Alarming Facts

Alarming Facts

The Catholic church, it is reported, is still in the arms trade. According to the Protestant newspaper, The English Churchman, Rome was behind smuggling stolen arms back in 1999, during the Kosovan war:

“The arms were mostly Russian but included NATO arms stolen from Germany…The consignment was ordered in the name of Father Luciano Augustina, a Roman Catholic priest in Scutari…Rodney Atkinson, of Free Nations, said recently, ‘The Vatican was using Caritas to provide cover for NATO and German arms smuggling to the KLA. They may also have provided Iran, the world’s leading terrorist state, with the same cover in Bosnia. The Vatican’s goal is a single European Catholics superstate” (Issue no. 7679, 6-13 Jan. 06).

Sanctions should have been imposed against Rome.

And the Catholic church has tried everything in their power to move, hide, mislead and in the end reluctantly pay out a huge amount of financial compensation to victims of paedophilia, while some of those priests are still working in parishes today!

And may I list just a very small fraction of paedophilia problems that the Roman Catholic Church is guilty of:

“Priests at St. Anthony’s Franciscan seminary, Santa Barbara, California, were found to have molested 34 youths between 14-16 from 1964-1987…. 80 priests in the past 2 years are reported as having received treatment for paedophile tendencies in a Dublin Clinic….10,000 out of 57,000 Catholic priests in the USA may be sodomites, although some bishops put the figure at 40% and maintain that 3,000 may be paedophiles. It is estimated that 50% of Catholic priests do not adhere to their celibacy vows…Cardinal John Ward was arrested on 26th January 1999 for the rape of a 6-year-old girl in London, nearly 40 years ago…Bishop Robert Sanchez, former Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, was found to have been sexually involved with 2 young women. He had concealed hundreds of cases of young boys abused by priests in his archdiocese and was forced to resign in 1993 after an investigation into the abuses” (Britain under Siege, p. 59,62,64).

Martin Luther, when he visited Rome, said the following which still seems to ring true today:

“Iniquity existed amongst all classes of the clergy. Priests told indecent jokes and used awful profanity, even during Mass. The papal court was served at supper by twelve naked girls. No one can imagine what sins and infamous actions are committed in Rome….they must be seen and heard to be believed. Thus they are in the habit of saying, ‘If there is a hell, Rome is built over it.”

“Saloon-keepers [pub landlords] are engaged in an enterprise which in itself is lawful; the same can be said of those who buy and sell poisons, dynamite and firearms” (Explanation of Catholic Morals, p. 62).

As Rome has financial shares and interests in such areas, this statement should come as no surprise.

This was retained at Vatican II.

We then read the following from them, concerning their roaring trade in alcohol:

“At one time [1954], the Brothers [that is the Marist fathers] reported, the Reds [Communist China] took eighty cases of wine, liqueurs and champagne to ship by aeroplane to their embassy at Moscow” (O.C. Lambert, Catholicism Against Itself, p. 110).

“A child that has not yet attained the full use of reason, a person half asleep, or half drunk, or half-witted, cannot know and appreciate sufficiently the malice of mortal sin, and so cannot commit it” (Manuel of Moral Theology, Vol. I, p. 137.)

This was retained at Vatican II.

“It is also permitted to smoke, to take snuff, to chew tobacco, even though some fragment may mix with the saliva and enter the stomach” (The Eucharist Law and Practice, p. 180-181).

But the Bible says:

“If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are” (1 Cor. 3:17).

This was retained at Vatican II.

“The reasons with actuated the church in prescribing Communion under the species of bread alone were very grave; and it would be a mortal sin to violate the law” (The Eucharist Law and Practice, p. 207).

This went out at Vatican II.

“In cases when through negligence, a little of the Precious Blood falls on the ground, or on the altar stone, the Corporal, the altar clothes, or the clothing of the Priest, it must be taken up at once with the lips” (The Eucharist Law and Practice, p. 149).

This went out at Vatican II.

“It would be a mortal sin to have communion in your own home, with ordinary cups, tables etc” (The Eucharist Law and Practice, p. 214).

This went out at Vatican II.

