Adolph Eichmann: “Hitler’s Desk Murderer”

Adolph Eichmann: “Hitler’s Desk Murderer”

Fifty years ago the trial commenced in a blaze of news publicity in Jerusalem City of Adolph Karl Eichmann. As the proceedings slowly commenced he was about to plead for mercy from the court and to cap it all from the “despised race” he had once hunted down, murdered and help prepare for the terrible “final solution” but now the tables were dramatically turned on him. Now he must wait for the final outcome.

And it’s no coincidence I suggest he was called “the operational manager” or “chief executioner of the Reich” or “transportation administrator.” Of course, all of these “grand titles” amounted to nothing as the court prepared for his trial in 1961. Now he was just A. Eichmann, a war criminal implementer nicknamed “the desk murderer.”

The preparation of the forthcoming genocide of the Jewish Race designed in the early 1940s at Wannsee and I rather suspect he would have been very proud to have been called by his superiors to take the notes of this meeting. Eichmann as always acted obediently. Because if nothing else Adolph Eichmann was always conceited and loyal to his Nazi cause.

And from Hitler’s suicide in 1945 until Mossad agents bundled him ignominiously into the back of a waiting four-year-old converted Buick car on May 11th 1960, Eichmann had enjoyed fifteen years of nervous freedom. However, as I suspect he was always looking over his shoulder. Conscience is a funny thing, isn’t it?

When Eichmann was kidnapped near 6061, Garibaldi Street, his then home in the San Fernando suburb of Buenos Aires, one of the agents questioning him for confirmation that this was their man heard him say almost to himself:

“I am already resigned to my fate.” With these incriminated words the agents knew for certain this was indeed their man: the man who had once proclaimed in cold blood: “I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a course of extraordinary satisfaction.”

Just seven days later the former Sturmbannfuhrer (Lt. Col.) Adolph Eichmann was escorted by Israeli agents and now under sedation and dressed in an El- Al uniform onto Flight 601 flying to Tel Aviv from Buenos Aires at 1.05 p.m. He would never see his family or Argentina again. But in fact his Lawyer Dr. Servitus had arranged a secret meeting in Jerusalem. This allowed Vera Eichmann to meet with her husband during the trial on 28-29th April. She met him in Ramla prison. Reports of what was said are scarce, but some claim that he asked that his youngest son is christened. If indeed she were born again this would have pleased her I have to suggest.

So where did it all begin for him? Well, he was born in Solingen, Germany and incidentally the home of the theologian, Adolph Kamphansen, a noted Lutheran theologian. The family were Lutherans but perhaps later when they moved to Linz in Austria they possibly or considered converting to Catholicism.

I’ve always been struck by Eichmann’s facial features, which seem more Mediterranean to me than the desired Nazi Nordic features (in fact at school the other students unkindly called him “der Kleine Jude or little Jew.”) He was apparently infuriated by these Jewish jibes.) Later this would be a problem for him concerning his military promotions with even hints of tarnished Jewish blood in his family being rumoured about his pedigree. Maybe this spurred him on to be more ruthless in his self-proclaimed mission to attempt to obliterate every Jew from the face of the earth. Foolish man because God’s eternal covenant with the Jewish people is still relevant today as was when Abraham accepted this confirmation (Genesis 15:18.)

Eichmann who always prided himself on his knowledge of the Hebrew race, even learning some limited Yiddish. Seems to have overlooked this crucial prediction in the future destiny of the chosen race of God. This being that neither he nor his Nazi cohorts would or could ever exterminate the Jewish race. God would never allow the destruction of the Jews or the Jewish state.

The early 1930s witnessed Eichmann, like so many of the so-called “lost generation,” drifting through life working at assorted jobs selling petroleum (or gas) to garages being one of many.

Then on the advice of fellow Austrian, Ernst Kaltenbrunner (who was later hung in Nuremberg in 1946), Eichmann enlisted in the illegal National Socialist Party (Nazis.) In the early thirties, he was then given a membership card number: 899895 and later his SS number would be 45326. Seems he was very proud of these membership identities.

His first employment as one of Kaltenbrunner’s protegees was the usual office paper filing etc as well as holding down his day Job. Now as then employment was a premium.

