Today a baby will be slaughtered!

So please do not dismiss what I have to say or have long feared.

Today a little one’s hand will reach out in fear,

And none will see or taste this infant’s tear.

How sad I exclaim that this little one will never be born!

Somewhere this morning in the warm tranquillity of the womb,

Very soon this little one will thrash in pain,

As forceps seek to find his or her soft skull.

This did you not know is murder created so long ago at the Fall!

How sad I exclaim that this little one will never be born!

And are you not aware that many little ones twisted bodies will perish – in a locked sluice ward,

So unloved, and never to feel the warmth of a mothers accord,

One day they would have been a future son or daughter,

Or even I suggest a loving niece or welcomed granddaughter.

How sad I exclaim that this little one will never be born!

But listen, my friend, today you will never hear,

The stifled screams of the unborn,

Or ever taste on parched lips a salty abandoned tear.

Soon only the incinerator will beckon these little ones. So ruined so forlorn.

How sad I exclaim that this little one will never be born!

Never in the killing fields of Flanders or Passendale or any other war-torn trench now so sadly abandoned,

Has so much innocent blood been generously streamed!

Never in Auschwitz, Dachau or a lost Soviet Gulag,

Or any other prison that murdered under another convenient cruel Banner,

Has this act ever been so easily perpetrated? And in such a cruel manner?

And even the fertile killing fields of Mao and Pol Pot,

Could never appease this appetite for the blood for all our stolen children.

Remember! They were your children; they were my children; they were all of our children!

P.S. I suppose the sad remark that the most dangerous place for the unborn child is in the womb does seem to make sense.

So all the little Imogens’, Claires’, Christophers’ and Camillas’ will never see God’s rich blue sky on a sunny day. How sad!

The story of a baby left to die in the sink of a sluice room of a hospital that performed abortions was given to me by a priest who was visiting the ward. He clearly heard the cries of the baby but was advised to ignore it and this he did! How sad!

Would the Lord Jesus have acted in such a way? Of course not. Did He not say: ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me.’ And of course, the souls of all aborted children have indeed done just that. I do hope that this is some comfort to those mothers, who for one reason or another, opted for this choice!



May 27th 2005

(All Rights Reserved)