“It would be a mortal sin to receive Communion after having intentionally taken a few drops of water after midnight; even an error or good faith” (The Eucharist Law and Practice, p. 179).

(My father told me when he was a young Catholic his mother asked the priest what he could do to help his hunger pans. He advised him to brush his teeth 2 to 3 times in the morning and the water from the tap would ‘accidentally’ get swallowed).

This went out at Vatican II.

“I hardly think that you would seriously believe that a boy who stole an apple from an orchard or from a grocery store would be condemned to hell for it” (Plain Facts, p. 114).

Such a dangerous statement as this give a false sense of security for the sinner, for Scripture says:…

“All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death” (Rev. 21:8.)

This was retained at Vatican II.

“If I know that someone has made up his mind to commit sin and there is no other way of preventing him, I may lawfully induce him to be satisfied with some less offence of God that he was bent on committing. And so if a man was determined to commit adultery I do nothing morally wrong, but rather to the contrary, by persuading him to commit fornication instead” (Manual of Moral Theology, Vol. I, p. 201-202).

Such a ridiculous statement as this make both parties guilty of gross immorality and Scripture says:

“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind” (1 Cor. 6:9).

This was retained at Vatican II.

“This irreverence, however, is not grave, and so the sin of taking God’s name in vain is of itself only venial; indeed, want of advertence will often prevent it from being even venially sinful” (Manual of Moral Theology, Vol. I, p. 237).

Once again Scripture completely contradicts this horrendous statement:

“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain” (Ex. 20:7).

“Profane words and vulgar expressions like “damn,” “bloody,” and so forth, are commonly used without definite meaning, and at most are venial sins, because they are unbecoming, shock others, or are manifestations of anger or impatience” (Manual of Moral Theology, Vol. I, p. 239).

“But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth” (Col. 3:8).

This was retained at Vatican II.

“Apart from abuse, to play games of skill or even of pure chance for a stake is not immoral. I may spend my money in moderation on recreation, or I may make a present of it to others if I choose. There is nothing immoral in agreeing to hand over a sum of money if I am beaten in a game either of skill or chance. This perfectly lawful action will, however, become unlawful if one of the parties is compelled to play against his will, or if cheating and fraud are practised in the game” (Manual of Moral Theology, Vol. I, pg. 558-559).

Paul taught liberty for the believer, but not at the expense of a weaker brother and certainly not if it were sinful, which this is:

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbour’s” (Ex. 20:17.)

This was retained at Vatican II.

“On certain conditions, and apart from excess or scandal, it is not sinful to stake money on the issue of a game of chance any more than it is sinful to insure one’s property against risk, or deal in futures on the produce market” (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. VI).

This absurd comparison demonstrates how worldly and ignorant of Scripture Rome really is:

“And having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Tim. 6:8).

“Bad actions committed in drink are imputable to the agent if they were foreseen in some confused way, for they are voluntary in their cause. The same must be said of blasphemy, indecent language, and other sins of word which retain their objective malice even when said by a drunken man. Mere abuse of others, inasmuch as nobody care what a drunken man says, would not be sinful. However, when sins are committed in drink, there is something wanting to them for their full and proper signification, and so, if blasphemy, for example, were punished by ecclesiastical censure or reservation, these would not be incurred for blasphemy uttered while drunk” (Manual of Moral Theology, Vol. I, p. 163).

A licence of sin is what this is. The Bible nowhere condones the words and action of a drunk man, so why does Rome? Probably because they make millions every year through the alcohol trade:

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise” (Pro. 20:1).

This was retained at Vatican II.

“The very nature of the Bible ought to prove to any thinking man the impossibility of it being the one safe method to find out what the Saviour taught” (Question Box, 67, 1913).

“There is nowhere in the New Testament a clear, methodical statement of the teaching of Christ” (Question Box, 66).

“Again, it has been practically impossible for men, generally, to find out Christ from the Bible only” (Question Box, 70).

“There is no reason to suppose that the author of the book, i.e., of Esther received any revelation” (Catholic Dictionary, p. 450).