Later as a member of the dreaded S.S. Corp, he would complete his duties serving at the Dachau Guard Unit of that notorious concentration camp, serving alongside him would be the future Auschwitz Commandant Rudolph Hoss. (Amazingly there were some fifty other detention camps functioning in Germany at that time. “Business” was very brisk for the Nazis in those early days of the Reich.)

Then seeing a vacancy in the growing intelligence branch in Berlin he applied for the job and surprisingly was offered it. Soon he was researching Freemasonry and preparing a card filling system of known lodge members (no computers then of course, although IBM had discussed the notion of selling computers to the Nazis which they later did.) Eichmann even helped create an incriminating Masonic museum by adding stolen items such as aprons, scrolls, seals, capes, medallions etc into this bizarre setting. Later tiring of this he would bleat, “I’d have gone with the devil himself just to get away from those seals.” It always amazes me how easy people allow the hideous “Hell” word just to drip from their lips and amazingly sees nothing wrong in using it unaware of its awful consequences and pain. Many individuals, of course, linger in the comfortable past to somehow escape the reality of the present. Many of course fear the future and what that will present. I have to suspect that Adolph Eichmann did indeed survive in the present but always afraid his guilty actions might catch up with him one day. He must have known the day of reckoning would present itself near to his door and in his case it literally did!

Meanwhile in the infamous department 4B4 in pre-war Berlin-one speciality proposed by Eichmann, which never seems to have left the Nazi drawing board in those days, was to be the forced deportations to the island of Madagascar of all European Jews. Also, a terrible fate awaited those deported Jews and others to Nisko situated near Lublin in Poland-thousands would perish and suffer in this Nazi experimental camp before it was abandoned later By Eichmann perhaps because of financial costs to the Reich.

One personal fact I found interesting concerned his SS friend of that period and a fellow murderer, Dieter Wisliceny. Eichmann must have bonded with him because he later named one of his four sons after him. Later Wisliceny appeared at the Nuremberg war crimes trial, amazingly for the prosecution as a damning witness against Eichmann. (He described Eichmann as “a cowardly man, an immoral man and completely ice cold in his attitude.” So speaks his friend!) For the record, Wisliceny would later be hanged in Czechoslovakia in 1948. I suspect he followed all of the court trials of the Nazis in those post-war years in Germany and with great interest.

Seems Eichmann was also addicted to nicotine and alcohol and violently disliked ever being photographed. Once after a meeting with the pro-Nazi Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was as much an anti-Semite as any Nazi, Eichmann was showered with gifts from him of jewels and diamonds-all blood money of course!

An interesting pen sketch provided by Michael Burleigh in his book Moral Combat confirms that Eichmann’s Jewish office was ideally located at 115/116 Kurfurstenstrasse in fashionable Berlin and ironically was formerly occupied by a Jewish charitable organization. Eichmann’s spacious second-floor office measured 2,400 sq. feet and to approach his vast desk you trekked across an expensive parquet flooring (and amazingly it seems maintenance work was carried out on the building by Jews and non-Jews alike. Who says the Nazis weren’t democrats!)

But now as the Nazi jackboots trampled across the face of Europe the fate of the Jews and others was gearing up to a terrible disaster. Eichmann always the Fuhrer’s bloodhound was now a monster driven with a mission to murder and most it seems from his desk in Berlin.

Now fully prepared: the relentless Reich enforcers began their dangerous journey across most of occupied Europe with dozens of signed arrest warrants bulging from their uniform pockets. To the willing henchmen of the death squads, most beefed up with vodka, he would shout before executions:

“Don’t be sentimental. This is a Fuehrer order.” And mention of Eichman’s extended European travels, some space must be provided here to reveal the commitment of this man and his murderous mission against an already defenceless race. Incidentally, it has been rumoured that Stalin casually remarked to Truman that: “Death is a tragedy. A million deaths are statistics.”

And “Uncle Joe” should certainly know about this having exterminated over 35 million innocent people during his Marxist mayhem of murder and who knows maybe many more. Oh and don’t forget Chairman Mao he through his wicked economic policies for China consigned some 60 million of his own people to death through starvation and disease. He would later describe their death as “valuable lessons.” I am reminded of Matthew 25:41, “Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pot are now certainly feeling some of that heat.

