God’s lasting glory.

Theirs is a vernacular unknown to earthly ears. And one day during the future Millennial reign of Jesus Christ their language and purpose will be explained to the raptured saints.

Remember these are simply spirit beings fulfilling God’s ferment. And to me this is Biblical.

Angels, as presented in the Holy Bible, have by their nature graced the pages from Genesis to Revelation. In the Book of Revelation, they will sing unique praises before God’s throne (Rev. 5:11).

These apparitions can journey at inconceivable acceleration it seems. They can also ascend and descend. They can also communicate in many tongues and dialects (1 Cor. 13:1), so why not converse with each other in a musical idiom for all to hear as they create new crop circles for all to see and admire.

In Psalm 150 we read:

“Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise Him in the firmament of his power. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, Praise ye the Lord.”

In these sacred words, we too should pause and pray for lasting enlightenment for our own benefit.

And perhaps these graceful creatures dispatched from Heaven are doing just that just for the advantage of believers and non-believers.

So in conclusion, with the discovery of 30 new planets each year and the exciting discovery on April 24th 2007 of the Planet Gliese 581c, even more of God’s beautiful handwork created from His own unique hand will I suspect remind us of His coming eternal glory that perhaps can be witnessed in a painting by Renoir, or a sonata by Chopin….Oh and yes perhaps even in a crop circle surrounded by swaying corn heads.

Please check out Lucy Pringles website for stunning pictures.

Also of interest is Crop Circles, by Freddy Silva.

And read your Holy Bible for more evidence of these missionary angels!



3rd May 2007

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