“There seems, for instance, not to be any obvious reasons, as has been remarked, why the writings of Mark or Luke, even if we are sure that we have them, should be inspired any more than those of any other of the early Christian” (Plain Facts, pg. 51.)

“For one thing, do they (protestants) know for sure who wrote the epistle to the Hebrews, or even the gospels themselves, may it not have been some quite irresponsible or merely private author” (Plain Facts, pg. 27.)

“The Apocalypse (book of Revelation) is one of the most obscure portions of Holy Writ, and no one pretends to be able to interpret it with any certainty” (Question Box, pg. 562.)

“On the contrary, we do not in any way presuppose that the books of the New Testament are inspirited, but only that they are genuine, authentic documents, written by honest men” (Question Box, pg. 80.)

“The Catholic Church is quite passive toward theistic evolution and does not object to the same being taught as a theory in the schools, if, along with it, be taught the age-long and almost universally accepted teachings of Genesis” (Catholic Facts, 18.)

“Life has been evolving on this earth for a thousand million years, humanity has been struggling on its upward climb for more than a hundred years” (Religion in a Changing World, John A. O’Brien.)

“In 1856 it was revealed how Pius IX had around 10,000 prisoners in papal dungeons while he penned his “Syllabus.” Many of the prisoners had been in for fifteen to twenty years and had been chained with two-foot chains to a wall for months at a time” (Peter Ruckman, The History of the New Testament Church, Vol. II, pg. 407.)

“In 1901 the Instituiones Juris Ecclesiastici from the Vatican press stated (the writer is Marianus Di Luca, professor of the Papal College of Rome) that the [Catholic] church has the power to give the death sentence to heretics and must put them to death” (Ruckman, Vol. II, pg. 406.)

In 1980, the National Pastoral Congress at Liverpool passed a declaration that said that “during sexual intercourse a man and his wife create Christ.”

In 1981, Cardinal Gray and Auxiliary Bishop, Monsignor Monaghan, leaders of the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, called on Catholics to support the atheistic pressure group, Amnesty International.

In 1982, Leo McCartie, bishop of Birmingham, saw nothing wrong with allowing Rastafarians to smoke cannabis in Catholic churches, nor was he concerned if they wished to worship their god, the late Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. This Bishop makes the following comparison with their pagan ritual and Catholicism’s pagan mass:

“Which is comparable to the chalice or communion cup in Christian worship.”

During the long and painful death of Pope Pius XII, one of his doctors – Richardo Galeazzi – actually filmed the dying Pope, suffering from agonising fits of pain, right up till he breathed his last breath. Upon news of this recording doing the rounds to the highest bidder, the Vatican, through a private detective – Tom Ponzi – were able to outbid all others and buy the film outright.

The late Roman Catholic, Willian Teeling, Member of Parliament wrote in 1937, how Pius XII:

“Has thrown his weight on the side of the totalitarian leader and he has felt that the imperial policy of Italy must mean an advance for his own church in the conquered countries…He has raised no finger to stop Italian bishops up and down the country from going on Fascist platforms and doing everything possible to support Italian armies…The Vatican has thrown in its lot to a very considerable extent with Mussolini, as every well-informed person in Europe knows. The Pope on numerous occasion specifically referred to his great loyalty to Italy as Italians” (The Catholic Universe, 18th October 1935.)

During World War II, the Vatican opened up diplomatic channels with the Japanese, after their brutal Death March in the Philippians (Avro Manhattan, Vatican Incorporated, pg. 384.)

Cardinal Innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, once described Austria’s occupation of Germany as “providential.” He was summoned to Rome and told to withdraw his statement.

In Kimberly Cornish’s book, we read the following, about Adolph Hitler’s inspiration:

“[Hermann] Rauschning recorded a further conversation he had with Hitler in which Hitler outlined his intellectual forebears, stating that besides Lenin, Trotsky and the infamous anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, he had ‘got illumination and ideas from the Catholic church [probably the Jesuits], and from the Freemasons, that I could never have obtained from other sources” (The Jew of Linz, Kimberley Cornish, 1998, pg. 149.)