I suspect Adolph Eichmann also had a personal pendant for travel that would allow him to cruelly hunt down a defenceless enemy in his pursuit of the Jewish race. One should never underestimate also the terrible tragedy of the doomed European gipsies; so much of their suffering has yet to be told.

If he indeed possessed a passport and if indeed he used it (he certainly owned one when he later sailed for Argentina in 1950.) And other important venues of interest where Eichmann certainly left his calling death card would be Palestine, Egypt, Hungry, Austria, Romania, Italy, Prague, Minsk, Chelmo camp, Auschwitz, Treblinka, Lodz Ghetto. In Vichy, France he supervised forced Jewish deportations and in Marseille as well it seems, perhaps Drancy in Paris, and possibly the Channel Islands; Greece, Holland and Denmark.

One note of Interest is in Monaco where he personally paid a visit. This according to trial session tapes stored in Jerusalem. Today the Grimaldi Principality still needs to examine their own attitude to the treatment of the Jews in collaborating with the Germans during those Vichy years. (I am unable to ascertain if Eichmann was indeed invited to Monte Carlo or arrived at his own leisure in planning Jewish roundups or perhaps even to play the gaming tables as well.)

And no death deportation trains (or their drivers) would ever dare run late on Eichmann’s watch. Because of this devious devotion to duty, he would be awarded the war merit cross by Hitler.

Now as the final days of the war came crashing down on the doomed Third Reich, Adolph Eichmann prepared his own itinerary for his own personal survival in a devasted Germany. By avoiding the so-called “Nuremberg Net” cast out by the allies still searching for war criminals. Eichmann seemingly simply slipped into the woodwork and would survive those years by performing menial agricultural jobs in post-war Germany (as well as selling eggs to Jewish families amongst others close to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Can you believe!) If other fleeing Nazis had stashed away stolen “loot” for a future rainy day (as rumoured) Eichmann surprisingly wasn’t one of these fortunate beneficiaries. He seemed always to be scratching around for money.

Soon with the assistance of the infamous Vatican “Rat Run” and perhaps with some offered connivance from the fledgeling CIA, Eichmann on July 17 1950, sailed on the passenger ship: “Giovanna C” from Genoa, Italy with a crisp new Red Cross passport in his suit pocket. Now he was simply Senor Ricardo Klement, a 47-year-old mechanic seeking employment in General Peron’s Argentina. Amazingly this would be his fifth false identity in five years but now he could only speculate that in the new world new opportunities would be opening up to him and his family.

“Be not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

When Eichmann finally arrived in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires four weeks later and after being processed by compliant customs and with just 485 pesos in his pocket, it seems he would now be addressed as Snr. Ricardo Klement and registered as “stateless and a Catholic.” Occupation namely: “mechanic.” Interesting description you might think!

General Persons generous open door policy (and a cash sweetener it is rumoured of over 100 million dollars) especially to most fugitive Nazis, would now allow him to welcome over 500+ criminals to Argentina and perhaps beyond. Notable Nazi celebrities from Germany now hurrying down assorted gangplanks would be Dr. Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Franz Stangle, Eric Pribke and the popular war ace, Otto Skorzeny. There were, of course, other rats washed ashore at assorted harbours and not all German perhaps either. For Eichmann, aka Klement, all of this must have felt strangely at home to him as he now scrambled to survive amongst this bunch of fascist fugitives.

As regards future employment in the land of the dancing tango, Eichmann would display some nifty footwork himself in seeking employment over the next decade. But as the veteran spy hunter, Simon Wiesenthal remarked:

“The 1950s were bad years for Eichmann hunters.”

He seems to have gone to earth but it seems he always found employment, much of it deeming to his taste.

Notable jobs were as a mechanic, and by collating weather and water readings for the University of Tucuman, by turning his hand at breeding angora rabbits (poor things) in the mountains as well as chicken farming. (Himmler tried this and what is it with rabbits and chickens with these people?) By slicing fruit in a canning factory also on his CV were employment as a failed laundry owner and textile store employer both went bankrupt. He would later work in sanitary appliances, taps and urinals and more chillingly in gas appliances/fittings for the Orbis firm. (It should never be forgotten that Eichmann was well aware of the deadly gas chambers that had been purpose-built in Auschwitz.) But his last employment it seems would be with the prestigious German Mercedes-Benz factory in Buenos Aires. I wonder who pulled strings to get him that job?

