Praise that day in 1611!

Oh praise that day in the year of our Lord 1611,

When from the magnificent portals of Heaven,

God’s divine word,

Became OUR divine Word.

For by Royal Decree,

James King of England, in 1604,

Instructed forty-seven scholars by Royal Commission,

To toil and offer to God a future sacred translation,

That would forever be known as the King James Bible of England.

From 1611, went forth the declaration that “God’s word in English”

Would be spoken with love through the world and then brandish,

To a lost sinful waiting world, that must henceforth seek salvation but only by His anointed Holy Word.

You know I do feel proud to be English simply for the fact that the King James completed Holy Bible become the authorized text (AV.)

But did you know that those distinguished – 47 English scholars – confessed to be ‘poor instruments to make God’s holy truth a living word?’ Interesting, isn’t it?

Many counterfeit modern Bible translations are in circulation today, I’m afraid to say. But be careful of them, for they promote many sins that oppose the richness of God’s sacred word.



November 2005

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