The Vatican archives are thirty miles long. They are very much a ‘church’ of the world! It may be of interest to the reader, that the Vatican has detailed files on all world leaders and major prominent persons. And so sensitive are some of these files that a papal order has to be given to allow even Catholic Cardinals access to them. Some documents, detailing the events of World War II, are not to be opened until the 22nd Century, and only then if the current incumbent allows this. So vast is the Vatican in size, they have had to build an elevator. (Was this Otis?)

Lourdes has an annual budget of E. 25 million (The Times, 19.8.04.)

Catholics and Muslims share their mutual love for Fatima. For Catholics, it is alleged that Mary appeared to two shepherd girls and one boy there. For Muslims, Fatima is the name of Mohammed’s favourite daughter. Of much concern is the fact that Fatima today is used for inter-faith services.

Since AD 235, the Catholic church has taught that their pontiffs can never be defrocked no matter what sin they may commit.

In Australia, between 1962-1982, over 400 diocesan and religious priests left the ministry (Barry R. Smith, Second Warning.)

The number of brothers and nuns departing is much higher (Smith.)

In the last twenty years, half a million lay Catholics have withdrawn from a weekly attendance of Mass (Smith.)

Smith, quite observably, quotes from a newspaper about Catholicism:

“The more academically pretentious members have managed to filter a good deal of Marxism into Catholics via sociology and liberation theology” (Smith, pg. 116.)

The crossed keys of the Vatican have a patrimony far more ancient that Peter’s keys, for the College of Augurs (Vatican: the place of prophecy) adopted the Keys of Janus, the two-headed god, for their symbol of authority (Ruckman, The Book of Matthew.)

After every mass, Catholics and high Anglicans will await the priests universal blessing, which was originally given in worship to the Babylonian god, Tammuz; this was later revised by Constantine (Ruckman, The Book of Matthew.)

John Paul II has prayed with witch doctors, rabbis, pagans, Zoroastrian priests, embraced freemasons, held hands with atheists, yet in 1987 he would call Born Again Christians (a term the Lord used for anyone who would follow Him and be saved) “rapacious wolves.”

My father once told me that when he visited Brompton Oratory in London to visit a priest, he was shocked to see how comfortably and luxuriously the priests lived. A sumptuous dining room boasted a long beautiful laid table. It was very much the atmosphere of a London gentleman’s club, with deep leather chairs and morning papers placed upon a reading table. Staff served dinner, and the dining table gleamed; it was rather like a London five star hotel, he recalled. Duly, he was politely asked to leave, for lunch would soon be served (he wasn’t invited to stay.) On his way out, he stopped and thought to himself: what if Jesus of Nazareth had knocked upon the presbytery door? Their response might be, when seeing who it was, ‘Is that the carpenter’s son, send him around to the kitchen, my good man!’

On a separate day, my father had arranged to visit a Catholic friend of his (employed by the Catholic church) and when he found him, the contrast couldn’t have been different. What was for lunch, he asked? Bread and water, replied his friend removing both from his desk drawer. My father, who had packed a slightly more modest lunch – sandwiches, coffee and possibly a doughnut, felt rather embarrassed, yet still fresh in his mind was the five-course meal that awaited the Catholic priests in their privileged and exclusive surrounding, within the same building! Such exclusive boys clubs, like these, are not rare for the most exclusive and pompous of them all would no doubt have to be, the College of Cardinals in Rome.

Non-Catholic children, during the Inquisition, were routinely kidnapped from their parents (without their consent) and forced to convert to Catholicism.

During the same period, one Joan Boucher, after repeatedly refusing under horrific torture to admit to the sinlessness of Mary, calmly looked her torturer in the eye and told him:

“You lie like a rogue; go read the Scriptures.” She was later roasted alive.

The Vatican has an observatory on Mt. Graham, in Arizona. Malachi Martin, SJ suggested it was due to Rome’s fascination with extraterrestrial life. It is manned by Jesuits and even Pope Paul VI used its facilities but never visited it personally (Pontiff, pgs. 91, 92.)

In St. Peter’s square, one can see an Egyptian pagan phallic symbol.