What a far cry all of this was from the heady days of the war years when he occupied a castle, had staff at his disposal and answered to no one except Himmler. Now Eichmann or Klement must have cried himself to sleep at night at the frustration of it all. Where had it all gone wrong he must have asked himself frequently?

One joy that arrived in the Eichmann house in those sunny years was the birth of his fourth son, Ricardo and named it seems after the kindly Franciscan priest who had paved the way for his escape long ago from Germany and I doubt this priest was ever charged with assisting an escaped Nazi to flee justice from the courts.

But the days were getting shorter for Eichmann. He may have foolishly believed that he was now a forgotten man, that he could perhaps relax his guard, maybe put something down on paper for the record and in 1957 he happily co-operated with a Dutch journalist in Buenos Aires in putting the record straight (according to his view) about his personal role in the Nazi saga.

Tantalizingly over 90 hours of dialogue was recorded on 67 Scotch reel-to-reel tapes that would culminate into an 850-page typescript. These pages of Eichmann’s memories would later be used in evidence against him at his trial in Jerusalem. They make a lot of money for the journalist who sold them later during the trial.

One note of interest to me is concerning his wife Vera who may possibly have had a religious conversion (born again) in Argentina. It seems that this apparent religious experience he witnessed in her revolted him: “He fought with his wife frequently and her constant reading of the Bible and the singing of hymns drove him mad with anger. One night he snatched the open Bible from her hands and ripped it two,” it was reported.

The Holy Bible, it has been wisely argued, offers people the experience of being sad, mad or glad. Amen, I say to that statement.

If Eichmann had tried to place his past behind him his pursuers had neither forgiven nor forgotten him. Instead, they were diligently building a profile on the man they believed was Adolph Eichmann. By now his days in the land of the Argentine were numbered and the clock of Justice for him was ticking away.

Many reasons did confirm that this was the man Mossad were pursuing and the fact that had he purchased from a local florist a bouquet of flowers for his wife Vera confirmed this was the man Mossad wanted. It was, in fact, the Eichmann’s silver wedding anniversary and no man’s going to forget that are they?

Now within weeks the Mossad “snatch team” had swiftly moved into first gear: their surveillance was finally over.

But Adolph Eichmann’s nightmare on Garibaldi Street had now started. For him, his hours of freedom would soon expire.

Now on May 11th 1960, just after 8 pm, he was bundled into a waiting Buick car. Eichmann’s days of freedom had forever finished. But for the Israelis, the so-called “Operation Eichmann” was a success-all their diligence had paid off.

Then later on May 23rd Eichmann stood manacled before a sitting Judge in Jaffa, Israel. Silently confirming his name to the court he was then charged with terrible crimes of genocide. He would, however, be appointed a trial lawyer of his own choice. He was then lead away to captivity.

As regards the legality of this unique case some opposition did came from surprisingly the USA. Not surprisingly the Arab countries naturally condemned the whole matter in scathing editorials.

“The Times” naturally suggested that there was no moral case against the Israeli legal thrust in the matter of the trial. “The Guardian” rather likened it to Old Testament Justice. Well, well!!

The trial commenced in Jerusalem on April 11, 1961, and would complete on Aug 14th. In those long humid months, Eichmann would be ensconced in a purpose-built glass box for his own protection, it was reported by the Government. He would later develop a nervous facial twitch during the trial that became quite pronounced as more damning evidence of his past was stacked against him.

Leading for the prosecution a total of six attorneys had prepared the Governments total indictment. For the defence Eichmann had obtained the services of just two German lawyers, the first from the Cologne bar was Dr. Robert Servitius who had assisted in the defence at Nuremberg of Fritz Stauckel. Eichmann had it seems requested the services of Dr. Servitious personally but he was unable to pay the attorneys fee of $30,000. Instead, the Israeli Government kindly agreed to meet this expense for him. And from the Munich Bar was Mr Dieter Weshtenbruch. Both lawyers would meet with the prisoner almost six hours a day for trial briefings and in a windowless room divided by a thick glass screen (one can only speculate if this room was bugged by Israeli intelligence.)

