A Stanza for Salvation

A Stanza for Salvation

In the approaching end times that are certainly coming Every fixed eye should always be looking.

Every prepared word should be as a crusading witness To family, friends and strangers.

We neither know the allotted time or place. This we are informed with prophetic grace.

But the Prince of Peace Himself will appear when many will search the skies with hidden fear. But spare if you will a single tear for the lost, for they will it appears to suffer the most.

Certainly many a proud self-congratulating Saint Will learn to his eternal shame that he is just a plain Saint! For the chosen blessed elect who have lovingly prayed Their wait for His return should now no longer be delayed! Then all the saved will praise and proclaim, His powerful and everlasting perfect name.

So until the clouds are painted in perfect formation, Many will it seems to stumble on the road to non-salvation. And many it seems will blaspheme. And curse and yell! Dwelling in their lusts that will lead to the darkened doors of Hell. Then screaming, many will shout, protest and petition and plead: Why me? Wasn’t I generous? Never once did I promote greed! But all that they will remember is the voice of the Lord as He commands: “DEPART FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU” (Matt. 7:21-23).

Today, dear lost friend, are you drowning in shame? Was life one long pleasure frame? If so on this chosen day turn to Jesus. Fall to your knees and remember the price that once voluntarily was offered by Him!

And what of this night? If suddenly you were to die? Will you awake in His comforting arms, or sadly stand afar and sigh, At that feint vision in Heaven of the precious One. Who hung on that solitary cross?

Only then will you understand that deepest of all personal loss. Remember that for all eternity you will then be cloaked in the stain of sin. But reach for the loving hand now of Him Who knew no sin!



April 2004

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