On 30 April 1922 Pope Pius XI, wanting to re-affirm his authority on earth, said the following:

“I am God on this earth” (Baron Porcelli, The Anti-Christ, Protestant Truth Society, 1920.) Such blasphemous statements only ever apply to the Lord Jesus Himself (John 14:6.)

The tradition of young girls dressing up for their first communion was copied from the Muslim world, when they celebrated their pagan day, by dressing their girls as child brides.

The Rosary was copied (thanks to the crusaders who pinched many pagan practices on their global travels) from Hindus who prayed to their god, Vishnu. Therefore Dominic’s story about Mary appearing to him with her unique Rosary beads should now be rejected, for the Hindus had longed practised this repetitive prayer long before Dominic was ever born (Matt. 6:7.)

Rome also copied the idea of the Jewish skullcap, something rabbis wore from the 1st century onwards.

The Jesuits, the Vatican’s Gestapo, have long taught that if they have a child from seven, they’ve got him/her for life. How is this achieved? Through mind control, using fear and guilt as their weapon.

Pope Martin I (649-655) authorised the use of Turks for the slave trade (De. Montor, Life and Times of the Roman Pontiffs.)

Please note the following is a transcript from a woman who claimed to be a former Roman Catholic nun. I am aware that some ministries, Catholic and Protestant, can’t authenticate her legitimacy, so I will leave this decision with the reader to make. Pre-Vatican II nuns, if they stayed fully committed and serving in the Church, could vouch for the salvation of family members, regardless of their lifestyles or faith in Christ. Even St. Bernard, during the crusades, sent children as young as six off to fight for their church, with the promise that if they died in battle, they would automatically go to heaven: perhaps another form of Jihad?

Pre-Vatican II nuns, upon the death of their parents, would sign over all of the inherited estates to the Church. Their personal mail from family members would be intercepted and edited before allowing the recipient to read it. Nuns would be cheap labour and would be worked like religious and economic slaves, much the same as Jehovah’s Witnesses treat their foot-soldiers.

One such American nun, Charlotte Wells spoke of abuse from fellow nuns, which would consist of locking her in a dungeon, stripped naked, whipping her till she bled; forced penance, crawling on her hands and knees; going to bed hungry and rising in the morning hungry: rations were prescribed for all nuns.

Some priests rape young nuns, with the knowledge of their mother superiors.

Nuns want holidays, the right to dress as they please, to have male friends; she [sister Vincenza] has heard staggering tales that in some American ghettos nuns are on the pill for fear of becoming pregnant if raped, that nuns wear bikinis, and some even ride motorcycles (Pontiff, pg. 320.)

A Roman Catholic rector said that 23-58% of American priests are homosexuals. This is very concerning for everyone, not least the Catholic church.

Cozzens goes on to say, how gay seminarians feel at home/at ease within a gay seminary (The Changing Face of the Priesthood, D. Cozzens.) I can confirm that this statement is true. For in the UK, this sordid account of homosexual feelings and activities was told to me by an ex-priest that we knew, before he died from AIDS. He told me: “When we joined the seminary our rector said, ‘anyone who doesn’t like girls is going to be very happy here.’

Another priest would candidly say, ‘priests are never happier, then when they are around other priests’ [according to numerous press reports, hundreds of priests have died in the US from AIDS, with others living with HIV and other sexual diseases.]

(One evangelical church in California boasts very high success rates in counselling/transforming homosexuals into happily married heterosexuals – although as the church noted, one such person is still haunted by the scars of his former promiscuous life, even though he is now happily married.)

One of the main reasons why priests don’t or can’t leave this flawed and non-biblical priesthood is guilt. Most men will join the priesthood because their mothers pressured them into it. One such priest in South London, after 25 years of service, at the end of his mother’s requiem mass, said rather bluntly and unexpectedly:

“That’s it, my mothers dead; I’m leaving,” and pulled off his white clerical collar.

This ex-priest was last known running a bar in Spain.

When priests are ordained they all chant, simultaneously, “I AM” (This is one of God’s eternal names!)

Archbishop Roncalli, rumoured Freemason and allegedly member of the Rosicrucian cult, would jump from Apostolic delegate in Bulgaria to Turkey to be the Nuncio to France. This is something that is not only unusual but most irregular! Interestingly, he like Cardinal Luciana, had once been patriarch to Venice.