The summoned witnesses for the prosecution would total 39. For the defence, it seems the Eichmann team would call none (I found this strange and only discovered recently he was not allowed to use this facility in his trial, of course, one can only guess who he might have wished to call. Perhaps a Vatican bishop or other prominent figures-who knows)

At the trials opening commencement the Attorney General quoted from the Old Testament from the books of Ezekiel 16:6, Jeremiah 24:9 and Daniel 12:2. To all the 700 listening spectators it was a sombre moment in the trial at Jerusalem.

“I lead the prosecution of Adolph Eichmann. And with me are six million accusers.” He stated solemnly. Later closing his remarks by quoting a Hebrew saying: “The wicked even at the gates of hell, do not repent.” In Psalm 9:17 we are reminded how, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” This could, of course, apply to Eichmann personally but rather it is reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany of the Third Reich and the devastation that it left behind.

During these lengthy proceedings, sixteen serious legal indictments had previously been laid against Eichmann’s character. He would annoyingly answer to each charge by repeating: “In the sense of the indictment, No.” These were similar words spoken by an arrogant Herman Goering at his trial in 1946 at Nuremberg.

As the trial progressed through the sweltering summer months of that fateful year Eichmann was somehow introduced to a “controversial” American Protestant missionary in Jerusalem, a Mr William Hull, Pastor of the NOM Dom Zion Evangelical church. And surprisingly Hull on his own initiative had petitioned the Israelis to allow him to act as Eichmann’s spiritual advisor during the trial-permission had been granted for him to proceed.

The weekly prison visits of Mr Hull with the prisoner in Ramallah seemed to go nowhere spiritually for either party.

If Eichmann did not realize or care what Hull was trying to do for him personally, that the soul of the Nazi was in dire peril if he died in his sins, and not only for him but for all sinners, Hull patiently explained that only true repentance and through the mercy and blood of Jesus Christ can a person seeking genuinely the truth find eternity in Heaven. But Eichmann would merely shrug and I suspect he had heard most of this years before from his wife Vera in Argentina. Rather he argued that he believed in a pantheistic god of one that reveals his glory in nature and all of the earth’s mysteries (New Age.) Of the Old Testament, he remarked dismissively it was just “Jewish fables.” No more, no less. The transition from sin to salvation remains for many just a mystery that they refuse to understand.

At his trial, Eichmann through his own words quickly condemned himself to the court. By uttering such callous remarks as: “I was an idealist when I reached the conclusion that it was necessary to do to the Jews what we did. I always acted 100% and in giving the orders I certainly was not Luke warm. We didn’t do our work correctly.” So it was inevitable that the court would not be “lukewarm” as regards his own future fate at its hands. After finding him guilty the court demanded the death penalty for the life of Adolph Eichmann, but for this “special” German, there would be no penintial reprieve. Now the “desk murderer” had an appointment with the selected hangman, equal to that task given to him.

And that dubious privilege of assisting Adolph Eichmann to rendezvous with his Maker would be offered to a former paratrooper, one Shalom Nager.

Nager had been one of the select guards who watched over prisoner Eichmann at all times especially when he was completing his memoirs. Nager recalled, “Eichmann was extremely clean and would wash his hands compulsively.” This is a psychological trait that many with a conscience hope to clean away their crimes. Then on May 31st, the prisoner was officially informed that he would be executed at midnight in the Ramine prison. The five previous Judges had rejected his plea for clemency. It was now all over but I do suspect that Eichmann always knew this inevitable decision would happen to him one day but perhaps not just yet! But now that day of destiny had arrived for Adolph Eichmann aka Ricardo Klement late of Garibaldi Street.

And hadn’t it been a long journey for this unrepentant Nazi from Austria to Israel via Argentina.

Now just 20 minutes away from execution Eichmann would arrive with his pastor. It seems he was calm and had time to swallow half a bottle of wine. He may have been half drunk, perhaps drugged from the wine. (Should anybody dare stand before the Lord with wine on his or her breath. I don’t think so!) He even inhaled a cigarette. Why he even remarked to Hull as an afterthought that: “I am not sad.” But no repentance it seems was offered for his past sins or crimes, however, he did request a moment to meditate alone. When it was granted he retreated to a corner then silently prayed for a minute.

