"A Law Unto Himself" 

Bernard Law was born on 4th November 1931 in New Mexico, the son of an air force officer.

Ordained in 1961 he would make bishop in 1973; for his motto on his coat of arms he chose 'To live is Christ.' How inappropriate.

During the 1960s he was active in the civil rights movement. He remains pro-life.

However, he remains opposed to the ordination of women priests in his church. He also encouraged Episcopalian priests to come over to Rome. This would help as it did in England to alleviate the shortage of priests in both countries.

Naturally he supported and encouraged the growth of the ecumenical movement.

He visited Cuba twice and met Castro.

For the publication of the new Catholic Catechism he arranged the first draft in English.

He also found time to comment on Freemasonry in a pastoral report saying:

"Active participation is incompatible with Christian (catholic) faith and practice."

Of his views on other secret societies, I do not know.

Law arrived in Boston in 1985. It was then the third/fourth largest Catholic community in America. Then began the winter of his discontent.

History reminds us of 'the Boston Tea Party.' Good news for the Americans, bad news for the English!

But of the emotional harm inflicted upon the innocent children of the Catholic church in Massachusetts, it should I suggest be remembered as the 'Boston Perverts Party,' and how colluding priests and a powerful hierarchy were almost able to escape their evil deeds. And presiding over much of this was the lord of the dance himself, Bernard Law.

Much has been written and still will be of the 600+ victims abused by numerous religious 'fathers,' for over a quarter of a century in Boston. And with an estimated $85 million grudgingly paid out to victims, by the Boston Archdiocese. The financial cost can only continue to spiral.

In 2004 Bernard Law took up residence in Rome. There he was appointed by pope John Paul II to serve on seven Vatican congregations. And solely existing, we are informed on a stipend of $12,000 a month.

Although far from home Law still heads the list of 'America's Worst Bishops,' see their website for other names.

But in Boston the daily dance of lasting recriminations sadly continues, but from a silent church many weeping victims still wait for a cry of genuine repentance!

Update: 5.4.13


One of the first acts the new pope did was to visit a local church in Rome where he met with the disgraced cardinal, who has some connection with the building. Reports are vague of what actually happened in this private meeting, some claim it was an amicable old boys meeting with some catching up time for them, which seems probable. However, other sources claim the pope has insisted that Law be re-housed in a monastery out of town and quickly. This rather reminds us of the 'punishment' that the late cardinal Groer had proscribed to him by the Vatican Curia after his sexual proclivities came to the notice of the Austrian police and the media.


Commenting on this meeting Ms Anne Barrett Doyle co-director of Bishops said: "It was a truly unfortunate first step on the pope's part." Unfortunate but not unexpected we say.




16th November 2006

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