Another alleged Masonic Pope (according to Malachi Martin, S.J.) was Paul VI (1964-1978.) When he visited New York in the 1960s, he went to the United Nations. During this trip, he entered the Meditation Room. Cardinal Vagnozzi, apostolic delegate to New York, was shocked that the Pope wished to visit this Masonic room, with the all-seeing-eye [Lucifer.]

Another account of this story claimed that he knelt down and prayed to this false god! Also, while in the US, Pope Paul wore the Ephod, the ancient garment with the breastplate of twelve stones, representing the twelve sons of Jacob (the Catholic Church believes she is the new/spiritual Israel. Thus all spiritual and yet future blessings promised to Israel, in the Bible, will now go to Rome a doctrine that Augustine can be credited for.)

Before this, the church had predominantly been pre-millennial in their understanding of eschatology. Hence the desire to wear such clothing, as worn by Caiaphas, the high priest of the Sanhedrin, who called for the crucifixion of Christ.

The late, Malachi Martin, stated that a black mass was held in the Vatican, on June 29th 1963. Martin was on the staff of the Secretary of State’s office during that period and such an account is also affirmed by archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. Some of Martin’s followers believe he was murdered!

Jesuit trained, Adam Weishaupt, re-invented the secret freemasonry group, the Illuminati, which had originally been created by a fellow another Jesuit, Ignatius Loyola, in 1534. (Their special day in May 1.)

In recent year’s former British Prime Minister John Major used this day as a sign of allegiance, i.e. the date of the 1997 General Election.

George Bush decided to land his fighter jet on a US carrier on May 1.

One of the main desires of this occultist group is to destroy Christianity. They own most of Europe, toppled monarchs, control finances in England and even the US. The press is also in their pockets!

With such a powerful group as this, it is no wonder that the Jason scholars first liberalised Biblical theology in Germany, which later permeated itself into the Catholic and Protestant seminaries, and then the freemasons were able to infiltrate Vatican circles and start to dismantle the Church and bring about ecumenicalism, something previous popes and cardinals would never have agreed to. This was an agenda, formulated by the German Jesuit, Cardinal Bea, from the Black Forest!

(After Vatican II some minor splinter groups did emerge and became isolationists, a bit like hyper-Calvinists, but they are only several thousand strong in numbers, and one of their main spokesmen is actor/director Mel Gibson.)

If one visits Nazareth, they will see the eye of Lucifer clearly visible in one of Catholicism’s greatest churches in Israel. (Of interest, I was shocked to learn on a recent visit to Israel, that most of Israel is owned by the Vatican.)

The CIA in 1948 and during the 1970s, pumped vast sums of money into the Vatican bank to help stop Italy going communist.

Opus Dei, a far right wing secret organisation, founded by Monsignor Jose Maria Escriva, with former British Secretary of State, Ruth Kelly as a member, has a membership of around 60,000-80,000 and consists predominantly of high flyers (Yallop, pg 376).

They are incredibly wealthy with the mafia and underground money being pumped in (Yallop, pg. 377).

It also has members active in 600 newspapers, scientific publications, members in radio and television stations (Yallop, pg. 377.)

The Catholic church has successfully worked directly and indirectly with numerous government secret services, P2 and even the Mafia, who they happily laundered money for (Yallop, pg. 192.)

Bishops in England enjoy free BUPA medical care (paid for by the diocese.)

This was told to my father personally by a deceased priest who was disgusted by this privilege, the bishops of England had given to themselves.

In late 2002, the most expensive cathedral ever built in the world (dedicated to Mary) was finally completed in California. The costs – $163 million. Not only was this project grossly overspent but also California already had a cathedral and its condition was pretty good. ‘Shame on you, Cardinal Roger Mahoney,’ said some local Episcopalians and Catholics.

When Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in 1935, the Vatican provided him with arms via Bernardino Nogara (Yallop, pg. 147.)

I recently watched the Catholic channel EWTN, and quite frankly I found the devotion/attention given to Mary rather repulsive, not to mention deeply offensive. Some Catholics have their priorities/worship of God all back to front (Jer. 7:18.)