I have to wonder what did go through his mind in those last minutes of his life? Was it perhaps something his wife Vera had tried to impress upon him from her last visit with him in prison? Did her words mean anything to him? Did that final chances become his last chance?

Did he truly repent as the Holy Bible commands and was he finally saved? Who knows. Speculation is foolish.

And then it was down to Government business with a brisk walk towards the prepared execution chamber that had a raised wooden platform set over a cut hole in the floor. (Interesting this prison did not have an execution room within its walls which would have been used in the past.)

But now Eichmann refuses the traditional white cloth hood. Now he declares “long live Germany, Argentina and Austria. I had to obey the laws of war and my flag. I am ready…Gentlemen, we shall meet again soon, so is the fate of all men. I have believed in God all my life I die believing in God.” The final words of Eichmann had been spoken-but what did these words all mean.

On the stroke of midnight, the final command was uttered, the button was pressed and an ashen-faced Eichmann fell ten feet into eternity. Later a doctor examined the body, then pronounced him dead. Nager later recalled, “His face was chalk white, eyes bulging, tongue dangling out.” As he cut down the body escaping air from mouth sounded “baaaaa.” (Scary!) The body was then placed on a waiting trolley waiting for cremation. This previously had caused a problem because cremation of the deceased is unacceptable to the Jewish burial service. It’s also not Biblical for the saved Christian as well-only burial (Gen. 50:24; Ex.13:19; Josh. 24:32.)

Now outside of the prison and somewhere at a secret location a new oven had been erected for this purpose by the Government. At its maximum, this beast could reach temperatures of over 1,800 c.c (this rather seems like a future terrible picture of Hell to me.) Eichmann always rejected the belief in Heaven and hell and this is very dangerous thinking from anybody.

Remember Hell is mentioned more times in the Bible than heaven!

And if you are not in Christ’s keeping then you are in the devil’s clutches.

Then after disposal by roaring flames, his ashes were later transported to the Jaffa seaport and placed on a waiting police sea patrol launch. Then the ashes would later be scattered outside Israeli territorial waters. Adolph Eichmann had finally departed but his memory sadly still lingers on in an anti-Semitic world, fifty years on.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

P.S. In 2007 a DVD entitled Eichmann arrived on the market. I have to say that the actor who portrayed Eichmann was excellent but some issues in the accuracy of the film didn’t seem correct to me. For example the ongoing confrontation between prisoner and interrogator. I also spotted a VW Beetle car on the streets of Jerusalem in the film and the scene wherein a flashback to the war years Eichmann pulls out his Lugar pistol and is about to shoot a baby in its wicker crib, apparently to impress his aristocratic mistress. Very strange.

Update: 16th February 2012

As reported in the Guardian Newspaper, the Mossad Intelligence Agency has lifted the veil of secrecy concerning the capture of Adolph Eichmann.

This being the fiftieth anniversary of his capture and execution, a display in the Tel Aviv Museum of the artefacts used as well as his personal items, has gone on display.

Amongst the particulars are his house keys and a cigarette lighter, as well as the surveillance cameras, a hypodermic needle to sedate him that was used in his dramatic abduction by the agents. Also seen is the famous glass booth used to hold him during his trial as well as his dossier with the original handwritten notes used by his interrogators before his trial. Because of the great interest that has been shown by the public, the museum hopes to take the exhibition abroad later this year if possible.

Update: 20th March 2012

Newly opened Argentinean documents reveal over 9,000 wanted Nazis fled to S. America at the end of the war, with 5,000 arriving in Argentina and 2,500 settling in Brazil; a further 1,000 in Chile. President Peron had previously sold 10,000+ blank passports to the ratline “Odessa,” a popular Vatican escape route at the time.

Eichmann and others had used this rare opportunity to escape European justice.

“These documents provide the hottest leads we have had for years,” one researcher remarked.

Can we now expect that the Vatican will open their own files for immediate inspection?

Update: 30th June 2013

Classified documents, that would reveal how the West German Government knew where Eichmann was hiding in Argentina, since 1960, will it seems stay secret. The High Court had been asked by lawyers for a newspaper for a full release of the classified papers but this was declined, in the interest of national security.

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