During this compilation tape, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told how he was ‘fond of the charismatic movement’ within the ecumenical movement. This should come as of no surprise, for Rome has long been considered a highly backward and superstitious religion for numerous years: like their reverence to Mary’s alleged milk, one of John the Baptist’s arms, Mary’s girdle, the Lord’s towel, one of His tears, some of His blood, His foreskin, a finger of the apostle Thomas, the head of James the Just and of course the many dubious Marian apparitions (Harter, Life of Innocent I, Vol.1.)

They also believe that the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit are, and have always been active and available for the Catholic Church and other ‘deficient’ Churches (Noel, pg. 264.)

Hymns have regularly and traditionally been sung and dedicated to popes over the years. This is something that not even Muslims do to their prophet. And more importantly, this form of idolatry is prohibited in Scripture. It should also be pointed out that this is yet another way of the church raising funds to support its vast and undemocratic and unaccountable empire.

Contradictions have long existed in Catholicism’s unscriptural history. For example, Pope Pius XII said all ‘Protestants and non-Catholics would burn in Hell.’ Yet John Paul II said: ‘All who live a just life [whatever that means] and do not believe in Jesus Christ [please see John 14:6 and Acts 4:12] will be saved’ [so much for the Eucharist!.]

And Pope Pius IX (1792 -1878) would say that no man could have the liberty to choose his own religion according to the liberty of his conscience. Yet in 1967, under Pope Paul VI, this was completely reversed, for Vatican II now insisted that all men mustn’t be harassed for their chosen religious beliefs.

Please note that Billy Graham and Robert Schuller also share John Paul II anti-biblical view of salvation as well, dating back to 1960, when he told the narrator on his Hour of Decision radio broadcast (Graham also said, many years ago, how the National Council of Churches, was of the devil.) From 1974, he became their leading spokesman and endorsed the 1994, ECT document.

Rowan Williams has also joined in and according to the Times 30.8.04, he believes that Muslims can go to heaven without Christ, even though he believes in John 14:6?!!

Also the late Mother Teresa, during her long and distinguished humanitarian ministry, never once prayed with dying Hindus to receive Christ as their Saviour. She, like John Paul II, believed atheists, pagans and Gospel rejects would also be saved. This is called universal salvation, something the Bible never teaches (Rev. 20:15.) It should not surprise the reader to learn that in her Calcutta office, Teresa had numerous pictures of Hindu gods on her walls. It would appear that this was not compulsory but once again keeps in line with an inclusive, ecumenical and all intolerant attitude towards all gods. She would end her letters: “May you enter into heaven through the Blessed Virgin.”

According to Christopher Hitchen’s book The Missionary Position:

“Mother Teresa in theory and practice, thought nothing of receiving medication and painkillers while admitted to some of the most expensive hospitals in the world, while her sick and needy in Calcutta would never receive such medication, even though her hospital had it.” John Macarthur of Grace to You California, once visited her in Calcutta with his family. He left her one of his signed books. One wonders, how he was able to just pop in and see her?

It should also be pointed out that the pope now believes that Hell is not a literal place/punishment for unrepentant mankind, but should, however, be understood as a condition of the mind, i.e. for feelings like pain and frustration of everyday life, but without God present (this completely contradicts what the Lord tells us in Scripture Matt. 25:41-46; Mark 9:44.) The Bible couldn’t be further from this.

Pope John Paul II said in 2002:

“To give Jerusalem to the Jews is illegal and immoral.” This anti-Bible view, concerning the rightful tenants and landowners to Israel, is so totally foreign to Scripture: for we read in Ps. 105:

“He has remembered His covenant forever, the word which He commanded to a thousand generations.”

Israel belongs to Israel.

The word Catholic (when referring to Roman Catholicism) is a relatively recent term. Until the sixteen century, it was simply called the church (Armstrong, p. 15.)

Canon law, post-Vatican II, changed the churches teachings on Freemasonry, witchcraft and even what type of crosses/crucifixes should be used within the church (one parish priest that my father spoke to about this was shocked that he hadn’t noticed this himself before.)

Please see canon law 2335 and 2336, which threatened instant excommunication to anyone who was associated with such groups. (Interestingly, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, said in 2003, that members of his clergy would not be allowed to be members of the Masonic lodge while remaining active in the clergy.)

Popes have consecutively and continuously broken church teachings on which type of crucifixes they are to use. Canon 1279 prohibits such grotesque images, yet three popes have blatantly and defiantly breached this canon.

Confession to a parish priest was made obligatory in 1215AD. Up until the 16th century, confession was held right next to the priest or kneeling down at his feet. It should be of no surprise that some sexual forms of clergy abuses was evident, for priests could and did on many occasions take advantage of women who had to confess every thought and deed to them. Some priests were fined only minimal sums and were later allowed to return to abuse their pastoral office. Today’s confession booth gives far more privacy to confessing Catholics. However, many don’t attend confession as often as the Church states they must do, with many more going on to receive communion when their Church states they mustn’t. Since the Nolan report was published into clerical paedophilia, the Catholic Church in England and Wales have had to redesign their ancient confession boxes. One of the recommendations by Lord Nolan was to remove their grilled and frosty windows. While some parishes have done this, others haven’t.

John Paul II said the Dalai Lama is a great spiritual leader, even though the Dalai Lama does not believe in a Creator, yet he himself believes he is a reincarnation of Buddha, and happily receives people who worship and bow down to him! (Chuck Colson, Pat Robertson, Norman Geisler and J. I. Packer also sing this ecumenical praise too.)

Catholic priests become gods, for they are able to change the wine and wafer into the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet on a visit to England in 1982, John Paul II, upon seeing a group of disabled Catholics (many of them were in wheelchairs and on stretchers) was unable to cure any of them. They came sick and left sick. He had no apostolic power whatsoever to heal or assist any of them. I would, however, say in defence of this Pope that he is in good company.

For no Pope has ever performed a miracle, like the ones performed by the Apostles in the book of Acts. There was even a story that circulated on the Internet a couple of years ago, in which a famous singer paid the pope to exorcise a demon out from her.

John Paul tried in vain for quite some time, but in the end, due to failure, had to give up and offer her a full refund. One other note on healing: I recently went to a church fete (it happened to be a charismatic church) and I noticed a man in a wheelchair.

I smiled at him and thought how wonderful it would be if the pastor of this church told everyone to be quiet and gather round, for the Holy Spirit was about to do something very special. And quoting the apostle Peter: ‘In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk’, but this did not happen. Why? Because the pastor knew that such miraculous gifts like the one performed in apostolic times have long ceased.

Yet every Sunday in his church I am told signs and wonders are performed but only behind closed doors, it would appear. How sad, for the miracles in the New Testament were always performed in front of a crowd, so that God could publicly be glorified.

Crucifixes shouldn’t be displayed in churches or houses. For we read in Galatians 3:13:

“Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.”

Vicar of Christ in Latin means another Christ. The Greek word for antichrist means in place of Christ. Thus their doctrine of the pope is Christ’s vicar. However, for the Bible student and Scripture with Scripture, only One Person could be the infallible and perfect Vicar of Christ and that Person is the Holy Spirit (John 14:16.)

If one translates Vicarius Christi into Greek, it comes out Antichristos Antichrist.

Rome teaches that only two people were born without sin – the Lord Jesus and Mary.

The pope has power – when he wears his triple tiara hat [symbolises father of princes and of kings, guide of the world, and vicar upon earth of Jesus Christ] to release tortured souls from purgatory. It is believed that this hat first came into Catholicism either in 708-715AD or 1294-1303AD. However, this officially went out after Vatican II, but it could be reinstated if needed.

Thomas Bradwardine, Archbishop of Canterbury (1500AD), was one of the first audible voices that questioned Rome’s doctrine concerning how a sinner is saved.

“Undoubtedly many of the documents upon which Canterbury’s claim to supremacy was based were forgeries” (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. V, pg. 432.)

Catholicism, just like paganism/the new age movement, uses the thurifer during their services.

For Catholics it is displayed during their benediction rituals and represents Narada/sun god/Aries.


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